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Good quality data =
long-term results

Uptoo uses Kaspr to find its most valuable leads. Read on to find out why they switched to access contact details faster.


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Headshot for Lyes Boukeroui at Uptoo
Lyes Boukeroui
Head of Sales Operations

Use cases:

1. Retrieving data faster

Uptoo helps companies transform their sales structure and achieve sustainable growth with the right strategies and salespeople.


Uptoo‘s major challenge was that they needed to identify the right talent to support their clients in structuring their sales teams.


Uptoo uses an inbound strategy (growth marketing) and an outbound strategy (commercial activity).


We spoke to Lyes Boukeroui, Head of Sales Operations who said:

“Kaspr allows us to qualify our database better and to be more efficient in addressing our target accounts.” 


“Kaspr helps us to retrieve more information about our contacts, faster. With Kaspr we save time for our sales staff.”


The sales reps use Kaspr to get the contact information of decision-makers. They do this through the LinkedIn Chrome Extension and data enrichment features.

Graphic showing Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension overview

2. Good quality data for long-term results

Uptoo love how easy Kaspr is to use. Since adopting, they can automate menial tasks and make sure that their sales teams focus on generating new business.


“At Uptoo, before using Kaspr, we were afraid of having medium quality data and not having long term-results.”

“We'd encountered difficulties in the past like this with a competitor tool. Kaspr is very efficient and easy to use!”
Lyes Boukeroui
Head of Sales Operations

How we use Kaspr to close 20% of all deals

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How we use Kaspr to close 20% of all deals

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How we use Kaspr to enrich data from Sales Navigator

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How we use Kaspr to enrich data from Sales Navigator

Elie explains to us how the Craft AI sales team use Kaspr to enrich lists of target personas on Sales Nav. And easily sync the data back to HubSpot.
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"Our BDR loves to hit the phone"

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"Our BDR loves to hit the phone"

Visibly HQ have a BDR who loves to hit the phone. You have got to have accurate data for a strategy like this so here's how Kaspr helped Andy's team book six discovery calls within the first two weeks.
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