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Blog 21 March 2023

5 End-of-Quarter Tips to Hit Your Sales Meeting Quota

Daisy Shevlin
SEO & Content Manager @ Kaspr

Every sales rep has been there. 


Time is running out. But you’ve still got to book three meetings to hit your quota. ⏳


The finish line is in sight, but you’ll need to grind to get there. 


We spoke to David Bentham, Director of Sales Development Cognism, to see what end-of-quarter advice he gives other reps.


His top tips are:

  1. Make your own luck.
  2. Target the low-hanging fruit.
  3. High activity and coverage.
  4. Make it human.
  5. Your phone = your best friend.


He explains more in the clip below. 🎬



1. Make your own luck (with Kaspr)

To get more in the pipeline, you’re going to be calling and emailing a lot.


This means you need access to contact details. And lots of them.


You’ve got to have a game-changing prospecting tool (like Kaspr) for this.


👻 Psst: Try Kaspr for free.


You’ll get phone numbers and email addresses from the LinkedIn profiles of the people you’d like to reach out to. No more navigating gatekeepers, email bouncebacks, or company switchboards. All the things that usually slow down your deals, gone.

2. Target the low-hanging fruit 

Approach accounts where you know there’s been high intent.


Identify companies that:

  • You have already had a conversation with. They’ve shown interest before, but it was probably not at the top of their to-do list.
  • Are meeting no-shows. Life can get in the way, priorities change, and meetings get canceled. Don’t give up on these prospects just yet!


This helps create a qualified pipeline.


Once you’ve exhausted this list of accounts, it’s time for another approach.


Now, maximize your odds by looking at companies with high-intent signals like:

  • If their team is expanding.
  • There’s someone new to the job in your target persona.
  • The company has just secured more investment.

"Understand which signals like this
have the most success internally."

"Speak to other sales professionals, your sales manager, or an account executive if you’re unsure.”

David Bentham
Director of Sales Development at Cognism

3. High activity and coverage

Pretty obvious, we know. But you’ve got to be on the grind for that end-of-quarter push. 💯


David says:


“Phone calls give you the best opportunity to get the message across. But this doesn’t mean you should skip out on quality. Your messaging still needs to be on point.” 


You’ve always got to look at how you create value for the prospect.


Think about how many people you’re speaking to as well. You’re setting yourself up for failure if it's only one person. Your point of contact could be absolutely swamped, thinking of leaving, or not back the solution you’re selling.

Cognism reps like to identify around eight people before their first touchpoint. This is where those Kaspr credits come in handy.


Here’s an example of the cadence Cognism uses. 👇


4. Make it human

Cognism sells to salespeople. So they bring that into their outreach.


Rachel Goldstone, SDR Manager at Cognism, says:


“Be bit cheeky, let them know you’re in a competition or that you’re trying to close the month and hit quota.”


This won’t be of use if there is no interest, but it can help to book in a meeting quicker or reduce delay.”

5. Your phone = your best friend

David says that:


“You’ve got to focus on channels that are quick to deliver and get an immediate response.”


That’s why your phone is your best friend. 💕


Rachel says:


“Don’t spend too much time on outreach like inserting videos into emails during this time.”


Although these are great and absolutely something you should do to make your emails personal, they are time-consuming.

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