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Knowledge Base 29 April 2021

How to Use the Zapier Integration: Export your Leads Easily w. Kaspr


What is the Zapier integration for?

Zapier integration allows you to send contacts enriched with Kaspr directly to the tool of your choice.

How does it work?

The integration with Zapier is done in two steps:

  • Creating Zap
  • Kaspr integration

Creating the Zap

First, you need the Zap key provided by Kaspr.
Go to your Kaspr space, Setting tab > Integration and click on Zapier integration. A key dedicated to your organisation will be provided. Copy this key and keep it, it will be useful when creating the zap.

Key Kaspr for Zapier

Then go to Zapier.com. You will have to create a zap.
To do this, after logging into Zapier, click on the main “Make a Zap” button.
When creating the Zap, you simply have to follow the different steps indicated by Zapier:

  • Search for Kaspr in the search bar
  • Choose an event. The only event available is “Add Lead”.
  • Connect to Kaspr by entering the key you copied earlier
  • Once the connection is made, click on “Test Trigger” to check that the information from Kaspr is available.


Once the test trigger is validated. Click on the small + to choose the integration of your choice.

  • Choose the action to be performed. In most cases, the action to be performed will be the creation of new contacts.
  • Connection with the chosen tool
  • Setp up action: The objective is to send the Kaspr contact information to the tool of your choice. Depending on the tool you choose, you will be asked to do a field mapping. This means that you will have to map each Kaspr property (Name, First name, Position, Company, Professional email, Phone number …) to the properties of the tool of your choice.
    Once the field mapping is complete, click on “continue”. You will need to check that the field mapping is complete by checking the properties. Once you have validated the mapping. You can test a contact to check that the zap works. Activate this Zap and the zap setup is ready!


Integration on Kaspr


Once you have finished creating your Zap, you can start exporting.
Go back to your Kaspr space, tab Setting> Integration. Click on the Zapier integration.
The different zaps created will be displayed.

  • Rename them to find your way around (be careful, each modification of the zap will change its name on Kaspr, so remember to rename it if a modification is made after the zap has been created).

Manual export of leads

  • Go to the “leads” tab of your dashboard or to the record of a LinkedIn contact.
  • Click on “Export” and select Zapier among the proposed integrations and select the zap concerned for your export. The selected lead(s) will then be sent directly!

Automatic export

  • The button “Export automatically” on the Integration (where you found the Key) must be ticked
  • As soon as a new lead is added, it will be sent directly to the tool concerned by the zap. No manipulation is required.

Permission Zapier


Paid account : You must have the CRM feature on your Kaspr account. This feature is available on the Kaspr Enterprise licence.

Who can set up a Zap ?

Admin / Owner / members whos has the “Mapping” permission can set up a Zap. To check if you have this permission, go to your Dashboard “Organization” and click on “edit” on your profile. You will see your permissions

Who can export with Zapier ?

Admin / Owner / members whos has the “Export” permission can export with Zapier. To check if you have this permission, go to your Dashboard “Organization” and click on “edit” on your profile. You will see your permissions


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