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Customer story

Markentive Gets Access to Real-time Verified Data With Kaspr

“We love Kaspr's workflows. The integration with HubSpot is really valuable for us.”

Patricia Saona
Consulting Account Manager

The company

Markentive is a digital transformation consultancy. They use the REBEL® approach (RE-solve, B-uild, E-xecute and L-earn), their ambition is to offer the best in the world of agency, integration and consulting by offering an end-to-end actionable service.


The challenge

Before using Kaspr, Markentive would contact people on LinkedIn but didn't have a structured plan for prospecting. They decided to create a process and implement a tool to help find target accounts.


Patricia Saona, previously Consulting Account Manager said:

"We decided to implement Kaspr to automatically retrieve email addresses the prospects that we identify on LinkedIn."


The solution

Markentive use LinkedIn to identify companies and contacts that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP).


They generate a list of leads that they can automatically send to the Kaspr dashboard and export to HubSpot.


Patricia said:

“We love Kaspr's workflows. The integration with HubSpot is really valuable for us.”


The results

Since Markentive have been using Kaspr, they've saved a considerable amount of time. They're also confident in the data they're recieving.


Patricia said:

“Before I started using Kaspr, I was afraid that the information given was wrong. But now, it’s correct and verified in real-time.”


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