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Blog 20 April 2022

The ABC's of Growth Hacking: Complete Guide

Noa Elbaze

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a set of marketing techniques used to rapidly increase sales at a lower cost. What exactly does this term mean? Let’s see the definition of Growth Hacking. At the end of this article, you will also find some useful tips to help you boost your ROI quickly.

This article will give you more information on the following points:

  • Growth Hacking: everything you need to know about
  • AARRR: the essential growth hacking tool
  • Tips to follow to get started successfully

Definition Growth Hacking

 Everything you need to know about growth hacking

Growth Hacking consists of adopting different marketing strategies to succeed in a lead generation campaign. It is an effective way to improve your company’s growth exponentially.

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The definition

Growth hacking is an approach based on the ability to quickly modify methodologies according to the behavior of targets. It helps generate leads and convert them into customers at a lower cost. Its main objective is to accelerate the growth of your company by using disruptive marketing techniques (hacking).

The 3 Growth Hacking techniques

Depending on your company’s expectations, you can call upon a professional hacker to develop the following techniques:

  • white hat is based on the use of legal techniques to analyze the traffic of competitors;
  • grey hat: hackers use fake accounts as well as various automation and humanization techniques to boost the growth of a company;
  • black hat is based on illegal techniques such as creating fake accounts, mass follows or spammings.

Black hat is to be practiced with moderation as it can lead to legal risks.

AARRR: the essential tool for growth hacking

AARRR is the acronym that defines the B2B customer life cycle. This Growth Hacking tool helps companies grow their revenue rapidly based on the following metrics:


This step consists of implementing different lead generation techniques. Using an automation marketing software makes it easier for you. Looking for a lead generation tool? Kaspr is known for its ability to collect customer data and automatically send invitations on LinkedIn.


This step determines the maturity level of a prospect in order to get them to take a specific action. It is the backbone of converting leads into customers. Use A/B testing to evaluate the activation rate of your targets.


It aims at deploying different strategies allowing your customers to contact you in order to buy your new products. Publish high value-added content on different distribution channels to encourage your customers to discover your new offers.

The referral

Invite your customers who have expressed their satisfaction to make recommendations to their contacts. This way, you generate new qualified leads without prospecting. Unlike simple visitors, they will immediately trust your services. It will then be easy for you to encourage them to start a purchasing process.


This phase of AARRR consists of implementing marketing strategies that serve to generate ROI quickly. Professional growth hackers often invite companies to:

  • Propose attractive offers;
  • Offer special promotions for a specific period of time;
  • Offer gifts to customers who purchase a product.

All of these steps play an important role in ensuring rapid growth of your business.

Tips to follow to get started successfully

Would you like to adopt this techniques? The following tips will guide you to quickly achieve positive results.

  • Choose a tool that is easy to use and allows you to collect a lot of qualitative data;
  • Adopt effective communication strategies to retain visitors on your site and decrease the bounce rate;
  • Invite your customers to leave comments on your publications to attract new qualified prospects;
    use several social networks to reach the maximum number of targets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.);
  • Take care of your content by adding relevant keywords in order to help Google better reference your website.

Take care of your content by adding relevant keywords in order to help Google better reference your website.

The essentials to remember

Growth Hacking is for anyone who wants to increase their sales in a short period of time. This set of strategies improves visitor engagement while encouraging them to become direct customers. Use a lead generation tool and different platforms to ensure the effectiveness of your actions. You now know everything about this technique. Apply it and you will see how fast your business will turn into a start-up!

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