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Apollo.io vs ZoomInfo

Here’s how Kaspr competes with Apollo.io and ZoomInfo.

  • Strong database in the US, Europe & APAC.
  • Credit-based subscriptions you can cancel at any time (lots of credits, too).
  • Access to unlimited B2B email addresses (including in the free version).
  • The seamless experience between Chrome Extension and web app.
  • All-in-one prospecting tool with workflows and automation included.
  • Real-time verified data from 150 sources.
  • GPDR & CCPA aligned.
  • Get set up in minutes with no lengthy onboarding process.
  • Trial the data before committing to a paid plan.


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Graphic showing Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension overview


How much data do Apollo.io and ZoomInfo have?

Both Apollo.io and ZoomInfo have large databases. Apollo has strong data outside the US, with 212M contact profiles. ZoomInfo has strong data in the US but now has 200M contacts outside North America.



Apollo.io checks email addresses with a detailed seven-step process, while cell phone numbers are verified automatically. Users like Apollo.io for its US data, but it’s uncertain how much data they have in specific parts of Europe and APAC. Some reviews on G2 say Apollo.io doesn’t have much data from Eastern Europe or the Middle East.


ZoomInfo has more data than Apollo, with 321 million contacts. There are a few different ways that ZoomInfo gets its data; they are through a contributory network, machine learning on corporate websites and other public sources, human-research teams, and third-party providers. Some users highlight that ZoomInfo’s data deteriorates outside of the US, so this is an important consideration when evaluating these two providers against one another.

Try Kaspr’s global data for free

The Kaspr database spans the US, Europe and APAC. It has over 500 million accurate phone numbers and email addresses, so it is a serious contender for Apollo vs ZoomInfo and well worth considering if you're comparing these two tools.


Kaspr is also part of Cognism, which has one of the largest cell phone databases in the US. We share information between our data sets, and this helps to make Kaspr’s phone numbers incredibly accurate.


We check and verify data against 150 sources when you request contact information. All our phone numbers and email addresses are verified in real time.

We’ve provided a lot of B2B phone numbers all over the globe, check it out. 👇

Kaspr global data coverage map - number of enriched phone numbers on profiles
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Global data that’s accurate (but without the big price tag)


“Kaspr does what ZoomInfo promises to do. But way cheaper, easier, and looks nicer.”

“Within the first two weeks [of using Kaspr and changing the strategy], six discovery calls have been booked. You’ve empowered us to keep up with our BDR.”
Andy Earnshaw
Chief Customer Officer at Visibly HQ

Apollo.io vs. ZoomInfo pricing plans

Apollo.io and ZoomInfo both have different pricing structures. Apollo offers monthly or annual plans that are like a subscription you can turn on or off when they expire. ZoomInfo on the other hand, have longer-term contracts tailored to your business’s needs. The pricing for ZoomInfo’s contracts is available after a consultation with a sales professional.


Despite the pricing differences, Apollo and ZoomInfo both run on a credit-based system where your agreement includes a bundle of credits, which you exchange for contact details. If you run out of credits in your plan, you can purchase add-ons for both Apollo and ZoomInfo.


It’s easy to find Apollo’s pricing on their website; they also offer a free plan that includes unlimited email credits, 60 cell phone credits (or 5 per month), and 120 export credits (or 10 per month). ZoomInfo offers a free trial, but unlike Apollo’s, which is free forever, it only lasts 14 days.


Here are Apollo’s pricing plans and the credits included in them:

  • Basic $49 annually or $59 monthly: Unlimited email credits, 900 cell phone credits (or 75 monthly) and 12,000 export credits (or 1,000 monthly).
  • Professional $79 annually or $99 monthly: Unlimited email credits, 1,200 cell phone credits (or 100 monthly) and 24,000 export credits (or 2,000 monthly).
  • Organization $119 annually or $149 monthly: Unlimited email credits, 2,400 cell phone credits (or 200 monthly) and 48,000 export credits (or 4,000 monthly).


Apollo.io updates its pricing fairly regularly (this is correct at the time of writing).


ZoomInfo has a ‘data passport’ if you are prospecting outside the US. The passport is an additional expense, so ZoomInfo may not suit people prospecting in Europe, APAC and EMEA. In summary, on pricing, Apollo vs ZoomInfo is hard to evaluate against one another until you get a consultation and quote for how much a ZoomInfo contract is likely to cost.


💡 Want to see ZoomInfo alternatives?

How do credits work in Kaspr?

In Kaspr, you exchange credits for contact data and exporting. Our plans are more generous than most, and we’ve got a free plan so that you can try us out.

  • Over 500M phone numbers and email addresses globally.
  • Great coverage across Europe, the US and APAC.
  • Roll unused credits over to next month (all paid plans).
  • Preview the data before you spend a credit to know what you’re getting.
  • Add contacts to waitlist if we don't have the data to be notified when we do.

Pricing for Kaspr

See how Kaspr's pricing compares against Apollo.io and ZoomInfo.

