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Prospecting on Demand

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Cold calling blueprint with Elric

Elric Legoire regularly speaks to the best SDRs in the game. This is his blueprint on cold calling. Perfect for beginners, or anyone really.

Friday sales memo with Shabri 

Each week Shabri Lakhani publishes a newsletter about a trending topic in prospecting. This is the moving version.

Be the guide with Shabri + Rory

Sound a bit cheesy, but being seen as a guide can help a lot in sales. Rory Sadler and Shabri explain how you can do just that.

Make it relevant with Shabri + Rory

Make it relevant is all about how you can make your outreach appealing to prospect. Useful. Your prospects would recommend.

Prefer reading?

We've got most of this content in blog format. Read away my friend.

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