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Blog 21 August 2023

Toolbox: 20 LinkedIn Automation Tools to Get You Through 2023

Daisy Shevlin
SEO & Content Manager @ Kaspr

Need to up your outreach efforts for 2023? Say no more. 👇

  1. Kaspr
  2. Evaboot
  3. Expandi
  4. LaGrowthMachine
  5. Lempod
  6. Lemlist
  7. Zopto
  8. Waalaxy
  9. PhantomBuster
  10. DuxSoup
  11. LeadConnect
  12. UpLead
  13. LI Prospect Finder
  14. Skylead
  15. Crystal
  16. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  17. LeadFuze
  18. Apollo.io
  19. Octopus CRM
  20. LinkedRadar

20 LinkedIn automation tools you need

1. Kaspr

4.4/5 on G2 🌟


Kaspr is a cloud-based tool that uses a LinkedIn Chrome Extension to retrieve accurate phone numbers and business emails in real-time. Manage leads within the Kaspr dashboard, on LinkedIn, or export contacts to your preferred CRM platform and sales apps.


Sales, recruitment, and founders love Kaspr for:

  • Its free version with access to features like the LinkedIn Chrome Extension, API and lead management.
  • Easy setup, control panel and usage.
  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned data practices.
  • Extensive B2B contact database with 500M+ email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Unlimited B2B email addresses.
  • Ability to automate LinkedIn messages.


In the freemium version, you receive per month:

  • 5 phone credits.
  • 5 direct email credits.
  • 10 export credits.


👻 Plus, get unlimited B2B emails by inviting three colleagues to join Kaspr! Sign up here.


Start using Kaspr for automation today

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With Kaspr, you use your credits for features like:

  • Revealing prospect contact details.
  • Leveraging insights and analytics on potential leads.
  • Sharing fresh leads’ contact info with your team.
  • Organizing qualified leads within the platform.
  • Exporting contact information for further use.


If you upgrade to a paid plan, pricing options start from €45 per month (approximately $49). The paid plans provide more credits and incredible features to enhance your experience, like team collaboration. 

2. Evaboot

4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Evaboot’s LinkedIn Chrome Extension extracts clean data and finds emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to boost your marketing efforts.


Evaboot is ideal for generating leads, and offers features like:

  • Data exportation.
  • Data cleaning.
  • Lead filtering.
  • Email finding.
  • Email verifier.
  • Team management.


You can use a limited paid version of Evaboot for free but will need to create an account to discover the credits included. The cheapest plan starts at $49 per month and provides 2,000 export credits and 2,000 email credits.

3. Expandi

4.1/5 on G2 🌟


Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you reach clients through various channels, from cold emails to LinkedIn.


Expandi’s marketing automation can help you launch an email campaign within 15 minutes with features like:

  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension.
  • Smart campaign builder with automation features.
  • Tracking leads and following company pages.
  • LinkedIn event capabilities, including inviting your network to join your event.
  • Integration with Hyperise to send personalized images and gifs.


You can try out Expandi with their 7-day free trial, which includes all features. Paid versions start from $99 per person per month.

4. LaGrowthMachine

4.9/5 on G2 🌟


LaGrowthMachine is a multi-channel prospecting platform for sales teams. It creates conversations with prospects through email, social media platforms, and its all-in-one Chrome Extension.


With LaGrowthMachine, you can:

  • Import leads from LinkedIn or a CSV file.
  • Enrich your contact’s profile with email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.
  • Gain valuable insights about your prospects.
  • Build a multi-channel prospecting sequence.
  • Synchronize interactions in your CRM. 


Try out LaGrowthMachine with their 14-day free trial. It includes 20 AI credits and the opportunity to import leads from LinkedIn. Their pricing plan starts from €60, approximately $67.

5. Lempod

Not rated on G2 🚫


Lempod’s LinkedIn Automation Tool supercharges business growth by attracting more views and engagement. It does this by creating groups of real people, referred to as ‘pods’, who support your content with likes and comments.


Individuals wanting to build their LinkedIn reputation for branding, marketing, or recruiting can use Lempod to:

  • Increase LinkedIn post views.
  • Track views and comments.
  • Pick specific pods to share their posts.
  • Filter pods by location.
  • Find the best pods for their industry.


As an individual, you can join Lempod for $9.99 per pod you join and create your own pod of up to 50 members. If you want to try before you buy, you can try all the features of Lempod for free for 3 days.

