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Outbound sales 20 November 2023

Top 15 Outbound Automation Tools For Saving SDRs Time

Daisy Shevlin

Looking for the top outbound automation tools? Here’s a list of our favorite ones for SDRs. 


These are the top 15 tools you should consider. 👇

  1. Kaspr
  2. Cognism
  3. Outreach
  4. PhantomBuster
  5. HubSpot Sales Hub
  6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  7. Gong
  8. Calendly
  9. Close
  10. Clari
  11. Mailshake
  12. Lemlist
  13. Overloop
  14. Dealfront
  15. Lavender

Our top outbound automation tools

Outbound automation tools streamline and automate outreach and prospecting processes. 


Different tools offer unique functionality, so you can find multiple tools on this list that meet your needs. Some tools help you find phone numbers for cold calling, while others automate cold email campaigns. 


Let’s look at the top 15 outbound automation tools SDRs should use. 👇

1. Kaspr

⭐ G2 rating: 4.4


Kaspr is a powerful all-in-one prospecting platform with a Chrome Extension and web app. Unlike many similar tools, it has LinkedIn automated outreach features, too.


Designed for SDRs, Kaspr will help you find prospects (and their contact information) quickly. Use the LinkedIn Chrome Extension to discover contact data while viewing a LinkedIn profile, group, or company page.


You can also use Kaspr’s bulk export features to save contact data en-masse using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, building and downloading lists. You can manage your lists in the web app anytime, including adding tasks or notes.


The automation features, however, are worth signing up for all on their own. We can help you automate LinkedIn outreach, including sending connection requests and subsequent messages and emails. You can also easily make calls with integrations.


Graphic of Kaspr's automation workflows

👉 Start building your own automation in Kaspr for free! Sign up now


Top features:

  • Easy-to-use LinkedIn Chrome Extension. 
  • Find prospects, collect contact data, and build lists. 
  • Manage your leads with lists, notes, and tasks to meet your sales goals. 
  • Build and automate LinkedIn messaging campaigns, from the initial connection request to the final follow-up messages. 
  • Automate LinkedIn messaging campaigns and make calls with integrations.
  • Extensive integrations with popular sales tech stack tools. 
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned data.


Starting price: Kaspr’s plans start at $49 per user per month. A free plan is available and includes unlimited B2B email addresses when you invite three colleagues to use Kaspr.


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Kaspr is part of Cognism; we share information between datasets. Cognism’s global database has hundreds of millions of company and contact profiles, which is a huge asset when prospecting.

2. Cognism

⭐ G2 rating: 4.6 


Cognism automates data enrichment, ensuring your prospect information is always updated in your database. Automating prospecting like this can help ensure you’re reaching out to suitable leads at the right time. 


ℹ️ See the differences between Kaspr and Cognism


Graphic of Cognism Browser Extension

Top features:

  • Build targeted account lists using firmographic data.
  • Narrow down lists using sales event filters to identify key decision-makers best.
  • 100% GDPR compliant. 
  • 98% cell phone accuracy rates. 
  • Automated data enrichment. 


Starting price: Cognism offers custom pricing packages based on customer needs. You can book a demo or speak to their sales team to find out more.

3. Outreach

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3 


Outreach is a B2B sales execution platform for all sellers, from SDRs to account executives to sales managers. 


Outreach uses AI-powered selling to assess interaction sentiment, the likelihood that a deal will close, job classification, and more. A tool like outreach will help you identify high-intent, ICP-aligned leads and spot and save at-risk deals. 


This platform also has high-impact sales sequences that you can use to automate your outbound email campaigns and personalize them at scale.


Top features: 

  • AI-powered sentiment and win/loss analysis.
  • Categorize jobs to identify decision-makers and key stakeholders.
  • High-powered sequences that can automate outreach and follow-up. 


Starting price: Outreach’s pricing isn’t available on their website, but you can contact their sales team for more information.  

4. PhantomBuster

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3 


PhantomBuster can help you automate data collection and outreach. They have over 100 ready-to-go automations. These workflows can do everything from help you update lead information to send personalizing outreach campaigns over social media (including LinkedIn). 


ℹ️ See the differences between Kaspr and PhantomBuster 


Top features: 

  • 100+ pre-made automations.
  • Diverse workflows for outreach automation.
  • Outreach campaigns across social media, including LinkedIn. 


Starting price: PhantomBuster’s starter plan costs $56 per month and includes five flows or “phantoms” monthly.  

5. HubSpot Sales Hub

⭐ G2 rating:  4.4 


HubSpot Sales Hub is one of HubSpot’s suite of tools.


The Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with their native CRM, and it includes multiple outreach automation features, including a personalized prospect workplace, email templates, personalized sales email and follow-up task automation, and AI-driven copywriting tools to help you draft prospecting emails. 


Implementing the HubSpot Sales Hub is a popular option for sales teams already using HubSpot tools or their free CRM. 


Top features: 

  • Prospecting workplace. 
  • Email templates.
  • Create workflows for personalizes sales email and follow-up automation.
  • AI-driven email drafting. 


Starting price: HubSpot’s Sales Hub’s pricing plans start at $450 per month, which includes five paid users. This plan contains email sequences and the prospecting workplace. 

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is among the most effective prospecting and lead database tools. 


Some of the platform’s higher-priced plans also offer automation outreach features. You can track engagement as you reach out to prospects on your list and look for intent signals to determine who to outreach first. 


Top features: 

  • Extensive B2B contact database.
  • Use triggers and alerts to identify new opportunities or high-intent activity.
  • Comes with automated in-platform outreach workflows. 


Starting price: LinkedIn doesn’t have pricing info on their site, so you’ll need to contact their sales department for more information. Note that only their Advanced and Advanced Plus plans have automated outreach features. 



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7. Gong

⭐ G2 rating:  4.7


Gong is one of the most well-known conversation intelligence tools on the market. 


They can monitor conversations your sales teams have with real prospects to look for opportunities to sell more (or sell better). The analytics includes conversations across multiple channels, including calls.


Some of Gong’s automation-focused key features include its sales engagement platform. AI insights drive this platform. Gong will use AI to suggest contact recommendations based on historical win/loss data and help you generate personalized emails for outreach and follow-up.


Top features: 

  • Conversation analysis and revenue intelligence features.
  • Contact recommendations based on intent signals and historical data.
  • AI-driven suggestions and email generation capabilities.  


Starting price: Gong’s pricing is not available on their website. You can contact their sales team for more information. 

8. Calendly

⭐ G2 rating: 4.7


Calendly is unlike most other tools on this list because the focus is appointment booking. 


Easy calendar sharing makes it a valuable tool later in the customer journey when potential customers may set up longer calls or demos for decision-makers. 


Calendly’s automation tool makes team-based scheduling simple. Sales teams can create calendars with their availability, which prospects can use to book appointments at timeslots conveniently - without a dozen back-and-forth emails.


You can also automate follow-ups and call reminders while syncing with your CRM.


Top features: 

  • Automate appointment booking with customized schedules.
  • Team booking for easier collaboration.
  • Automated follow-ups and reminders. 


Starting price: Calendly has a free plan available. Paid plans start at $10 per month per user, but this is for group or collective scheduling events. 

9. Close

⭐ G2 rating: 4.7


Close has a suite of tools in its sales automation platform, offering multi-channel sales outreach through calls, email, and SMS. 


Thanks to a KPI-based reporting and analytics dashboard, they also have tools to help you identify potential high-intent leads and optimize your outreach. 


This tool also allows you to create templates to repeat your most successful sales processes, eliminating some manual tasks for a streamlined approach. 


Top features: 

  • Multi-channel automation outreach over email, call, and SMS messages.
  • Easy-to-use workflows.
  • Repeatable templates and sales processes. 


Starting price: Close’s lowest cost plan is $49 per month, which includes five workflows and a Zapier integration for one user. You can upgrade to the Professional $299 a month plan for three users and additional features. 

10. Clari

⭐ G2 rating: 4.5  


Clari is a revenue platform with expansive and diverse features. You can automatically capture lead data as users interact with your business to identify and interpret buying signals. They also have opportunity management software and conversation intelligence features. 


This tool can help your sales team identify high-value opportunities and gain insight on better reaching out to (and converting!) those customers. 


Top features:

  • Auto-capture revenue-critical signals from customer behavior and activity.
  • Inspect accounts for opportunity identification and management.
  • Automated engagement workflows.


Starting price: Pricing isn’t available on Clari’s site. You can book a demo or speak to a sales rep to learn more. 

11. Mailshake

⭐ G2 rating: 4.7 


Mailshake is like several other outbound automation platforms on our list, offering multi-channel coordinated outreach efforts across phone, email, and social media. They specifically offer LinkedIn automation features, but they also have a “Lead Catcher” that helps you find your most engaged leads and pipeline-focused analytics. 


Top features: 

  • Personalized cold emails at scale. 
  • Manage multi-channel campaigns in a single dashboard or sequence. 
  • In-app lead management without having to go to your CRM.
  • LinkedIn automation messages. 
  • Extensive integrations with Google, Outlook, and SMTP email providers. 


