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Customer Testimonial

GetQuanty Success Story

Compared to competitors, the quality and quantity of data is much higher at Kaspr, especially for phone numbers.
Elie Bisimwa, Team Leader and SDR at GetQuanty

GetQuanty Success Story

GetQuanty analyzes in real time the behavior of your visitors on your websites, blogs, social networks and emails. You can see who is visiting your website, social networks and communication. The tool then scores by Artificial Intelligence the buying maturity of your B2B visitors. Finally, it identifies the decision-makers of the companies you are interested in to re-engage your targets by email, chat or personalized popup. The objective of GetQuanty today is to find new opportunities in the French market, to be very reactive to the slightest opportunity and to arrive first at the right time.

GetQuanty’s Challenge

At GetQuanty, we have established the following process: We use our own tool to identify and analyze visits to our website. This data is processed by the marketing team whose objective is to deliver to the sales team the top leads among all the identified leads.
The sales team needs more elements to optimize the treatment of these leads. The goal is to put all the chances on their side to get in touch with the prospects. That’s where Kaspr comes in!

How Kaspr helped

Before using Kaspr, we were trying to find the landlines on the internet, but more than 50% of the data we found was unusable: refusal of the secretary, wrong numbers, etc… Incoming leads were not being converted quickly enough.
Kaspr is very convenient for getting contact information directly, rather than going through the barrier of standards or unopened emails.

“We have a lot of great stories, where we managed to get in touch with the right person and the right phone numbers thanks to Kaspr.”

At GetQuanty, we have a certain digital maturity and we love to compare and test the different tools that exist on the market. Thus, Kaspr is very simple to set up and intuitive to use. With regards to contact information, it’s certain that not all numbers will be displayed, if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter, we just go to the next profile and move on to keep up.
Little tip, we also use the numbers to send SMS. We have a return rate of 80%!
What I like the most in the solution is to be able to collect mobile numbers. So, not to go through the standards, and to get in direct contact with the targeted and qualified person.

Did you know that ?

Kaspr is integrated on your GetQuanty space!

GetQuanty evolves the card of the identified companies. To allow you to benefit from the advantages of BtoB IP tracking in your Marketing Automation strategy. The application is enriched with the collection of contact information. Indeed, a Kaspr tab is now available on the files of the companies identified in GetQuanty.

Thanks to this new integration, users can purchase targeted and qualified contacts for the companies they are interested in. Once the contacts have been selected, you can retrieve them instantly. To learn more about this integration, you can go here

Very simple to set up and intuitive to use! Compared to competitors, the quality and quantity of data is much higher at Kaspr, especially for phone numbers.
Elie Bisimwa
Team Leader and SDR at GetQuanty
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Number of customers
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PSA Group, Markentive, Toshiba, Open Groupe and many others
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