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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and answers from the Kaspr team

Getting Started
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Kaspr allows you to retrieve the contact details by browsing their LinkedIn profiles. Want to know more about Kaspr? Check all the questions here!

How to Register on Kaspr?

To register on Kaspr, you have to go to app.kaspr.io and fill in the form. Once you have confirmed your email, you have to download the Google Chrome extension and connect with you LinkedIn account. Your registration is now finished, welcome to Kaspr!

How to download the LinkedIn Extension?
Can I test Kaspr for free ?
What is a credit?
What is "Advanced Search"?
How do I remove a member from my team?
Why do I have to link my LinkedIn account during registration?
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Kaspr offers you different features

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Check all the informations regarding your Kaspr Account!

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All advices and questions regarding subscriptions.

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Kaspr uses technology intelligence that allows it to retrieve contact information in real time from the web. The data collected by Kaspr is available on the web. Kaspr temporarily records certain data for the operation of its service.


Kaspr offers you the best way
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