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Chrome Extension for Sales Leads

Kaspr lets you be at the right places, at the right time.
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Over 50,000 companies prefer Kaspr to
connect with prospects, convert more leads and increase their revenue.

“If you did the maths, Kaspr probably saved us around 4-5 hours per week. The automation features like the LinkedIn workflows have saved us time and reduced the margin for error.” Mateusz Jaworski, SDR Manager
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“Kaspr does what ZoomInfo promises to do. But way cheaper, easier, and looks nicer.” Andy Earnshaw, Chief Customer Officer
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“Kaspr helps us to retrieve more information about our contacts, faster. With Kaspr we save time for our sales staff.” Lyes Boukeroui, Sales Operations Manager
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"Kaspr's contact information is the most reliable in the market." Jérémy Bendayan, Co-Founder & COO at Splashr
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“We love Kaspr's workflows. The integration with HubSpot is really valuable for us.” Patricia Saona, Consulting Account Manager
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“Compared to competitors, the quality and quantity of the data is much higher with Kaspr, especially for phone numbers.” Elie Bisimwa, Sales Development Representative
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“I can get email addresses and phone numbers with just a few clicks. Kaspr is very useful for prospecting.” Lara Perez, Senior Key Account Executive
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“What I like about Kaspr is how easy it is to use, it’s an intuitive tool!” Romaïssa Benameur, Data Manager
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“What we like most about Kaspr is the ease of use, the speed of getting the information, and the quality of the data.” Jennifer Sitruk, Sales Director
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“This tool allows us to reach people that we couldn’t reach before. It's really transformed our prospecting and the way we can close [business].” Elie Tordjman, Senior Account Executive
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Kaspr offers you the best way
to reach your customers.

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