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Using Kaspr to retarget prospects on Facebook

Here’s how Splashr used Kaspr to get access to reliable and accurate data to use as part of their Facebook ad strategy and prospecting efforts.


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Headshot image for Jeremy Bendayan at Splashr
Jérémy Bendayan,
Co-Founder & COO

Use cases:
Prospecting, tech stack integration, sales automation

1. The need for a tool to get contact info

Splashr is a video creation agency. It helps companies with their marketing strategies to design modern sponsored videos.


With prospecting being a regular activity for Splashr, they needed a tool to help them get access to email addresses and phone numbers.


Splashr also wanted to use LinkedIn filters to find contacts they’d like to target and use this in their personalized Facebook ads audience. So, they needed a tool that worked well on LinkedIn.


2. Using Kaspr data to retarget

After implementing Kaspr, Splashr can retarget their prospects on Facebook using the data they extract.


Here's what Jérémy Bendayan said. 👇

“Now we use Kaspr to retrieve the email addresses of leads identified on LinkedIn with the sales automation feature.”

“Once we’ve got their email, we put them in Facebook ads to have a precise target for our content. This feature automatically retrieves a large list of contacts with their email addresses.”
Jérémy Bendayan
Co-Founder & COO

3. Syncing the data with Pipedrive

Now Splashr has access to both email addresses and phone numbers. The email addresses are used for marketing activities, and the sales team uses the phone numbers. 


They also love that Kaspr is integrated with Pipedrive, which is their CRM. They can export leads automatically and sync straight to their key sales apps.


Jérémy said:

“We've saved a considerable amount of time thanks to Kaspr”


“Kaspr's contact information is also the most reliable in the market.”


Graphic to show integrating apps with Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension


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