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An easy way to avoid the gatekeeper

From finding landline numbers, trying to get past gatekeepers and struggling with inaccurate data to a return rate of 80%.


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Headshot for Elie Bisimwa at GetQuanty
Eli Bisimwa

Use cases:

1. A new way to contact qualified leads

The prospecting process at GetQuanty includes using their own tool to identify and analyze visits to their website. This data is handled by marketing, and they send the most qualified leads to the sales team.


For GetQuanty, when it comes to contacting qualified leads, this is where the challenge starts.


We spoke to Elie Bisimwa , previously a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at GetQuanty.


He said:

“Before Kaspr we were trying to find landline numbers on the internet, but over 50% of the data was unusable. We’d find the phone numbers would go straight to the gatekeeper or were just completely wrong.” 


“This lead to a wider problem of incoming leads not being converted quickly enough.”


They needed a prospecting tool that would give them contact details.


2. Removing barriers with Kaspr 

GetQuanty started using Kaspr so that they could get direct contact information. This meant the barriers of gatekeepers and generic email inboxes were removed.


“We have a lot of great stories where we managed to get in touch with the right person with correct phone numbers, thanks to Kaspr.”

“It is very simple to set up and intuitive to use.”
Elie Bisimwa

2. An 80% return rate

Sending SMSs is a core part of GetQuanty’s prospecting activities. 


Elie said:

“We’ve had a return rate of 80% [since using Kaspr].


“Compared to competitors, the quality and quantity of the data is much higher with Kaspr, especially for phone numbers.”


Using Kaspr has also transformed the way GetQuanty prospect. 

“What I like the most about Kaspr is the access to mobile numbers.”

“It means I can contact qualified prospects directly.”
Eli Bisimwa

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