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Knowledge Base 30 May 2021

Pipedrive LinkedIn Integration: Connecting Kaspr & Pipedrive


CRM Integration : PipeDrive and Kaspr

The integration between Kaspr and PipeDrive allows you to send contacts enriched with Kaspr directly to your CRM. The integration with PipeDrive is available for Kaspr Enterprise licenses.
Here are a few things you need to do to set up your Kaspr integration correctly:

  • Sync your PipeDrive account
  •  Do a field mapping
  • Start your exports

Sync your PipeDrive account

To sync your PipeDrive account to Kaspr, follow the steps below. Go to your Kaspr Dashboard, Setting tab > Integrations. Click on “connect” in the PipeDrive window and follow the instructions. You’ll find your API Key  on your PipeDrive’s dashboard.

Integration PipeDrive

Do a field mapping

The field mapping allows you to choose the properties to which you want to send the contact information enriched by Kaspr. To set up this information, click on “configure mapping” Here is a recommended field mapping:

pipedrive mapping

This mapping is the most common and the most recommended, of course, it must be adapted to the use you have of your CRM.

Start your exports

Exports to PipeDrive can be done in different ways:

  • From the plugin: You are on the LinkedIn profile of a prospect whose information you have discovered. By default a contact will always be saved on your Kaspr space. Once added, you can click on the “Export” button. All integrations are displayed. Choose PipeDrive and the contact will be automatically exported to PipeDrive.

Widget Kaspr

  • From leads: You first build lead lists on Kaspr. Once your lists are built and enriched, select the contacts you want to export or don’t select anything if you want to export everything and click on Export. Select the Pipedrive integration and all these contacts will be exported to PipeDrive.

Dashboard Kaspr Export CRM

  • From a Workflow: When you use the enrichment workflow to automatically enrich a list of contacts from LinkedIn, you have the option to automatically export them to PipeDrive. To do this, go to your Kaspr dashboard in the “Sales Automation” tab. Click on “Create Workflow”. First create an “Integration” workflow by choosing PipeDrive. Once this workflow is created, name it and save it. Next, create an Enrichment Workflow and click on “Add more” and select the previously created Integration workflow. Name this workflow and save it. You can then launch your workflow from a list of linkedin contacts and the contacts will be automatically enriched and exported to PipeDrive.

Workflow Kaspr

All the created contacts will appear as a “lead” on your CRM.

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