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Blog 29 April 2022

Using LinkedIn for a Successful Growth Hacking Strategy

Noa Elbaze

Does LinkedIn enable a better growth hacking strategy?

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network in the world. It is a place where people in all sectors of activity (trade, services, health, industry, etc.) can exchange information. It has several assets, which makes it the best platform for conducting a Growth Hacking strategy. We have provided you with a page on Growth Hacking techniques so that you can learn more

In this section, we will discuss the following points:

  • Why choose LinkedIn?
  • Using the Pulse feature to optimize your content
  • Adopting personal branding via LinkedIn
  • Creating prospecting files via Kaspr
  • Automate the sending of invitations and messages

Growth Hacking Strategy

Why choose LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn social network is specifically designed for professionals. According to the latest reports, it will have 810 million users in 200 countries by 2022. These users are more likely to find solutions to their business needs.

In addition, this social network helps you identify decision-makers in the companies you are targeting more easily. In particular, you can see on a professional’s profile the position he/she holds within a company. The conversion rate will be optimized.

On this professional social media, you also have the possibility to perform several actions within the framework of Growth Hacking. You can take advantage of many features to quickly increase your online visibility.

Growth Hackers integrate an external lead generation tool, Kaspr, to LinkedIn in order to perform certain actions, including

  • Automatically enriching a list of contacts;
  • Automating the sending of invitations and messages.

Indeed, this social network is an essential lever to maximize the results of a B2B marketing campaign.

Use the Pulse function to optimize your content

Many LinkedIn members neglect the use of the Pulse feature. Yet it is a convenient and effective content publishing tool. When you publish a post in Pulse, your contacts are automatically informed of this new publication.

In Growth Hacking, it is advantageous to use this feature to promote your content. Nevertheless, take care to optimize your content by using the usual SEO practices (keywords, title, feature image, etc.)

For each content publication, you should encourage your audience to share, like and comment your article. The more interactions you have, the more visibility you will have on LinkedIn.

Adopting personal branding via LinkedIn

In recent years, personal branding is a popular growth hacking and lead generation technique on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to strengthen your image and boost your career or your company’s activity.

To improve your brand’s visibility on this social network, ask your collaborators to like, share and comment on your publications. From the admin page, you can also send them a notification when a new post is published.

It is important to note that this technique must be accompanied by a solid content strategy in order to obtain better results. In addition to a complete and optimized profile, it is important to regularly speak out and publish interesting content.

You can also participate in various professional events on this social network. The goal is to stand out in your industry.

Create prospecting files via Kaspr

As part of a growth hacking strategy, data scraping is particularly sought after by start-ups. Using Kaspr, you can automatically obtain contact information from your potential prospects.

From LinkedIn profiles, this automation tool harvests the professional emails and phone numbers of your targets. This way, you no longer waste time manually retrieving these contact details. You can now focus on your other B2B sales prospecting and lead generation tasks.

Once your prospecting files created and exported to your CRM, you can launch your various marketing actions (telemarketing, SMS marketing or emailing). In addition, Kaspr allows you to quickly enrich or update your contact list.

Automate the sending of invitations and messages

Growing your business is often time consuming for a company. That’s why it’s worthwhile to automate some of your B2B prospecting tasks. It is possible to use the Kaspr tool to automatically send massive invitations and messages to your prospects on LinkedIn.

You can create automated scenarios from a list of contacts on this social network. The messages to be sent can be customized by inserting certain variables, such as the name of the targeted company. On a single platform, you can manage your growth hacking strategy more easily.

Using Kaspr, you can reach a large number of prospects in no time. You won’t miss out on any opportunities to boost your business.

Things to remember

LinkedIn is a great way to optimize your B2B growth hacking and lead generation strategy. This professional social network is a great acquisition channel where you can perform various marketing actions. It is indeed possible to increase your visibility thanks to optimized content and personal branding techniques. Moreover, with Kaspr, you can automate the collection of contact information from your prospects and the sending of invitations and messages on this social media.

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