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Blog 13 May 2022

Enrich a list of contacts from a LinkedIn post

Noa Elbaze

How to enrich a list of contacts from a LinkedIn post?

The Kaspr sales prospecting tool offers you the opportunity to enrich a list of contacts from a LinkedIn post. Everything happens through its Growth Hacking feature “Sales Automation”. Through this article, discover the steps to follow to perform this task of enriching contact information in a few clicks.

The important points that will be developed below are :

  • Identify a LinkedIn post that may be of interest to your target
  • Retrieve the URL of the post and insert it into Kaspr
  • Start enrichment automation
  • View the enriched contacts on Kaspr
  • Other possible actions on Sales Automation
  • Reminder on the choice of a workflow

Linkedin post

Identify a LinkedIn post that is likely to interest your target

Before using Kaspr’s Sales Automation feature, make sure you define your persona. What is the typical profile of your customers? You can create a portrait of your persona by specifying the type of company you are targeting, its sector of activity and the person you want to contact (the position he/she holds in the company).

Once you have defined your target, it is easier to identify the LinkedIn post that will attract your prospects. The chosen post must also meet your criteria (theme, content…). The goal is to make sure that the selected post allows you to provide the number of contacts corresponding to your needs.

Retrieve the post URL and insert it into Kaspr

After choosing the appropriate LinkedIn post, click on its parameter and select “copy post link”. Then insert this URL in another window. This simple maneuver allows the Kaspr business development tool to know from which post you want to export a list of contacts.

Note that it is this retrieved contact list that will be enriched with other public information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.). To enrich your data, this B to B lead generation tool will search the entire Web. It works in compliance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

Launch Enrichment Automation

After providing the post link to Kaspr, click on the Kaspr widget to access the automation. Name your automation so that later you can easily find it on the web platform.

Then choose the right workflow for what you want to achieve. Indeed, you can select :

  • an “enrichment” (all information found) ;
  • enrichment with professional e-mail addresses
  • enrichment with telephone numbers”;
  • an “enrichment with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers”.

Now you have to enter the type of information to export (contacts who like, comment or all). Select a list generated on Kaspr and the number of contacts to enrich. Finally, you can start your automation.

Viewing enriched contacts on Kaspr

The Kaspr web platform provides you with an ergonomic dashboard through which you can immediately see the results of your automation. You will have a global view of the enriched contacts with the required information.

From this dashboard, you can take advantage of a direct export of the results to your CRM via various integrations (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Sendinblue, etc.). This new data can also be exported to CSV and Excel files.

The information collected is in your possession. You can use them to carry out commercial prospecting campaigns.

Other possible actions in Sales Automation

The Sales Automation function of Kaspr allows you to perform other actions to refine your sales prospecting in B to B. Indeed, you can enrich a list of contacts via a search or a LinkedIn group. It is also possible to perform a marketing automation operation.

Enrichment via a LinkedIn search

With Kaspr, you can instantly export and enrich a list of contacts from a LinkedIn search. To do this, simply filter a LinkedIn search and run an automation by clicking on the Kaspr widget. You can get phone numbers, business email addresses, and various other information about your prospects.

Enrichment via a LinkedIn Group

Exporting and enriching a contact list via a LinkedIn group is also possible with Kaspr, a more personalized approach to getting contact information from qualified prospects. To do this, you need to choose a group on LinkedIn and start your automation through the Sales Automation feature.

Marketing automation on LinkedIn

In order to increase your conversion rate, Kaspr allows you to send invitations and automatic messages to your identified contacts on LinkedIn. To do this, you need to create a workflow and then select “LinkedIn”. You can follow the steps there to write personalized messages and start an automation.

We have created a page to manage the export and enrichment of contacts on Linkedin so that you can deepen your needs.


For sales prospecting, use the Sales Automation feature of Kaspr to enrich contacts via a LinkedIn post. This personalized approach allows you to reach a qualified target. For the rest of your marketing approach, you can carry out marketing automation campaigns on LinkedIn, phoning and/or emailing.

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