Annual billing SAVE UP TO 25%
Monthly billing

Free Plan

0 mo/user
£0 mo/user
$0 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits*
5 Phone credits
5 Direct email credits
10 Export credits
0 mo/user
£0 mo/user
$0 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits*
5 Phone credits
5 Direct email credits
10 Export credits
Free plan includes:
LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Save, edit & export leads
Task management
Email from Kaspr
Send emails directly from Kaspr with Gmail integration.
Dial from Kaspr
Make phone calls directly from Kaspr with Aircall and Ringover integration.
Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Lemlist, Sendinblue, Aircall, Ringover integrations
Up to 3 lead lists
A list of the contacts you’ve saved from the LinkedIn Chrome Extension.
1 enrichment workflow
You start with 1 Enrichment workflow. This can be launched up to 3 times per month.
3 enrichment workflow launches per month
Launching a workflow in Free plan allows you to enrich up to 25 contacts per launch.
1 default LinkedIn cadence
Send automatic LinkedIn invitations and messages to a premade list of contacts.
Basic API access
20 requests/minute maximum, 250 requests/hour maximum, 250 requests/day maximum
*Invite 3 of your colleagues to try Kaspr and you'll get unlimited B2B emails. Pretty cool hey?


59 mo/user
£51 mo/user
$65 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
100 Phone credits
5 Direct email credits
250 Export credits
45 mo/user
£39 mo/user
$49 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
1,200 Phone credits
60 Direct email credits
3,000 Export credits
Choose plan
Everything in Free Plan, plus:
LinkedIn Chrome Extension available on Sales Navigator
Credit roll over
Keep unused credits as long as you renew your monthly or annual subscription.
Up to 10 lead lists
Zapier integration
3 enrichment workflows
Create up to 3 Enrichment workflows. Each workflow can be launched 3 times per month.
3 workflow launches per month
Launching a workflow in Starter plan allows you to enrich up to 500 contacts per launch.
Unlimited LinkedIn cadences
Advanced API access
20 requests/minute maximum, 250 requests/hour maximum, 250 requests/day maximum


99 mo/user
£85 mo/user
$99 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
200 Phone credits
200 Direct email credits
1,000 Export credits
79 mo/user
£69 mo/user
$79 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
2,400 Phone credits
2,400 Direct email credits
12,000 Export credits
Choose plan
Everything in Starter, plus:
LinkedIn Chrome Extension available on Recruiter Lite
2 admin seats
The admin is the person who’ll have access to the billing information, subscription information and workspace information.
Custom member permissions
Decide if your team members are able to view, edit, manage, or export all the leads from the Kaspr dashboard.
Define a limit of credit usage per team member.
Unlimited lead lists
Unlimited enrichment workflows
10 workflow launches per month
Launching a workflow in Business plan allows you to enrich up to 1000 contacts per launch.
Report & activity insights
Advanced API access
60 requests/minute maximum, 500 requests/hour maximum, 500 requests/day maximum


The Organization package is available on an annual subscription only with a minimum of 5 users.
99 mo/user
£85 mo/user
$99 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
2,000 Phone credits
2,000 Direct email credits
10,000 Export credits
99 mo/user
£85 mo/user
$99 mo/user
Unlimited B2B email credits
24,000 Phone credits
24,000 Direct email credits
120,000 Export credits
Choose plan
Everything in Business, plus:
5 admin seats
Tailored onboarding
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited workflow launches per month
All types of workflows.
Premium API access
120 requests/minute maximum, 500 requests/hour maximum, 1000 requests/day maximum

Integrations available in Apollo.io and ZoomInfo

Apollo.io and ZoomInfo have many integrations that integrate natively with your tech stack. These shared native integrations include LinkedIn (for their Chrome Extensions), HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Marketo, and more. Despite this good range, it’s clear ZoomInfo offer more built-in integrations from their website.


You can widen the pool of integrations in Apollo using Zapier, though, so if you need an app, you can connect to it this way (just check it's listed on Zapier).

Graphic to show integrating apps with Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Super-easy integration

Kaspr integrates with many key tools in your tech stack, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier and more. This means you can send accurate data to your apps when you find the contact data on someone’s profile.


You can integrate from the free plan onwards and connect to other apps using Zapier integration from the Basic plan. Apollo offers limited integration in their free plan. 


There is a range of use cases for the Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension that other tools like Apollo and ZoomInfo don’t have.

What users say about Kaspr's integrations

“The seamless integration with other tools
boosts productivity”

“Streamline complex tasks into a user-friendly interface.”


Read review on G2

User on G2

“Easy interface and excellent integration
with the extension.”

Kaspr is helping generate contact details for leads. It has worked exactly as I need it


Read review on G2

User on G2

“Best tool to find phone numbers
for your leads.”

“I like the way you use it and the integration to LinkedIn.”


Read review on G2

User on G2

Apollo.io vs ZoomInfo: Compliance status

ZoomInfo complies with CCPA and GPDR; they check their data against Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US. 


Apollo.io is also fully compliant with GDPR but is only aligned with CCPA. As a new feature, they have also recently started checking against DNC listings when you request a new UK or USA direct dial number. You will see the DNC tag within the Apollo web app if the contact is on a UK or US registry.


What is DNC list cleaning?

A DNC list is a list of contacts scrubbed against your data to ensure you don’t call anyone on it. These people have preferred not to be contacted by unsolicited sales calls. Companies who continue to call people on DNC lists may be at risk of fines. 

Prospect without any worries

Kaspr doesn’t scrub against DNC lists, but we ensure alignment with GDPR and CCPA, allowing you to prospect with peace of mind.


Our database undergoes continuous updates through rigorous verification processes to maintain these standards.


Kaspr’s data comes from:

  • Publicly available information. We get this from information that’s available online, including corporate websites, job postings, news feeds, and company registries.
  • Partnerships with premium data providers. We’ve got carefully selected partners. This helps to make our data super accurate and verified in real-time.


Graphic showing Kaspr's compliance status

Compare Kaspr to Apollo.io or ZoomInfo directly

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  • GDPR & CCPA aligned
  • Accurate phone numbers for cold calling
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