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Customer story

Cloud Direct Switch to Kaspr For Accurate Data at 6x Cheaper

“If you did the maths, Kaspr probably saved us around 4-5 hours per week. The automation features like the LinkedIn workflows have saved us time and reduced the margin for error.”

Mateusz Jaworski
SDR Manager

The company 

Cloud Direct is a leading Microsoft partner, based in the UK and South Africa. They specialize in delivering Azure, Microsoft 365, and security services to companies that want to achieve ‘fearless growth’.

As one of only 61 Azure Expert MSPs globally, Cloud Direct provides additional value-added services to customers. This includes development projects like creating a real-time billing portal for Azure. 


The challenge 

We spoke to Mateusz Jaworski, SDR Manager at Cloud Direct. He manages the growing sales development team.

Cloud Direct do a mixture of inbound and outbound sales, so prospecting is an important activity for them. 

Mateusz said:

“When I joined, the team was using Lusha. We found over time that we were getting fewer phone numbers, and the ones we did get were poor quality. For example, it would pull American numbers when it was a UK-based person.”


“We also found the platform to be a bit buggy. It sometimes wouldn’t work, and if it did work, the information was often not correct, showing mismatched emails and things like that.” 

Having run out of credits and with renewal not being for another five months, Mateusz decided to look at what other tools were out there. 


The solution

Cloud Direct decided to sign up for the free version of Kaspr to reach a decision. This gave them enough credits to test it out against the platform they already had.

Mateusz’s next steps were:

“I compared like-for-like. So when I couldn’t find a phone number in Lusha, I would use Kaspr instead. The success rate was much better, and the numbers were actually ringing.”


The results

The team at Cloud Direct liked the all-in-one prospecting features of Kaspr. 

Mateusz said:

“I also like the automation available in Kaspr, the LinkedIn workflows, for example. These features helped us save a lot of time and also reduced the margin for error. If you did the maths, Kaspr probably saved us around 4-5 hours per week.”  

On top of that, the team found Kaspr to be cost-effective. 

Mateusz said:

“Lusha wanted us to renew the package to get more credits, which was 6x more expensive.” 


Growing the team

Cloud Direct plans to grow its SDR team from three to eight this year. So they decided to upgrade to Cognism to get more sales intelligence features like Diamond Data® and intent data.

Mateusz said:

“If it wasn’t for growing the team, I don’t think we would’ve moved away from Kaspr.”


“We decided to upgrade [to Cognism] because we’ve got other stakeholders (like marketing) using the platform, so we just needed something more centralized for other departments.”

💡 Need some help deciding? Here’s how Kaspr compares to Cognism


Try Kaspr for free

Get instant access to the phone numbers and emails of your prospects. 

Join the 50K+ Kaspr users:


✅ No credit card is required to sign up. 
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ Unlimited B2B email credits.
✅ 500M+ Phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ 200M+ Business profiles.
✅ All-in-one prospecting tool.
✅ Fully self-service.
✅ Customizable plans.


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