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Blog 05 April 2021

Outbound Marketing Definition: What Exactly is it?


Outbound marketing: definition and implementation in your sales prospecting strategy

Less impactful and more respectful of the target, outbound marketing has long been shunned by marketers in favor of content marketing. However, a strategy put in place to take care of customers can only offer satisfactory results. Discover in this article, why implementing outbound marketing in you sales prospecting strategy will bring you value.

  • what is outbound marketing ;
  • the existing techniques;
  • the implementation.


Sales prospecting: outbound marketing definition

This technique, also called push marketing, consists in urging consumers to take action by buying the product or subscribing to the service. The customer is approached by phone call, direct mailing, billboards…

This strategy contrasts with inbound marketing, which consists of creating and publishing content that is of interest to readers. Here, the content marketing must push the prospect to take the step to contact the company.

The solicitation is not done in a direct way in inbound marketing. It is done in a more subtle way thanks to community management and natural referencing.

Outbound Marketing


What are the existing techniques?

Outbound marketing has been revamped in recent years to be less invasive for the prospect. This is the case with :

  • Google Adwords campaigns which is a paid referencing technique. They allow you to place an ad in the first search results on specific keywords.
  • Mailing marketing campaigns which, combined with relevant content publications, are very effective.
  • Advertising campaigns on social networks which are ideal to target a group of consumers defined according to their age, their profession, their location… However, you must be careful to choose the right social network for your target.
  • Mobile marketing is also very effective if you know how to use it well.

The use of banners and advertising inserts is also part of outbound marketing techniques. However, they are not very appreciated by Internet users who consider them too invasive. Readers who are exposed to them may quickly get bored of them, which will not result in a real return on investment.


How is outbound marketing implemented?

Considered by most consumers as too pushy, outbound marketing should not be totally ignored. If you know how to use the tools at your disposal in a sensible way, you will see that this strategy can be particularly effective.

Outbound marketing is often contrasted with inbound marketing. They are generally considered incompatible, but in reality, if you know how to combine them, they can be surprisingly effective. Therefore, you need to consider several parameters to set up your marketing strategy.


What is your target audience?

The outbound marketing techniques used will not have the same impact depending on the type of target you have defined. It is therefore essential to take into account the nature of your target in order to best adapt to it.


For a B2B target

In a B2B market characterized by long sales paths, inbound marketing is the best choice. However, a few well-chosen outbound marketing techniques, such as an emailing campaign, could optimize its effectiveness. You can then seduce the prospect by going to look for him where he is while establishing a kind of dialogue with him thanks to contents answering his needs.

However, you can also use outbound marketing, then support it with inbound marketing. Go directly to meet your targets by going to a trade show, for example. Take advantage of this to offer them your services and products.


For a B2C target

For such a customer, opt for outbound marketing which will allow you to push them to action. Take advantage of the more spontaneous relationship between you and your target to invite them to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Think about placing ads on social networks on which your target customers have an account, offer them SMS, email… You can even unite your users around your brand to build loyalty.


What is your product?

You must choose the technique to use according to the nature of the offers you propose. To launch a new product or to position yourself on a niche market, it is advisable to use paid referencing, advertising… So,  even though the relevance of outbound marketing is questioned, experts still believe it is indispensable in sales prospecting.

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