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Blog 15 mars 2022

Sales prospecting: Inbound vs outbound strategy?

Noa Elbaze

Inbound vs. outbound marketing: which one is the best?

Inbound and outbound marketing are effective solutions for successful business development. They help you acquire new customers. There are different opinions and the relevance of both. Wondering which one to use to generate traffic and increase your company’s return on investment? Today, we are talking about wether your sales prospecting should be inbound vs outbound. That’s why, the following few lines will help you take advantage of these marketing strategies.

We will see together through this article:

  • Inbound marketing and outbound marketing: definitions
  • Inbound marketing and outbound marketing: their main advantages
  • Outbound and inbound marketing: a winning combination for your company

Inbound and outbound

Sales prospecting: Inbound vs outbound – definitions

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are two different strategies for a successful sales prospecting campaign.

Outbound marketing

This strategy is known as “outbound marketing” or “push marketing”. It consists in using different techniques to attract new customers. Each action aims to find leads that are likely to be interested in your products or services. In this article you will find out what outbound marketing is in detail: Outbound marketing: definition and implementation

Outbound marketing is an invasive strategy in the sense that the company enters into direct contact with the consumer, sometimes without his consent. The main objective of this traditional business development technique is to make your brand known on a large scale.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a sales prospecting strategy aimed at bringing consumers to your products. You need to implement different techniques in order to generate qualified leads. We have also published an article detailing inbound marketing that you can read: Inbound marketing: a powerful lead generation lever

Inbound marketing specialists publish high value-added content on the Internet or on social networks to attract targets. This strategy helps to focus on active consumers who are looking for a solution to their problems.


Inbound marketing and outbound marketing: their main advantages

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing help to improve your ROI. The implementation of these strategies has multiple advantages.

The benefits of using an outbound marketing strategy

Wondering why you should use outbound marketing techniques in your business development campaign? Here are some of the benefits of this marketing strategy:

  • getting your products and services in front of a large number of consumers quickly;
  • distribute advertisements through the media and present your offers by emailing or cold calling;
  • Maintain your image and improve brand awareness through effective communication strategies.

Outbound marketing can generate very low quality leads, but this strategy is effective for short term results.

The main advantages of using inbound marketing

In terms of return on investment, inbound marketing is more interesting than outbound marketing insofar as the leads are qualified. You can improve your strategy by using automated sales prospecting software. Kaspr is among the most used lead generation tools on LinkedIn by Growth Hackers.

Using outbound marketing helps you to:

  • Generate qualified leads through the delivery of relevant content;
  • Simplify the buying journey to turn a large number of prospects into customers;
  • Reduce the costs of your sales prospecting campaign.

Unlike outbound marketing, this sales prospecting strategy allows you to obtain long-term results. It saves you time insofar as you collect prospects that are already qualified and easier to convert into customers.


Outbound and inbound marketing: a winning combination for your business

The combination of the two marketing strategies offers much more interesting results for your company. Inbound and outbound marketing are indeed complementary. By combining these two techniques, you will be able to attract leads by themselves thanks to inbound marketing. For more efficiency, use a lead generation tool, of which Kaspr is one.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to reach a large audience quickly by using advertisements, prospecting emails or retargeting. These outbound marketing techniques help you encourage consumers to buy your products or services.

The combination of the two marketing strategies helps you gain the trust of your targets through the distribution of qualified content. In other words, it increases your credibility while allowing you to develop your customer base.


The final word

Inbound and outbound marketing are two different but also complementary practices. They both offer multiple advantages in order to improve the efficiency of your sales prospecting. Do you want to know the best lead generation techniques to increase your ROI and develop your business in an efficient way? Don’t waste your time comparing inbound and outbound marketing strategies. To conclude, combine them and you will get concrete results quickly in the long run. If you want to know more about the benefits of Outbound strategies, read this article!

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