Starting price: Mailshake’s lowest cost plan starts at $58 per user per month, including extensive outbound automation features. However, you must upgrade to the $83 monthly plan per user to access LinkedIn automation and priority support. 

12. Lemlist

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3  


Lemlist is an outbound automation software option for SDRs looking to maximize personalization at scale. It’s an AI-powered tool that can generate new outbound marketing campaigns and personalize follow-up emails. 


Top features: 

  • AI-created outbound campaigns for mass campaign creation.
  • Automatic follow-up emails with six to twelve touches. 
  • Set up custom workflows for multi-channel engagement, including through LinkedIn, cold calling, and email sequences. 


Starting price: Lemlist’s pricing starts at $50 per user per month, but you need to upgrade to their $83 per user per month plan to access multi-channel features. 

13. Overloop

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3  


Overloop is a sales engagement platform with outbound automation features. Run campaigns across multiple channels, all designed to support each other. When connecting to your Google or Microsoft email account, you can send personalized cold emails at scale. 


This tool also allows you to automate LinkedIn outbound efforts, including automating profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages.


Top features: 

  • LinkedIn automation of connection requests, profile visits, and direct messages.
  • Templates and variables for easy message personalization.
  • Send cold emails at scale while integrating with your email accounts (and get reports on success).


Starting price: Overloop’s Startup plan costs $49 per user per month, and allows you to run a maximum of three campaigns. 

14. Dealfront

⭐ G2 rating: 4.3 


Dealfront is another outbound automation tool to generate new leads. 


Their B2B display banner ads target based on your ideal customer profile (ICP). 


They also help you generate leads from website visitors, find new customers, and automate lead flagging. You can use one of 33 trigger events to flag potential companies that are most likely to now be a fit as a potential client. 


Top features: 

  • Automate client identification so you know who to outreach to.
  • Use trigger events to identify intent. 
  • Run B2B banner display ads to reach members of your ICP. 


Starting price: Dealfront doesn’t offer pricing information on their site for their sales intelligence product. But they do provide the pricing of some of their other products. 

15. Lavender

⭐ G2 rating: 4.9   


Lavender is an automated email optimization tool that can help you improve your outreach emails. Their email assistant provides specific guidance on everything from the length of your subject line to whether or not your sentences are too long.


Top features: 

  • Email assistant that improves the quality of writing in the email.
  • Prospect information provided by the email assistant, including each prospect’s primary motivators and selling suggestions.
  • Easy-to-implement personalization suggestions for each email. 


Starting price: You can install the Lavender extension for free. 

Commonly asked questions about outbound automation

Have questions about outbound automation tools? Let’s get those answered.

What are outbound automation tools?

Outbound automation tools are any kind of tool that can help SDRs automate aspects of the prospecting and outreach process. These tools often have features designed to streamline or automate first-touch messages, follow-ups, or appointment reminders. 

Are there any free outbound automation tools available?

Many outbound automation tools are part of a paid subscription plan, but software like Kaspr has free outbound automation features (in addition to offering paid pricing plans). 


Kaspr’s free plan includes three enrichment workflows per month, integrations, and basic API access. It includes three lead lists, task management, and the LinkedIn Chrome Extension

What are some tips for using outbound automation effectively?

To use outbound automation effectively, remember to incorporate these tips:

  • Use automation to streamline efforts instead of taking over them. You still need to be leading the charge on your outbound outreach efforts. Make sure you’re driving the ship. You want to use automation to resolve repetitive tasks so your sales team can get valuable time back to do what they do best: sell!
  • Never forgo personalization. Your outreach should have personalized elements, which means more than just using the prospect’s name! Make your messages as relevant to a prospect as possible.
  • Choose tools that integrate with your tech stack. Outbound automation is most effective when you can streamline your efforts across multiple tools. That’s why Kaspr integrates with many popular CRMs and other sales tools. 


Keep the goal of “outreach at scale” in mind. You don’t want to replace your human sales team; just use automation to eliminate their mundane tasks so they can hit the ground running. 

Try Kaspr as your sales automation tool

Kaspr is an all-in-one prospecting tool. Use it to help you identify and capture information about potential prospects and automate outreach through LinkedIn. 


Automate your LinkedIn outreach, including initial connection requests and subsequent follow-up messages, while managing your leads in one central web app. Use Kaspr’s automation tools for free now; sign up


Join 50K+ companies to get these Kaspr benefits:

✅ Intuitive sales automation.
✅ Custom workflows.
✅ Easily find, organize, and manage leads.
✅ 500M+ phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ Fully self-service.
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ Integrations with popular sales tools.
✅ Custom plans available.
✅ Card-free signup.


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