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Recruit the top talent and bring on new clients

Kaspr helps recruiters get instant access to contact details.

  • Chrome Extension for enriching data from LinkedIn.
  • A web app for managing your candidates and automation.
  • Lots of accurate phone numbers.
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned
  • No credit card is required to sign up.
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“Find cell phone numbers that other tools don’t!”

Alana O on G2

Kaspr vs. other data tools graphic


Get candidate data and reach out in one place

Recruiters love Kaspr for finding accurate contact data. 

Data for finding candidates on LinkedIn

Get the data you need while prospecting on LinkedIn, whether profile-by-profile or in bulk from lead lists.


Get faster at filling vacancies

Reach out with LinkedIn connection request workflows and manage your candidates.


Speak to the best talent

Be a top biller by speaking to the right people. Get straight through on direct phone numbers.

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Trusted by recruiters globally

Manage your talent pipeline

Speak to more candidates

Find candidates on LinkedIn, Sales Nav and Recruiter Lite with the Kaspr Chrome Extension. Our database has more than 500 million cell phone numbers and email addresses, so you’ll always be able to reach talent on different channels. 


Kaspr is also part of the Cognism group. Cognism has one of the largest cell phone databases in the US, and we share information between our data sets. So, if your current provider can’t get a number, it’s likely we can.

Graphic about Kaspr data summary

Manage the next steps & export straight to your ATS 

Kaspr is an end-to-end platform for recruiters. Once you’ve got the contact data, you can sort and manage your candidates within the web app or send them straight to your ATS with Bullhorn and other integrations.


In the Kaspr web app, you can create lists, add tags, notes, assign tasks, and more! 

Reach straight out & automate enrichment

Create data enrichment workflows and engage your next best hire! Kaspr has lead management capabilities and can natively integrate with dialiers like Aircall and Ringover. 

  • Reach out directly to candidates or hiring managers.
  • Automate aspects of your business development.
  • Sync data to your ATS.
Graphic of Aircall and Ringover integration - ring from the Kaspr web app


Switch to Kaspr for accurate data at 6x cheaper

“If you did the maths, Kaspr probably saved us around 4-5 hours per week. The automation features like the LinkedIn workflows have saved us time and reduced the margin for error.”

“I compared like-for-like. So when I couldn’t find a phone number in Lusha, I would use Kaspr instead. The success rate was much better, and the numbers were actually ringing.”
Mateusz Jaworski
SDR Manager at Cloud Direct
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“Used other contact finders for LinkedIn, and I would say this is the best one on the market”


"Great for business development.
Really easy to use."

No need to constantly access a different application and disrupt your workflow. My role involves a lot of business development, and before using Kaspr it was a real struggle to find contact details for decision-makers. Kaspr has really helped me get through to the people I need to speak with.”


Review on G2

Simon A
Recruitment Consultant

“Kaspr is helping me hit my KPIs
and talk with both clients and contacts.”

“I found that with hybrid working, this is very useful. Kaspr is great for both business development and resourcing. I would recommend it as a recruitment tool.”


Review on G2

Jonathan D
Recruitment Consultant

“Great for business development
and getting direct phone numbers.”

“I’m able to directly contact hiring managers, beating the crowd of emails.”


Review on G2

Frankie B
Recruitment Consultant
Frequently asked questions
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Are you thinking about getting Kaspr for your recruitment? Here are our top three FAQs.

Can I try Kaspr for free?
Yes. There’s a free version of Kaspr available with access to unlimited email addresses!
Can I export my leads to other apps?
Can I use Kaspr with my team?

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  • No credit card is required to sign up
  • GDPR & CCPA aligned
  • Accurate phone numbers for cold calling
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