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Blog 19 October 2022

Kaspr Live at SaaStock 2022 [Day Two]

Daisy Shevlin
SEO & Content Manager @ Kaspr

We're back again for day two of SaaStock 2022!


Follow us for live updates at the RDS in Dublin! Hit refresh 🔄



We've just done the prize draw for the Kaspr the ghost competition and that is a wrap on SaaStock 2022! 🍀






It's like dating gone-bad. The process is super long and you need to adapt to this way of selling.


If you can marry the data and the strategy together, you can really sell up or down. 



Sanj Bhayro, VP of Sales EMEA at Intercom is on the Growth Stage discussing how you can win big customers.


"Enterprise is a different set of customers. How you land and grow an account like this is very different to mid-market."



Hire young talent, they will adapt to your sales model and processes rapidly.


"If you hire a batch of new salespeople at once, it's easier to compare the results."


Communicate the career path early 💡



When opening up to new countries, no one knows you. So cold calling is very effective.


"Reserve separate time for prospecting and cold calling."



Timo outlines the five steps LeadDesk has taken for international sales success:

  1. Establish country organizations
  2. Defining the fundamentals of cold calling 
  3. Ideal salesperson profile 
  4. Scalability 
  5. Sales culture 




We've gone back over to the Growth Stage where Timo Kättö VP of Sales at LeadDesk is talking about scaling sales internationally. 



"The war for talent is not so big if you're willing to look further afield" 


People like being remote. You can structure your day however you want. 



Now Nick Adams, VP of Sales at Globalization Partners is up on the Scale Stage. Discussing how you can recruit and retain talent in the world of remote work.


Cultural nuances are very important, such as ensuring you book meetings within their work hours whatever timezone they're in. 



Rule three: Fix your roof while the sun shines. 


Don't live by the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If you keep running fire to fire, you will wear your people out. On the sales side, you can leverage change easier when your salespeople are already being successful. 


Nate Remmes from Salesloft, speaking at SaaStock 2022 Scale Stage


Rule two: Focus on the customer and not over-reliance on your process.


We too often become a "prisoner to our own processes."



Rule one: Sales reps win, everyone wins. 


"We're all relying too much on our best salespeople."



Now Nate Remmes, EVP Commercial Business at Salesloft is on the Scale Stage. 


He's outlining the three mistakes to avoid to build a successful sales engine. 



Alina discusses how trust when running a fully remote company is vital. "I had to assume the best results and see the best in people"


"We operate on trust as a currency now, which in 2022 is much more important."




No we're back at the Scale Stage with both Alina Vandenberghe, co-founder and CXO and Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder and CEO at Chili Piper.  




Kaspr meets spaceman 🧑‍🚀






"Trust is given not earnt"


You need to seek out what is right for you. Particularly for sales reps, some thrive off always being 'on the grind'. 



Now Øyvind Reed, CEO at Whereby is discussing prioritizing wellbeing. 


Something important for salespeople to consider, with it being such a high-pressured role. 



We don't trust our salespeople. It's time we recognized sellers as talented and capable individuals. 


Daria Danilina speaking at the Accelerate Stage at SaaStock 2022


"A salesperson will happily walk away from something that they don't think is in their company's best interest." 



Now we're over at the Accelerate Stage where Daria Danilina, Co-founder and CCO, Salesroom is speaking.


She's talking about changing the perspective of sales. 



Kevin talks about aiming smaller. To focus on what sales development representatives (SDRs) can control.


"The things SDRs need to know is overwhelming if we don't set them up for success."


Skill development is an area that most companies miss. You need to be able to practice.



"More is not a number, you need to be very specific about what you want." 


If you want to change a metric you need to change a:

  • Behavior 
  • Process 
  • Skill 



Now we're at the Growth Stage with Kevin "KD" Dorsey, Practice Lead at Winning by Design. 


"You can't change results, only what causes them"


If you want to change your results you need to look at the metrics behind them. 



At the Scale Stage, Tim Soulo CEO at Ahrefs explains the value of content.


He speaks about how leads, conversions, and sales are just the tip of the iceberg.


We know in sales that creating educational content is of high value to your prospects. Tim explains how it also generates word-of-mouth.


Tim Soulo speaking at the Scale Stage SaaStock 2022



Opening remarks for day two!


Hendrik Nuyens, MC for the Scale Stage thanks all the partners and organizers for making the event possible. 


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