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B2B data 23 February 2024

How You Can Find CEO Phone Numbers [Three-Steps]

Daisy Shevlin
SEO & Content Manager @ Kaspr

Need to find a CEO’s phone number? 📞


 Find contact information for C-suite employees in a few easy steps. 👇

  1. Get the Kaspr Chrome Extension.
  2. Go to the CEO’s LinkedIn Profile.
  3. Get the CEO’s phone number.
  4. Try alternate methods if needed. 

1. Get the Kaspr Chrome Extension

Kaspr’s LinkedIn Chrome Extension allows users to access contact information while prospecting anywhere on LinkedIn (on desktop). The contact information from Kaspr includes phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and company info.


The LinkedIn Chrome Extension is available with Kaspr’s free plan. Kaspr has over 500M+ phone numbers and email addresses, all of which are GDPR and CCPA aligned.


Graphic showing Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension overview 


Once you sign up for Kaspr’s free plan, download the Chrome Extension, head to LinkedIn, and search for the prospect.


Blog CTA graphic - Five phone number credits per month for free

2. Go to the CEO’s LinkedIn profile

Search for the CEO on LinkedIn. 


To find prospects on LinkedIn, search for their names directly within the platform.  If you have trouble finding them, go to the Company Page and find the CEO under the “employees” section.


Graphic of Kaspr widget with button to click to show the prospect's phone number


Once on the CEO’s profile, click the Kaspr Extension to see the CEO’s name, email address, and phone number. You can also see company information like founding date and number of employees.


You can also use Kaspr’s web app to search for prospects’ professional profiles and CEO phone numbers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

3. Get the CEO’s phone number

Kaspr’s free plan includes LinkedIn Chrome Extension, along with 5 phone number credits, 5 direct email credits, and 10 export credits. When you view a contact, you can choose to use a credit to reveal their phone number and an export credit to save it to your CRM. 


Kaspr’s LinkedIn Chrome Extension makes it so easy to find and save a CEO’s phone number. And while this is convenient, the most significant advantage of using Kaspr is the data accuracy.


Kaspr’s data is trusted by more than 50K companies worldwide. We verify data against 150 sources to ensure the highest possible accuracy. 


And if, for some reason, we don’t have a specific CEO’s phone number, add them to a waitlist so you can get it once the contact information is available. This allows you to track prospects even if they haven’t entered your sales funnel yet. 

How else can I find a CEO’s phone number?

Using a self-service prospecting tool like Kaspr combined with LinkedIn should always be your go-to approach. If it doesn’t work, you can try these alternate methods for finding a CEO’s phone number:

Speaking to the gatekeeper

Call a company’s main number and ask to be connected to the CEO. 


You can also try contacting other C-Suite team members or account executives. While this can be effective, it takes much longer and requires others to connect with you.   

Emailing the CEO

If you can’t find the CEO’s phone number, you may be able to find (or guess) their email address. 

Send an email asking to set up a call, briefly noting your value proposition. 


This method does put you directly in touch with the CEO. However, it adds an extra step before the phone call takes place. 


In theory, your emails could be ignored, so it’s important to start strong to decrease the chance of that happening. 

Sending the CEO a DM on LinkedIn 

If you find the CEO on LinkedIn, shoot them a direct message and a connection request. Take the same approach as if you were emailing, asking to set up a time to talk more. 


And like email, extra steps are involved, which can be ignored. That said, receiving a friendly message and putting a name to a face on LinkedIn may help. 

Trying a phone list provider 

Search phone list providers and databases online to find the CEO’s phone number.
While this can be relatively fast if it works, some significant downsides exist. 


Data accuracy is often a concern; you may end up with the CEO’s personal phone number, and many phone list providers are not compliant with data privacy laws. 

Manually searching for the number on LinkedIn

When in doubt, you can manually search for a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and see if their contact information is available. 


Some have their phone number or email address listed on their public profile, which you can use to reach out. As a plus, CEOs who do have their phone numbers listed are likely open to cold calls, and you know that the data is accurate. 


However, many CEOs and C-suite executives don’t have direct phone numbers listed for obvious reasons, so this is unlikely to be a reliable option in most cases.  

What’s the best way to get verified CEO phone numbers?

The best way to get verified CEO phone numbers is to use a prospecting tool like Kaspr. 


Other options can be effective. You can reach the CEO on other platforms to set up a call, for example, or to rely on third-party phone number providers. But these often involve multiple steps that depend on other people following through. 


Kaspr’s data offers high accuracy rates and a streamlined process, saving significant time for SDRs while boosting productivity. 


You can find prospects, access accurate phone numbers, and even call directly from the web app with a few fast clicks. As a result, SDRs can reach targets faster and increase the overall number of outreach. 


With reliable data, you’re more likely to reach the right person on their professional phone number. You won’t risk accidentally calling a personal line or using phone numbers that aren’t aligned with GPDR and CCPA. 

Do CEOs answer cold calls?

Some CEOs answer cold calls, so it’s always worth the attempt.


That said, before you try to call a CEO or any other C-suite decision-maker, do your research.


The more you know about a CEO and their company, the better. You’ll be able to deliver a relevant first-touch experience, helping you stand out and demonstrating how you can solve their core pain points.


You can start with research on platforms like LinkedIn or Cognism to gain insight into a company’s firmographic and intent data.


You can also reach out to a company’s individual contributors (ICs), who have on-the-ground working experience even if they aren’t the decision-makers. If you’re selling invoicing software, for example, the decision-maker may be the CMO, but accountants will be the ones who understand a business’s invoicing processes best.


Conduct research to discover the following:

  • Team size.
  • Existing pain points.
  • Current processes.
  • Existing tech stack.
  • Decision-maker information.


When that CEO answers your cold call, you’ll be ready with a value-based pitch that aligns with their needs and concerns. 

Is it legal to use a CEO contact list?

CEO contact lists are typically curated lists containing data of CEOs of companies that fit specific profiles, like “B2B companies” or “B2C brands with over 500 employees.” And while they can be effective if you want to access a large number of CEO phone numbers quickly, you want to tread carefully.


Data compliance is critically important, and regulations like the GDPR require businesses only to contact people who have consented. So if someone posts their phone number on LinkedIn, you’re in the clear - that data was not concealed. If, however, you’re purchasing a CEO lead list, it may not necessarily be compliant.


For this reason, it’s best to stick to manual prospecting and to rely on B2B lead databases where all data is GDPR and CCPA aligned (like Kaspr!). 

Try Kaspr for free

Kaspr makes it easy to find verified, accurate CEO phone numbers on LinkedIn.


Use the LinkedIn Chrome Extension to access contact information (including email, phone number, and job title) while browsing on LinkedIn. Kaspr is known for high accuracy rates, GDPR-aligned data, and ease of use. 


Get started with Kaspr free today. 👈


Join Kaspr’s community with 100K+ active users getting these benefits:


✅ Unlimited B2B email addresses.
✅ All-in-one prospecting tool.
✅ 500M+ Phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ 200M+ Business profiles.
✅ Free plan with LinkedIn Chrome Extension available.
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ Fully self-service.
✅ Automate outreach.
✅ Credit card free sign-up.


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