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How I am using Kaspr
to prospect in 2024

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Salut everybody! My name is Thibaut Souyris, and I am the CEO & Founder of SalesLabs. 


I’ve helped thousands of salespeople with my experimental prospecting techniques, which I share and document on LinkedIn, through the SalesLabs community, 1:1 training and my online courses.


But that’s enough about me; today, I want to share how I will be prospecting in 2024 (with Kaspr’s help, too).


This approach has helped me (and my clients) get a 38% reply rate and an 11% booked meeting rate.


So, let’s get into it! 🙌


Reply rate


Meeting booked rate

Prefer to watch and listen?

📹 I’ve recorded this as a video, too (if you prefer) - watch it here. 👇


1. Define your ICP and their problem

My idea of an ideal customer profile (ICP) might not be your run-of-the-mill definition. For me, it’s a matrix of the ideal target accounts you want to work with and the job titles within that account that you need to speak with to make a sale.

Graphic of Thibaut’s ICP matrix

“Now you've got your ICP it's time to understand their problems”

I typically work with SaaS companies in Europe and the US, so the type of people I want to go after are the VP of Sales, VP of Business Development or even Directors of Sales. 


Now you’ve got your ICP, it’s time to understand their problems.


Different titles face different pain points. A VP, for example, is what I’d call an ‘Above the Line’ (ATL) role and someone at the Director level would be ‘Below the Line’ (BTL). 

So, for me, the questions they ask themselves look like this. 👇



  • How am I managing my SDRS?
  • Are my SDRs getting enough replies?
  • Do my SDRs feel confident enough to pick up the phone?


And then for ATL:

  • Is the business hitting revenue targets?
  • Do we have enough pipeline?
  • What is our headcount?

2. Find where these people hang out

Once the previous step is clear, what you want to do next is find out where all these people hang out. A good strategy to find this info is to use influencers. 


So, for example, if I go ahead and find Kyle Coleman, who was CMO for Clari for a while but has recently started as CMO for CopyAI, I can find a post he did about an AI end-of-year workflow for prospecting.

3. Get their data

Next, I can look at who’s reacted to or commented on the post. From here, I will look for people who match the ICP I defined in step one and open their LinkedIn profile in another tab.


Then, I hop across to each LinkedIn profile and use the free Kaspr Chrome Extension to get their phone number and email address.


Kaspr makes it easy to save these people to a list in the web app, so once I’ve revealed the contact info, they are added to a list of my choice for outreach later.


It’s super easy to get the data in one click. And you can get 25 free cell phone credits with my signup link. 👈


Graphic of Thibaut’s stop the scroll LinkedIn message

4. Build a problem-centric sequence

Next, you want to return to focusing on your prospect’s pain point. You want your first phone call or message to resonate. 


💡 Try using my prospecting swipe file with plenty of templates to help structure your messages.


There’s one I like called the ‘scroll stopper’.


I can create this as part of my email cadence using the data I got from Kaspr or take my swipe file to help with a rough script to cold call the prospect.

5. Reset your prospecting routine

Now you’ve done my prospecting steps, it’s time to reset. 🔃


80% of your success in prospecting is based on the routine you build.


  • Identify when you are most productive. For me, it’s when I am done taking my son to daycare.
  • Protect this time. Block out 30-60 minutes in your calendar to ensure you’re not disturbed by distractions.
  • Start with follow-ups and then use the process I outlined above. This will be your system for the blocked-out time.
  • Repeat for at least three weeks (21 days). It’s typically the amount of time you need to build a habit.



Want 25 free cell phone numbers?

We’ve gone through how I prospect using Kaspr; now, why don’t you try it out for yourself? Here are 25 free cell phone credits just for you (you’ll get unlimited B2B email addresses when you invite three colleagues).


No credit card is required to sign up for Kaspr, so there is no need to speak to your manager.

I’d like to hear your results with this prospecting method and Kaspr. Drop me a message on LinkedIn. 📥