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Widget LinkedIn 21 April 2021

How to use Kaspr on LinkedIn: Find Emails and Phone Numbers Easily


Discover all the Kaspr’s features here

Kaspr allows you to retrieve the emails and phone numbers of your prospects identified on LinkedIn.

Once connected with Kaspr on LinkedIn (to know how to connect Kaspr on LinkedIn, click here), different possibilities are offered to optimize your prospection.

Here are the different functionalities :

  • Search Profile by profile
  • Enrichment of a contact list
  • Enrichment of contacts from a LinkedIn group
  • Enrichment of contacts from a LinkedIn post
  • Automation of LinkedIn invitations and messages

Profile by Profile: The Most Popular

Browse the LinkedIn profile of prospects to get the emails and phone numbers and build your prospecting file. You will spend 1 credit to get the contact information.


Widget Kaspr


Enrich a contact list: For a larger base

Use the “Sales Automation” feature, to instantly export and enrich a whole list of contacts identified on LinkedIn or on SalesNavigator.

Filter your search for people to bring up a list of contacts on LinkedIn that interest you. By clicking on the Kaspr widget, a window to launch an automation will appear. You can then export a defined number of contacts to retrieve emails and phone numbers of these contacts. You will only spend credits on the enriched contacts.

Sales Automation Kaspr


Enrich a contact list from a post: For a personalized approach

Exporting contacts who like or comment on a post allows you to have an ultra-personalized approach.

To export these contacts, go to the URL of the LinkedIn post and launch your automation. You can read this article for more details : How to export contacts from a LinkedIn post

extract Contact Post LinkedIn


Enrich a contact list from a group

Exporting contacts that belong to a LinkedIn group, also allows you to prospect contacts with a focus you have identified for a personalized approach.

To do this, go to a LinkedIn group and launch your automation. To see in detail how to launch this automation, you can read this article: How to export contacts from a LinkedIn group?

extract Contact Group LinkedIn

Automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn

In order to convert more efficiently, you can use Kaspr to automatically send LinkedIn invitations and messages to a list of contacts identified on LinkedIn.

Fill in the search filters, click on the widget and select the LinkedIn workflow to send automatic invitations and messages to these contacts. To know how to set up this workflow, you can read this article: How to launch a LinkedIn invitation and message scenario ?


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