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Customer story

Cubyn Maximize Their Prospecting With Kaspr During COVID-19

“I can get email addresses and phone numbers with just a few clicks. Kaspr is very useful for prospecting.”

Lara Perez
Senior Key Account Executive

The company

Cubyn is an e-commerce fulfilment platform for delivery logistics. With it, you can pilot your stock and deliveries across all channels in one place.


They aim to enable merchants to delight customers with cost-effective and performant deliveries across their European sales channels.


The challenge

During the COVID-19 crisis, retailers saw their sales skyrocket.


Cubyn wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. They needed a prospecting tool that would help them contact their prospects quickly.


The solution

In terms of prospecting activity, Cubyn like to use a multi-channel approach. They send emails or make calls based on the prospect's engagement, like whether they open emails.


We spoke to Lara Perez who was previously Senior Key Account Executive at Cubyn.


She said:

“Our process is simple. We go to the LinkedIn company page of the e-commerce company we’re interested in, then we get the structure of the direct email addresses using Kaspr"


"From this, we can get emails from several people in the same company."


The results

If their ideal customer profile (ICP), doesn't respond to an email, Kaspr makes it easy for Cubyn to get the prospect's phone number instead.


Lara said:

“I can get email addresses and phone numbers with just a few clicks. Kaspr is very useful for prospecting.”


Lara had some fear about objections on the phone and being asked the question: "how did you get my contact data?" but she said:


“Once you explain to the prospect how you got their contact information, they are usually receptive.”


“This is the rule of the game in sales anyway: know how to respond to objections.”


Try Kaspr for free

Get instant access to the phone numbers and emails of your prospects. 


Join the 40K+ Kaspr users:


✅ No credit card required to sign up. 
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✅ 120m+ emails.
✅ 90m+ phone numbers.
✅ All-in-one prospecting tool.
✅ Fully self-service. 
✅ Customizable plans.


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