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Get contact data for prospects in one click

The concept of Kaspr is simple:

  • Chrome Extension for enriching data from LinkedIn.
  • A web app for managing your leads and automation.
  • If your current provider doesn’t have a cell phone number, it’s likely we do.
  • Founders save time on prospecting to focus on growing their business.

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"Find cell phone numbers that other tools don't!"

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An all-in-one tool for new sales teams

Reach the prospects you need to quickly

Kaspr’s database of more than 500 million cell phone numbers and email addresses helps founders get in touch with ideal customers or investors right away.


For startups, Kaspr is used to recruit quality candidates for your growing team.

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Access to great cell phone data

We work with over 150 data sources. This means we collect data in real-time, using the most recent source to keep contact details up to date.


Kaspr is also part of the Cognism group. Cognism has the largest cell phone database in the US and we share information between our data sets. So if your current provider can’t get a number, it’s likely we can.

Accomplish more with automation & outreach built-in

Build lists, send emails, make calls, send LinkedIn connections and automate data enrichment all within Kaspr. You don't need to get multiple systems for automation and outreach.

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Users love Kaspr because it’s
“awesome at finding direct phone numbers”

4.4/5 on G2 ⭐

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“The best part is when a contact has a phone number identified,
Kaspr shows the first few digits.”

“I don’t want to call landlines, only cell phones, so I don’t need to use credits for phone numbers I am not targeting.”

William C

“It is so simple, easy to start, and to get your
first phone numbers!”

“It saves me so much time going up the decision ladder in bigger companies. In my domain, it takes a lot of work to get someone’s contact, so it saves me a lot of hustling.”

James L

“Used other contact finders for LinkedIn, and I would say by far this is
the best one on the market.”

“And it seems to find more phone numbers than others on the market.”

Chater D

The Founder & CEO at Markentive uses Kaspr to close deals


“Kaspr is especially good for accurate phone numbers”

“Before I started using Kaspr, I feared the information given was wrong. But now, it’s correct and verified in real-time.”
Christian Neff
Founder & CEO at Markentive

Grow your startup with Kaspr

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Prospect & enrich

Find your decision-makers in just one click. Kaspr’s easy-to-use Chrome Extension and web app make prospecting fast.



Outreach & automate

Take the next step with Kaspr, send connection requests, send emails and make calls from the web app.





Bulk enrich incomplete or stale contacts with Kaspr’s API. Enhance your target lists with accurate phone numbers.


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Prospecting on demand

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