6. Lemlist

4.1/5 on G2 🌟


Lemlist helps you run mass outreach campaigns to start conversations that get replies from prospects. It works both through emails and as a LinkedIn automation tool.


Marketers, SDRs, and recruiters can enjoy Lemlist’s range of features, including:

  • Creating entire message sequences with personalized images, custom landing pages, and video prospecting.
  • Sending cold emails at scale.
  • Lemwarm, an auto email warm-up tool to keep emails out of spam.
  • Sending multi-channel sequences combined with highly-personalized features.
  • LinkedIn browser extension tool.


Their email outreach tier starts from $50 per month. While access to automated LinkedIn outreach requires the sales engagement tier at $83 per month. A 14-day free trial is available for any tier with a limited number of AI tokens.

7. Zopto

4.6/5 on G2 🌟


Zopto promises omnichannel sales that simplify prospecting, outreach efforts and grow businesses in a scalable way.


Zopto’s software is useful for SDRs, recruiters, and entrepreneurs with features like:

  • Smart workflows with delays between actions on LinkedIn and email.
  • Multi-channel campaigns.
  • Real-time advanced metrics across channels and campaigns.
  • LinkedIn automation features, including bulk messages and personalized messages.
  • Actionable insights from A/B testing and dashboard capabilities.

Zopto does not offer a free trial, but you can have a free demo call to see the functionalities in more detail. Their personal package, including a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, starts from $155 per month.

8. Waalaxy

4.8/5 on G2 🌟


Waalaxy is an all-in-one LinkedIn automation tool that helps automate prospecting in sales and recruitment.


Waalaxy is for various users, from salespersons and marketers to freelancers and founders.


Highlights of Waalaxy include:

  • Automated messages on both LinkedIn and email.
  • Finding emails and prospect details with just a few clicks.
  • Built-In inbox to manage LinkedIn messages.
  • Pre-built and optimized message templates for campaigns and bulk messages.

You can try Waalaxy with their 7-day free trial and continue to use their freemium version to prospect afterwards. The freemium version includes up to 80 invitations per month. Paid tiers start from €60 per month, approximately $67 at the time of writing. These offer up to 800 invitations per month and both LinkedIn and email features.

9. PhantomBuster

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


From Instagram to LinkedIn, PhantomBuster helps scrape data to optimize mass outreach and generate leads. It can then help you design automated flows, like messages and comments, to convert them.


Salespeople and recruiters benefit from PhantomBuster’s host of features, including:

  • Scraping data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, and more.
  • Automating actions to interact with prospects.
  • Enriching your CRM with clean data 24/7.
  • Building advanced filters and workflows without writing a line of code.


PhantomBuster offers a free trial for 14 days, providing 2 hours’ worth of flows and 1,000 AI credits. Paid plans start from $56 per month with 20 hours of flows and 10,000 AI credits.

10. Dux-Soup

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that automatically engages with your target audience on LinkedIn. From auto-endorsing connections skills to sending personalized requests to potential connections and smart drip campaigns.


Sales representatives, recruiters, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Dux-Soup to:

  • Scale their client base in less time.
  • Connect LinkedIn and CRM systems.
  • Enrich their database with information from LinkedIn.
  • Send LinkedIn campaigns to CRM contacts.


Dux-Soup’s free plan can help users get used to the software. But it limits you to only being able to visit profiles. To send connection requests and follow-up messages, you’ll need to pay for their Pro Dux tier at £9.08 per month, approximately $11.87 at the time of writing.

11. LeadConnect

Not rated on G2 🚫


LeadConnect is a marketing tool that automates lead generation with personalized messages as follow-ups. With LeadConnect, you can message on autopilot.


LeadConnect’s features can be used as both a sales and recruiting tool, including the ability to:

  • Automatically send connection requests and follow-ups.
  • Blacklist functionality to avoid sending requests to certain people.
  • Synchronize prospect details and activity to HubSpot with a click.
  • Integrations with Findthatlead, Hunter.io, and anymailfinder for cold emailing.


LeadConnect’s tool pricing has a free forever tier offering up to 5 connection requests a day and 15 message credits daily. Paid subscriptions start from $22.95 per month and provide up to 30 connection requests per day and 90 message credits.

12. UpLead

4.7/5 on G2 🌟


UpLead helps its target audience of salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs with list building. You can then use these detailed lists manually, exporting them into a google sheets doc or CSV file, or with other sales tools to generate new leads.


