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Blog 10 May 2022

The essentials to know about the lead generation campaign

Noa Elbaze

Lead generation campaign: what is it?

Lead generation has become an essential marketing lever in the digital age. Startups, SMEs and even large groups have integrated it in their strategy to face competition and boost their business. In a very basic understanding, this technique aims at implementing a variety of marketing actions in order to generate new leads. For more information on lead generation, you can consult our page that explains the strategy to adopt. What are the means to mobilize to run an effective campaign? How to set up a personalized and efficient lead generation campaign? Here are the answers to all these questions.

  • Implement a thoughtful and responsive marketing strategy
  • Use innovative and efficient tools
  • Gain qualified leads

lead generation campaign

Implementing a thoughtful and responsive marketing strategy

The lead generation campaign is an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. It is built around a variety of actions and techniques designed to achieve predefined objectives. One of the objectives is obviously to increase sales tenfold by acquiring new customers. This is the origin of the concept of “lead”, which means “sales contacts”.

In marketing jargon, a “lead” is defined as a person or entity whose personal data you have successfully collected. The difference with this profile is that they show interest in your products or services. You then need to define all the necessary parameters to develop a personalized marketing strategy to attract them. Your strategy needs to align with your goals, address the issues you’ve identified, work around the challenges and grow the business.

You must then maneuver between two approaches to develop a thoughtful marketing strategy:

  • the outbound approach;
  • the inbound approach.

The former is no longer highly recommended, but still practiced depending on the complexity of your sales cycle. Indeed, modern companies favor the inbound approach in their marketing strategy, especially to ensure the success of a lead generation campaign. The inbound approach is a process designed to effectively attract Internet users to your platforms. Thus, they will go through your conversion tunnel to become your customers.

Use innovative and powerful tools to generate leads

A lead generation campaign needs the mobilization of several technological tools. This way, it will be able to bear fruit and allow your company to reach its objectives. Here are some essential tools to integrate into your marketing strategy:


Prospecting is an inherent phase of a lead generation campaign. You need to approach people who might be interested in your products and services. You can automate your prospecting process with Kaspr.io. This tool is very innovative. It helps you to get the contact information of your prospects faster. You will get email addresses, phone numbers and other information by using the Kaspr LinkedIn extension. This tool saves you valuable time in finding new prospects, but also leads.

Social networks

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others have become essential for prospecting. Since this step is essential in order to generate leads, you need to learn how to use social networks. Your marketing team needs to be responsive and dynamic in handling the different tools. Extensions such as Kaspr.io allow you to use LinkedIn more intelligently, for example.

You can read our article on lead generation on Linkedin to know the most effective techniques

Powerful CRM

In your lead generation campaign, you need to have an up-to-date overview of the actions taken. To do this, you need a highly qualified CRM to follow the evolution of your lead generation campaign. The CRM will allow you to see the progress of your marketing strategy in relation to each lead. As a reminder, Kaspr allows you to automatically integrate the contact information of your prospects directly into your CRM. An option that saves you valuable time.

Earning qualified leads

A lead generation campaign is not just about attracting a large number of leads. Digital marketing experts advocate quality over quantity. Your lead generation campaign should therefore seek to gain “qualified leads”.

A lead is qualified when the prospect :

  • shows interest in your products or services;
  • displays certain needs that can be satisfied by buying your products or consuming your services;
  • has all the buyer personas that your company has defined.

All these points will allow you to adjust your lead generation campaign. Thus, you will gain more qualified leads. This allows you to boost sales.

Things to remember

In general, a lead generation campaign aims to attract as many prospects as possible in order to convert them into customers. These customers will then buy your products and increase your sales tenfold. However, to attract new customers, your company must mobilize different means. The trick is to put in place a well-organized strategy.


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