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Blog 06 July 2021

Importance of Prospecting in Personal Selling

Camille Jouannic

Why is sales prospecting necessary in personal selling?

Personal selling is a sales technique still used today. This is a process in which the salesperson and the potential customer communicate on a person-to-person basis. Personal selling can be done in a face-to-face meeting or through telemarketing. On the other hand, sales prospecting is a practice that ensures the continuity of a company’s business.

However, sales prospecting also has its importance in personal selling, because its advantages are numerous:

  • Create the desire to buy a product and obtain qualified appointments;
  • Reduce losses and increase sales;
  • Avoid losing customers and stand out.


Generate interest in a product and get qualified appointments

If you want to promote your product, you need to do some sales prospecting. By talking directly with your potential customer, you can gather their needs and propose solutions. Thanks to this discussion, you are able to develop the arguments that can incite the prospect to buy your product. You have various means at your disposal: telephone campaign, mailing, direct approach during events… Organizing tasting tests or free trials are also some of the most effective means.

Display your products and describe them in detail to arouse your contact’s interest. The first attempt is not necessarily a success, but this step allows you to prepare yourself. As you get to know your prospects, make more connections between their needs and your products. With this approach, you will eventually get an appointment for a physical meeting. Use the information you received during previous discussions to convince them. Moreover, this information is also useful in the design of new products. This way you can improve your product or service to better meet your clients’ expectations.


Sales prospecting


Sales prospecting reduces losses and increases sales

Sales prospecting campaigns are usually expensive. To reduce waste, it is better to segment the target clientele and to personalize the communication. Avoid wasting money and focus your efforts on actions that generate more impact on your customers. At the end of your prospection, you have at your disposal all the data to establish your marketing strategy. Moreover, your actions can lead to a sale that can amortize the costs you have incurred.

To increase your sales, you need to find new customers and retain old ones. Create a relationship with the consumer to gain their trust and interest. By offering more products to your loyal customers, you generate more profits. If your customers trust you, they won’t hesitate to accept the solutions you offer. However, in order to convince them in your personal selling attempt, you need to do some prospecting.


Sales prospecting avoids losing customers and stand out

Business prospecting is not limited to looking for new customers. It is also about maintaining a good relationship with old ones. Remember that sales are the result of a long process of prospecting. In order not to lose what you already have, you must maintain a good relationship with them. If you don’t, your competitors will be happy to take them from you. Reach out often and follow up to make your presence felt in the minds of your customers. Following up is very important, don’t miss out on opportunities, especially when 44% of salespeople give up after one follow up call (hubspot).

The prospecting actions must not stop under any circumstances, especially under the pretext of having customers available. Indeed, it is a way to gain notoriety and must be part of your daily life. By doing so, you also have a better chance of standing out from the competition. To ensure the success of your prospecting campaign, take inspiration from our article: the 5 steps of commercial prospecting. Follow up to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, but especially to keep them loyal.



Through personal selling, the brand representative tries to understand the real needs of the prospect. However, this is not enough to grow your business and sales prospecting must be implemented in your strategy in order to succeed. Promoting your product or service by visiting the customer directly at his home or approaching him during an event, is very efficient. Paired with a cold calling and cold emailing strategy, you will see very positive results! With perseverance and patience, your prospects can become customers at any time.

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