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Customer Testimonial

Uptoo Success Story

Since we use Kaspr, we do not regret, Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use!
Lyes Boukeroui, Sales Operations Manager at Uptoo

Uptoo Success Story

Uptoo is the specialist in sales and salespeople. They help companies to transform their sales structure, achieve sustainable growth with the right sales people and the right methods.

Uptoo’s Challenge

For more than 15 years, Uptoo‘s major challenge was to become the reference in sales transformation for French companies. This involves the ability to identify the right talent, to upgrade the forces in place and to support their clients in structuring their sales machine.

How Kaspr helped

Uptoo adopts an inbound strategy (via growth marketing) and an outbound strategy (via commercial activity).

“Kaspr allows us to better qualify our database and to be more efficient in our ability to address our target managers. Our prospecting challenges were to be able to address a maximum number of decision-makers on the subject of business transformation. Kaspr helps us to retrieve more information about our contacts, and therefore to gain commercial efficiency. With Kaspr we save time for our sales staff.”

“Since we use Kaspr, we don not regret, Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use!”

Before choosing Kaspr, we asked ourselves :”How can we automate redundant tasks and ensuring that our sales staff remain focus on business ?”. Then we Then we saw Kaspr and adopted it directly.

We use Kaspr in several ways: First of all, we use Kaspr manually with the LinkedIn Chrome extension via sales staff who retrieve key information from decision makers.

Secondly, we use the Sales Automation Feature for a massive enrichment process. The Sales Automation feature allows us to get the emails and phone numbers of the prospects instantly.

At Uptoo, before using Kaspr, we were afraid of having medium quality data and not having long term-results (quality & quantity of data offered) as we had encountered difficulties in the past with a competitor tool, but since we use Kaspr, we don not regret.

Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use!

Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use! Since we use Kaspr, we do not regret, Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use!
Lyes Boukeroui
Sales Operations Manager at Uptoo
Number of customers
Funds raised since 2015
€10 million
Their clients
Harmonie Mutuelle, Essilor, Isotoner, Legrand, Geodis
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