UpLead promises 95% or higher accuracy with their data, ensuring prospect lists are free from dodgy data.


Their top features include:

  • Real-time email discovery and verification feature.
  • Worldwide contacts in over 200 countries.
  • 50+ search criteria.
  • Technology tracking, advanced metrics and account-based marketing.
  • Competitor intelligence.
  • Salesforce & 12 other CRM integrations.


Uplead offers access to their LinkedIn automation tool as part of their 7-day free trial. Alternatively, their paid plans start from $74 per month and offer 2,040 credits annually.

13. Snovio’s LI Prospect Finder

4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Snov.io is a simple sales CRM for contact management and cold outreach, with its LI Prospect Finder feature acting as a LinkedIn automation tool.


If you need to find verified email addresses, LI Prospect Finder can help you across the sales funnel to:

  • Collect hundreds of LinkedIn leads with verified business email addresses.
  • Amplify prospecting from Sales Navigator.
  • Create data-rich segmented lists.
  • Collect high-quality contacts from any website.
  • Get full company and lead profile data.


You can download the LinkedIn automation tool for free on Snov.io’s website, with 150 free credits. Their paid plans start from $30 per month, which gives you 1,000 credits to use.

14. Skylead

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Skylead uses smart sequences and advanced features to contact prospects across LinkedIn and email. As automation software, it can send over 500 connection requests, personalized messages, and InMails. 


For B2B companies, agencies, and lead generation, Skylead has features like:

  • Smart sequences that allow multichannel outreach.
  • Smart inbox to unify all inboxes.
  • Email discovery and verification feature.
  • Image & GIF hyper-personalization.


Skylead offers a flat rate of $100 per month to access all their features, and you can try it out with a free trial before committing to the monthly fee.

15. Crystal

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Crystal, sometimes known as Crystal Knows, uses industry-leading human behavior data to speed up key relationship development in your target audience and improve conversion rates. The advanced features of the software analyze a prospect’s profile and writing style, helping you understand their personality type and build actual customer relationships.


Crystal’s LinkedIn automation tool helps:

  • Identify the natural personality of your prospect.
  • Adapt your cold emails and message pitches to personality types in real-time.
  • Handle sales objections with confidence.
  • Learn how to question in line with your prospect’s personality.
  • Qualify or disqualify leads quickly and accurately.


Crystal costs $49 per month for access to their lowest tier, including 20 profile views per month. A free trial version of Crystal is available, providing access to ten profiles and a personality assessment.

16. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps salespeople to establish and grow relationships with prospects. It has advanced features that allow it to target the right buyer, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach to increase your response rates.


Other features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

  • Advanced lead and company search.
  • Lead recommendations.
  • CRM integration.
  • Real-time sales updates.
  • Notes and tags.
  • Who’s viewed your profile.


You can sign up for a one-month free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator on both their core and advanced tiers. You'll need to contact LinkedIn to discover the cost of these tiers at a monthly rate.

17. LeadFuze

4.6/5 on G2 🌟


LeadFuze is automatic lead generation software that builds lists of leads and syncs them to CRM and outreach tools, or exports them as google sheets or other files.


Built for sales, marketing, and recruitment, Leadfuze includes features like:

  • Finding any business professional’s contact information.
  • Searching entire market segments or specific individuals or accounts.
  • Hypertargeting leads using the market search function.
  • AI automation to double-check emails and perform list building.
  • Multiple integrations, including Salesforce.


LeadFuze offers a free trial that gives you access to their system to run searches identifying your total addressable market (TAM). Their lower-paid tier starts from $147 per month, providing 500 credits. 

18. Apollo.io

4.8/5 on G2 🌟


Apollo is an intelligence platform with plenty of features that covers the entire sales funnel. They have marketing tools that help you discover your ideal audience, connect with them, build relationships all in one place. You can automate these tasks in LinkedIn with Apollo’s browser extension.


Apollo’s selling points include:

  • Queuing and executing tasks in LinkedIn with AI.
  • A B2B database of 260M contacts and 60M companies.
  • Automating outbound outreach and message on autopilot.
  • Simple setup and easy-to-use interface.
  • Reporting metrics and detailed performance metrics.
  • AI-powered workflows and message campaigns.


The free version includes features like the browser extension, sequence automation, and up to 250 emails per day. Their paid plans start from $39 per month, plus tax, and increase your email sending and credits.

