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Blog 25 April 2022

The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing Growth

Noa Elbaze

B2B Growth Hacking, the strategy of an innovative concept

Growth Hacking is an innovative concept that originated in the United States of America. It means “growth hacking” in French. As its name suggests, it consists mainly in hacking the growth of a company. The Growth Hacker is able to implement all the techniques he deems relevant to achieve this ultimate goal. You can check our page on techniques to grow quickly in growth hacking. To learn more about this revolutionary strategy, we suggest you discover in this article :

  • The particularity of B2B Growth Hacking ;
  • How B2B Growth Hacking works;
  • The advantages of choosing Growth Hacking for your B2B marketing strategy.

B2B Growth Hacking

The particularity of B2B Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking, widespread for having revolutionized classic marketing strategies. Indeed, it has oriented the analyses towards the marketer’s state of mind rather than, towards the various marketing techniques. Sean Ellis, the inventor of this term, stated that to ensure the development of a company, it is necessary to focus more on the objectives and on the behavior to adopt to reach them. According to him, pre-established and unchanging techniques do not adapt to today’s digital world or to the needs of increasingly demanding consumers.

The marketer, now called Growth Hacker, should have the will to develop his company’s activities before relying on his mastery of the different classical marketing techniques. The reasons for all his interventions in one word: “grow”. This word refers to customers, sales, prospects, referrals and revenue. If you ask yourself “how do I do this?”, the answer is quite simple: “by any means necessary” (within the limits of the law). This is what makes Growth Hacking so interesting, because, it fits perfectly into any marketing strategy, Not only, it is B2B, but also, it is B2C.

How B2B Growth Hacking works

B2B Growth Hacking works according to a very precise sales tunnel. It consists of 5 main steps:

  • Acquisition: the Growth Hacker optimizes the visibility of his website in order to reach the maximum number of targets (the goal is to arouse the curiosity of the Internet user so that he becomes a prospect);
  • Activation: the Growth Hacker encourages the prospect to make a sale, to subscribe to newsletters, to register on the site, to download files or to discuss with a company manager via a chat box;
  • Retention: the Growth Hacker retains prospects and builds customer loyalty by encouraging them to always do something for the company (buy, subscribe, participate in surveys, click on links, etc.);
  • Recommendation: the Growth Hacker gives special status or rewards to customers who recommend the brand to their friends;
  • Revenue consideration: the Growth Hacker makes a calculation on the relevance of his actions (were they successful from a revenue point of view?).

Firstly, in order to carry out all these steps, the Growth Hacker must refer to digital marketing levers such as social networks, online content, similarly, lead generation tools. Secondly, he chooses and tries the technique to implement it. The main objective is to measure the results of each approach, to retain only those deemed effective.  He chooses and tries the technique to implement it. The main objective is to measure the results of each approach, to retain only those deemed effective.

If you are looking for prospecting tools, don’t hesitate to use Kaspr, a growth hacking software that allows you to collect email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects. It allows you to enrich your CRM, as the collected contact information can be easily exported to your database.

Why choose Growth Hacking for your B2B marketing strategy

If you decide to implement the Growth Hacking process, you can ensure that you grow your business quickly and cheaply. The great freedom offered by the Growth Hacker gives him the opportunity to search for exploitable solutions without investing large amounts of money. If this professional encounters difficulties once the process is launched, he is able to make the necessary corrections. Moreover, he can also change tactics directly, without having to stop production or incur additional expenses. Growth Hacking is perfect for young companies or for those with a tight cash flow. The growth achieved can adapt in the long run, the Growth Hacker approach will not become obsolete. It will always be adapted to changing or stable customer behavior.

The key points to remember

B2B Growth Hacking is a revolutionary marketing strategy that involves the marketer’s desire to grow the business. It is not related to a marketing technique. Instead, it is aimed at the rapid and profitable development of the organization. We can implement on all digital marketing tools and media, or even on traditional sales and customer acquisition strategies.

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