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How we secured six discovery calls in the first two weeks of using Kaspr

Visibly HQ is a UK-based SaaS start-up. Here’s how Kaspr helped them to book six discovery calls within the first two weeks of use.


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Headshot image for Andy Earnshaw at Visibly HQ
Andy Earnshaw
Head of Operations

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Prospecting, switched provider

1. Accurate phone numbers are a priority

Visibly HQ (Visibly) is a SaaS field engineer training tool. 


The tool is unique to others on the market because it turns engineering standards into challenges within a mobile app. The data from the results are reported back to the Visibly web app.


As a growing start-up, the team at Visibly has recently expanded. They now have a Senior Business Development Representative (BDR) who loves to hit the phones.


Visibly were previously using Lusha to get their contact information. But the user experience and inflexibility of the credit packages drove them to look at other options. They also disliked that you needed to talk to a salesperson to change anything about the subscription.


We spoke to Andy Earnshaw, Head of Operations, about the sales process, and he said:


“Our sales team currently consists of our BDR and the Business Manager [who creates lists for the BDR].”


“We’ve got a BDR who loves to hit the phones, so accurate phone numbers are really important. Once there’s a discovery call booked, me or the founder will take it from there.” 


2. Trying Kaspr’s data for a week

After doing a Google Search for alternatives to Lusha, Andy found Kaspr and decided to try it for free for a week with the team before becoming a customer.


Graphic about Kaspr data summary


He said:

“One of the best buying experiences I’ve had was with Kaspr.”


Visibly have four users, with the BDR and Business Manager using Kaspr the most to target the two types of personas they’re currently testing.


The LinkedIn Extension is used to get accurate contact details for a list of UK accounts, and these are updated in a spreadsheet. Visibly can also find new prospects that aren’t on the lists easily on LinkedIn. The BDR can then outreach straight away.




“I didn’t have to be trained on how to use Kaspr.”

“I think the widget works so well. The little wobble to let you know that contact information is available means you can work quickly through leads.”
Andy Earnshaw
Head of Operations

3. More people being reached on the phone

Using Kaspr, alongside changing their strategy, has significantly improved the number of people Visibly can reach on the phone.


Andy said:

“Within the first two weeks [of using Kaspr and changing the strategy], six discovery calls have been booked. You’ve empowered us to keep up with our BDR.”


Phone number accuracy is also important for Visibly. To give their BDR enough leads to call. 


Visibly love the pricing model, too and think it’s very fair for the number of credits you get.


“All we care about is getting phone numbers, so I also love that Kaspr previews what information I will get when I press reveal. That’s amazing because it means your credits are actually valuable.”

“Our BDR also hasn’t complained about the number of leads once since using Kaspr, which used to happen daily!”
Andy Earnshaw
Head of Operations

Andy’s final word:

“Kaspr does what ZoomInfo promises to do. But way cheaper, easier, and looks nicer.” 

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