19. Octopus CRM

4.4/5 on G2 🌟


Octopus CRM is an all-in-one LinkedIn automation software for marketers, business owners, and recruiters. It promises to improve prospecting, response rates and lead generation on LinkedIn, and encourages users to think of it as an engagement and relationship-building tool. 


Key features of Octopus CRM include:

  • Sending personalised connection requests and personalised messages in bulk.
  • Mass message 1st level connections.
  • Auto-endorse skills of your 1st level contacts.
  • Auto-view hundreds of LinkedIn profiles/day.
  • Send connection requests by email to bypass the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn.


All Octopus CRM tiers come with a seven-day, no-obligation free trial. Their lowest price point is $6.99 per month for their basic plan, which includes the ability to auto-invite premium LinkedIn members.

20. LinkedRadar

4.4/5 on G2 🌟


LinkedRadar uses a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you connect with ideal customers on LinkedIn. SDRs, recruiters, and marketers can use LinkedRadar to scrape prospects from LinkedIn with just one keyword.


Some standout features of the platform include:

  • Building targeted lists of ideal prospects by keywords.
  • Personal cold outreach message queue.
  • Automatic campaigns and custom messages.
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting metrics.


LinkedRadar offers plans starting from $14.90 a month, which will get you 400 connections and 800 follow-ups per month. They also offer a credit system you can try before you buy with their free trial.


What is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn automation means using tools, software, or bots to automate repetitive tasks and work on audience building. This might include:

  1. Sending connection requests.
  2. Sequential messaging.
  3. Profile visits.
  4. Data extraction and enrichment.


Or any other task you would normally do manually.


Advanced automation tools can send personalized messages to 1st connections or targeted LinkedIn users. They can scrape information like job titles from users’ LinkedIn profile URLs and use it to fill in the blanks of message templates that you’ve approved. 


Over time you can create a hyper-targeted audience using customer segmentation tags to target your ideal customer. They can also perform more basic tasks, like making it appear that you’ve given someone a profile view, a skill endorsement or liked the content they’ve shared.

Why use a LinkedIn automation tool?

LinkedIn automation tools are powerful platforms that save time and increase efficiency when it comes to building your network. Whether you’re scaling your efforts as an SDR or building a pipeline as a recruiter, automation tools complete tasks in the background whilst you focus on other work.


These tools can help scale sales efforts, particularly in the early stages when you’re establishing viable leads. They can warm up prospects by adding more touch points into your relationship with a prospect, like commenting or reacting to their post. This makes someone familiar with your name, making them more likely to convert later on.


A LinkedIn automation tool can create a sequence of actions, like: 

  • Liking and commenting on someone’s post.
  • Sending them a connection request.
  • Messaging them.
  • Following up later if they don’t reply.

This automated chain of events is often called a campaign or sequence. You can usually design and personalize them within the automation tool or use a sequence template, and monitor your campaign performance over time.


Using a legitimate and legal automation tool is essential to avoid account suspension or penalties. Ensure you invest in GDPR and CCPA aligned B2B sales tools and use them within appropriate guidelines.

Which are the best LinkedIn automation tools?

We’ve listed our 20 favorite LinkedIn automation tools above, and our top pick for an excellent tool is Kaspr. With Kaspr, you can access emails, phone numbers, and all the relevant data to convert leads into long-lasting partnerships.

Can you get banned for automation on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can get banned for using automation on LinkedIn, though outreach automation tools are popular and common. Violating this rule can lead to account bans, and LinkedIn has taken action against users who breach these terms, particularly if LinkedIn flags you as a user with excessive activity.


As such, when using automation tools on LinkedIn, exercise caution and adhere to best practices. Some tips to minimize the risk include:

  1. Set a daily limit to the number of 20 invitations per day in Kaspr. This will keep the volume of session cookies LinkedIn see low, and stop you from appearing like spam.
  2. Avoid overly commercial approaches and focus on building genuine connections.
  3. Optimize acceptance rates by using open questions in your outreach.
  4. Avoid using aggressive sales tactics that people may perceive as spam.
  5. Delete pending invites regularly to avoid excessive use of automation.


Using automation tools on LinkedIn can be helpful, but it’s crucial to use the safest tool you can, responsibly and in line with LinkedIn’s policies. Check LinkedIn’s official terms of service for the most up-to-date information on automation use.

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