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Customer story

Gymlib | Customer Success Story

What we like most about Kaspr is the ease of use, the speed of getting the information, and the quality of the data received.

Jennifer Sitruk
Head of Sales at Gymlib

Gymlib Success Story

Gymlib offers a sport and well-being subscription for employees giving access to more than 4,000 partner facilities throughout France and Belgium. It allows you to alternate between tennis, boxing, indoor football, yoga, fitness, climbing, golf, etc. They are the leader in France and has over 400 clients. These include start-ups such as Deliveroo, PayFit, Qonto, Openclassrooms and Doctolib, as well as consultancies such as BCG, PwC and Deloitte, and major groups such as Siemens, SNCF, Danone, Deloitte, Pernod Ricard, RATP and L’Oréal.

Gymlib’s Challenge

Gymlib‘s main challenge is to develop its leadership position and reputation in the French sports market. To provide a unique experience for users, and above all, to encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle for all company employees. To face this challenge, prospecting is a perfect ally. But we quickly realised that without being sufficiently armed, it would be difficult to meet this challenge. The greatest difficulty was to obtain the contact details of prospects without it taking up too much time. The goal is to focus on value-added tasks, and that’s where Kaspr comes in.

How Kaspr helped

We have implemented an inbound and outbound strategy in which the marketing and sales teams work hand in hand. Kaspr saves time and efficiency in targeting prospects. With one click, we have all the necessary information directly imported into our database.

Before Kaspr, it was laborious to get all the information we needed to prospect. We had to go and get the information from different sources to make it complete, which was time consuming. We needed to become more efficient so that we could concentrate on higher value-added tasks.

“The tool is simple and very convenient to use. It allows a quick extraction and transfer of data to our CRM.”


There are 12 of us in the sales team and this is how we use Kaspr:

  • Profile by profile via the chrome extension, this allows us to retrieve specific and identified contacts with criteria that do not allow for automation of the process
  • Sales Automation: For a larger quantity, we create lists of prospects on LinkedIn or SalesNavigator, then export and enrich these contacts, instantly through Kaspr

Time-consuming search for contact details is a thing of the past!

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Deliveroo, PayFit, Qonto, Openclassrooms
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