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Send accurate data to your tech stack with Kaspr’s integrations

Kaspr integrates with many key tools in your tech stack, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier and more.


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Graphic to show integrating apps with Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension


Your most-used tools

Kaspr comes with built-in integration with a lot of the most-used tools in your tech stack. Simply set up and go.

Connect Kaspr to HubSpot to send enriched data straight to your CRM.
Connect Kaspr to Salesforce to send enriched contact data to your sales pipeline.
The Pipedrive integration in Kaspr means you can send accurate data straight to your CRM
Connect Kaspr with Zoho CRM for to send enriched data straight to your system.
Use Kaspr’s integration with Brevo for sending emails to your enriched email addresses.
Reach out to your prospects with Kaspr's data and our Lemlist integration.
Unlock integrations to so many more apps with Kaspr and Zapier integration.
Call straight from the Kaspr web app with Ringover integration.
Call straight from the Kaspr web app with Aircall integration.

Connect Kaspr to your apps

Setting up the tools you’d like to integrate Kaspr with - It's super easy!

1. Log into your Kaspr account

Remember, signing up is free if you don’t already have an account. 


2. Connect to your tech stack

In settings, find the integrations tab to see our pre-built integrations.


3. Update your tools with accurate data

Now that you’re connected, you can send accurate data to your apps.



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What some of our users say

“The seamless integration with other tools
boosts productivity”

“Streamline complex tasks into a user-friendly interface.”


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User on G2

“Easy interface and excellent integration
with the extension.”

Kaspr is helping generate contact details for leads. It has worked exactly as I need it


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User on G2


A must-have for your LinkedIn prospecting

Kaspr works with its LinkedIn integration, to update the contact data of the prospects you’d like to speak with. We also integrate with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. 


Multiple ways to use on LinkedIn

Unlike many prospecting tools on the market, Kaspr has a variety of use cases on LinkedIn.


This includes getting contact details while you browse by profile, people search, LinkedIn post reactions, groups and events.


These ways to use Kaspr on LinkedIn make prospecting that bit easier and save time when searching for relevant people. Plus, all are available from the free plan onwards.

Send data straight to your apps

Once you’ve got your data, send it to your sales apps. Users can start with our native CRM and app integrations in the free plan.


You can export your leads to connected tools while you get data from profiles and lists on LinkedIn or later in the web app using our workflows.


This saves manual work and means your CRM is always up-to-date!

Graphic of list of integrations in the Kaspr app
Graphic of Aircall and Ringover integration - ring from the Kaspr web app

Call your prospects from Kaspr

As well as managing your leads, you can start your cadence right away from Kaspr.


Call using our built-in dialer integrations with Aircall and Ringover. Simply get the number of the prospect you want to speak to and dial from the Kaspr web app!

Accurate data straight to your tools

Lloyd Gordon, CEO at Focus Cloud Group uses the Kaspr Chrome Extension the most. Lloyd likes to browse LinkedIn profiles to get accurate cell phone numbers, email addresses and company info.


Then, he sends the data straight to their ATS system, Bullhorn, with Kaspr’s integration.

“We used to use Lusha, but the feedback from the team was that the data available on Kaspr is much more accurate.”

“The cost isn’t important to me; what is important is the accuracy of the data. Kaspr provides you with the ability to get the data you need at your fingertips.”
Lloyd Gordon
CEO at Focus Cloud Group

Zapier integrations

Connect even more apps to Kaspr with our supported Zapier integrations. Sync data or add new tasks when you add a new lead to Kaspr with Bullhorn, Sellsy, Google Sheets, ClickUp, Agile CRM and many more!


Graphic to show integrating apps with Kaspr integrations on Zapier

See how our integrations compare to other tools


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