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Hello everybody! Alan Ruchtein, Sales Advisor and Founder of The Startup Effect here.


Want to increase your meeting booked rate by 25%? I help sales development reps to do just that through outbound strategies. 🫡


Today, I’ll talk through a sales sequence I use to generate 100s leads. The sequence involves three trigger-led steps to use when prospects ‘like’ a relevant post on LinkedIn.


🎯 Goal of the sequence: To get more positive replies.


If you’d rather watch the video, here it is. 🎬


1. Find a creator

The first step is to find a creator who posts relevant content for your industry and the ideal customer profile (ICP) that you target.


I will use Yurii Veremchuk for this example because he posts outbound sales content that resonates with my audience. When I go onto Yurii’s profile, I look through his most recent content and find this viral post that stands out. 👇


  • The post is relevant to my audience.
  • It has a decent amount of post likes and reactions.
  • There is also a good number of reposts and comments.



2. Gather information and get data

Once you’ve found an ideal post, the next step is to gather information and get the prospects’ data. You can either go into the reactions or the comments of the LinkedIn post for this bit.


So, for example, here I find a comment from Junior Lartey, an AE at Sendoso. 👇


Screenshot of Junior Lartey's comment on Yuri's LinkedIn post


Next, I open Junior’s LinkedIn profile. I already have the Kaspr LinkedIn Chrome Extension. Once you install the Extension, you can reveal the prospect’s contact details (phone numbers and email addresses).

👉 Sign up for Kaspr; it’s free, and you can use my link to get 25 free cell phone credits.


Screenshot of Kaspr working on Junior's LinkedIn profile to get contact details

Once I reveal the contact details, Kaspr automatically adds the prospect to the web app. I can also select which list I’d like the lead added to.

3. Build your trigger-led sales sequence

This is where the magic happens because you make your outreach stand out. 🪄


You need to use their engagement on the LinkedIn post as a reason to reach out. It shows that you’re not contacting the prospect randomly or sending 1000s of the same message to a group of people.


From their interaction on the post, you know they’re likely experiencing a pain you can help with. You’ll also be able to work these into the cadence:


  • Sharing resources about the specific post.
  • Asking relevant questions.
  • Giving the prospect a valuable freebie.


Here’s an example of how the sales sequence could look. 👇

Graphic of Alan's trigger-led sales sequence email flow

In your follow-up emails, you should continue to add value for the prospect. Memes and GIFs can be a great way to stand out and add more personalization to the sequence.


Here are my example email templates for this trigger-led sales sequence. Try to use them as a starting point, and let me know how you get on. ⬇️

Email templates for my trigger-led flow

Email #1 - Relevant first touch 


Email #2 - Relevant resource 

Email #3 - Meme 

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Blog CTA graphic - Test our phone number accuracy


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