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Kaspr or Cognism ?

Cognism and Kaspr are part of the same family so how do you know which solution is the right choice?

You're in the right place - read on to see how Kaspr and Cognism compare.

You can also try Kaspr by yourself to make your own opinion 
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"Which platform is the right choice for me?"

While it's true that Cognism and Kaspr share information between our data sets, specific subsets of data such as Diamond Data, Intent Data, and other premium data points are only available on the Cognism platform.
Kaspr mainly supports individual contributors working in sales or recruitment.
The Cognism platform was built to support revenue teams to achieve their target.
Here's a full breakdown of the differences :

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Use case
Choose Kaspr if...
You’re an individual contributor/SDR/ recruiter that mainly needs access to contact data for prospects and talent.
Choose Cognism if...
You’re looking for a sales intelligence platform to serve your revenue team/organisation.
Platform features
Choose Kaspr if...
You do your own targeting and don’t need a standalone tool to help you calculate your TAM and build account and contact lists.
Choose Cognism if...
You need a platform that supports both individual prospecting and list-building workflows.
Choose Kaspr if...
You need basic tools integrations like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Lemlist and limited Salesforce exporting functionality and don’t have Outreach or SalesLoft in your tech stack.
Choose Cognism if...
You’d like to both export and be able to see which prospects and accounts are in your CRM. Sales engagement tools like Outreach and SalesLoft are part of your day-to-day workflow.
Contact data
Choose Kaspr if...
You require verified and correct contact data (emails and mobiles).
Choose Cognism if...
Mobile numbers are a key component in your outbound strategy; Cognism’s phone-verified mobile numbers aka Diamond Data can help you 7x your connect rate, on demand.
Contextual data
Choose Kaspr if...
You're mainly looking for accurate contact data on Linkedin.
Choose Cognism if...
You and your team want to find and prioritise buyers who are most likely to buy and have the means to invest using advanced contextual data points like hiring, funding and intent data (powered by Bombora).
Legal & Compliance
Choose Kaspr if...
Your organisation is happy with the GDPR alignment and Terms that are in place and does not require any bespoke legal review.
Choose Cognism if...
GDPR compliance is important and you want to have clear visibility over individuals who have their mobile phone numbers registered on national do not call lists. Your organisation requires your legal team to review the tools you’re using.

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What else?

Get a centralised solution. Kaspr gives your sales team the tools they need to engage, qualify and close any sale — consolidated on one platform.

Mass extraction

Power your business with Kaspr. Filter, Export, Call. Mass extraction is that simple ! With Kaspr you can export a list of contact from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and enrich those contacts instantly with their emails and phone numbers ! See sales automation

Automatic networking

Build new connections. Filter, Connect, Network. With Kaspr, you can send automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn. Maximize your chances to get new opportunities. You are just a step to close deals thanks to Kaspr See LinkedIn automation.


Export easily!

Integrate in your favorite tools !Kaspr send the enriched contact automatically in your CRM ! Super easy setup. Integrates anywhere.
What else ? You can connect the workflows between each other to maximize efforts. Call, mail, reach your prospects while maintaining a seamless workflow. See integrations

Kaspr is not for you if ...

You want to use a tool at an oragnizational level

If you're looking for a sales intelligence platform to serve your revenue team/organisation, then Kaspr is not for you.

You're looking for Intent Data

Kaspr provide emails and phone numbers from contact you are targetting on Linkedin. If you are looking for Intent Data, Cognism will be your perfect platform.

You need legal support

Kaspr is GDPR and CCPA aligned but we don't give any legal support or update any legal documentation.

Integrate. Connect. Convert.

The top sales teams prefer Kaspr to convert prospects into leads and increase their revenue.

An incredible tool for sales!
It allowed me to find in a few seconds the numbers and emails of my identified prospects! I’ve managed to increase considerably the number of appointments!
26 Academy
CEO at 26 Academy
Much better than the competitors !
Compared to competitors, Kaspr’s data quality and quantity is much higher, especially for telephone numbers.
Team Leader at GetQuanty
Amazing !
What I like most about Kaspr is the ability to use the Kaspr API and perform quick, automated searches.
Head of Growth at Agicap
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