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Blog 10 March 2022

Inbound Marketing: What it is and How to Do it Properly

Noa Elbaze

Inbound sales prospecting: definition of the killer strategy for finding and signing new customers

Until now we talked a lot about outbound marketing strategies in sales prospecting, its advantages and limits. Now, Inbound marketing. It aims to bring consumers to your brand. This business development strategy is based on the publication of high value-added content. What definition of inbound sales prospecting can we give and how to take advantage of this technique? Find through this article complete information on :

  • The definition of inbound marketing
  • The supports of inbound marketing
  • The methodology of inbound marketing

inbound marketing

The definition of inbound marketing in sales prospecting

Inbound marketing is a strategy aimed at encouraging targets to choose a company’s product or service. Its success is based on the use of content marketing. The videos and articles published must motivate visitors to perform a specific action according to the objectives of your company.

Unlike outbound marketing, which consists of encouraging consumers to consult information about an offer, inbound marketing is a pull marketing strategy. In fact, it consists of distributing high value-added content in order to attract targets to your brand.

The main advantage of inbound marketing in a sales prospecting campaign is that this strategy generates qualified contacts. In fact, this technique allows you to save time in your prospecting. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to convert a large number of leads into direct customers.


The supports of inbound marketing

In order to arouse the interest of your targets, you must use digital tools. Each content distributed on the Web participates in the implementation of the AIDA method (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). The main objective of this technique is to convince a lead to enter a conversion tunnel.

To make your brand known, turn to the use of :

  • your professional blog ;
  • social networks ;
  • webinars ;
  • white papers ;
  • podcasts;
  • newsletters.

You can also contact influencers to gain visibility on social networks. This way, this solution is extremely efficient when you want to generate new contacts quickly, especially on LinkedIn. After sending an automated invitation using Kaspr, you encourage your targets to view your profile. Often, they will easily accept your request if they find that you already have a large number of followers.


The methodology of inbound marketing

The inbound marketing steps to follow for successful business development consist of :

Attracting visitors to your brand

This first step of digital marketing aims at informing visitors of your brand’s existence. Publish articles on your website or through social networks highlighting your services.

Use SEO techniques to get your articles to appear on the first pages of Google. Highlight your strengths compared to your competitors and prove that you have the right solutions to your target audience’s problems.

Turn visitors into qualified leads

This phase consists in motivating visitors to give you their contact information. Offer them a free white paper or a promotional offer in exchange for their contacts. Make sure your landing page is well designed and include captivating CATs (Call To Actions) in your articles. The goal of your content is to incite your targets to perform a specific action.

Convert your leads into direct customers

This step is essential to generate customers. Start by segmenting your qualified leads by identifying hot and cold prospects. This will help you choose the right marketing communication strategy according to the maturity level of your targets. Use lead nurturing and lead scoring techniques to quickly convert them into customers.

Retain your customers

Using lead generation tools like Kaspr makes it easy to collect customer contact information to attract prospects. However, it is not easy to turn all your leads into customers. In addition, you will need to spend a lot of time convincing a prospect to become a customer and then getting them to sign.

This is why it is crucial to retain your customers in order to encourage them to buy other products or services from your company. This action saves you from having to repeat all the steps of converting leads into customers. Offer them gifts, promotional offers or loyalty cards to make them come back to your brand.


The final word

Do you want to improve your company’s return on investment? The implementation of an inbound marketing strategy is a powerful lever for business development. Focus on the quality of your content and use different distribution channels to reach a large number of targets. Follow all the steps of the inbound marketing methodology in order to succeed in your leadgen campaign. Unlike outbound marketing, this strategy requires more time before seeing positive results. In fact, you can read our article: Outbound marketing: definition and implementation. Never stop prospecting and stay responsive. This way, you will be able to boost your company’s ROI in the long run.

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