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Blog 25 June 2021

5 Essential Sales Prospecting Tools for More Leads

Camille Jouannic

Which sales prospecting strategy tools should you use for an optimized strategy?

In 2022, if you want to stay competitive in sales prospecting, you need to use sales prospecting strategy tools. A prospecting tool can help you automate some of your daily tasks and help you find new qualified customers everyday. These tools allow you to save time, gather a maximum of information about your prospects and convert effectively. You can easily determine what kind of sales prospecting strategy tools fit your activity, but some are indispensable…

Prospecting tool

To help you in the implementation of your prospecting strategy, you can use different prospecting tools. This article will introduce you to some of them, including :

  • Lemlist
  • Ringover
  • HubSpot
  • Kaspr


Sales prospecting strategy tool n°1: Lemlist

Lemlist offers you the possibility to prospect by sending cold emails to your potential customers. With this digital prospecting tool, you can personalize your emails with images and videos. First, your company logo and name, as well as the names of your employees are among the information that can be inserted in your emails. Therefore, by choosing personalization, you increase not only the response rate to your emails, but also your sales.

Moreover, you can program and send sequences of messages at a set time. To allow you to see the responses, clicks and opens of the emails sent, tracking is done automatically.

On the Lemlist website, you will find tutorials and case studies to help you make the most of it. On Facebook, you can find a group where you can exchange information and usage tips, and discuss with the CEO of Lemlist. You are free to test it for 14 days. After this period, you will have to take out a monthly or annual subscription. The price varies according to the features you wish to integrate into your tool. It can be the frequency of sending emails, the possibility to do A/B tests, the integration of videos…


Tool n°2: Ringover

To get concrete results from your prospecting campaign, use this call center software. Indeed, Ringover is a cloud telephony solution that can be connected to your CRM tools. Easy to configure and use, it integrates various functionalities to obtain a considerable productivity gain. This digital prospecting tool ensures the training of your sales teams. You can also supervise and coach them thanks to the call recording, double-listening and whispering functions.

Detailed call statistics from the live-monitoring allow you to measure the efficiency of your employees. To launch efficient call campaigns, turn to the options: click-to-call, automatic caller, calls from the CRM… In a few clicks, Ringover puts at your disposal fixed and mobile numbers from more than 60 countries. Test the software for free, including all features, for a period of 7 days before subscribing.


Tool n°3: HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing software with advanced automation. It helps you structure, modernize and accelerate your prospecting strategy. To do so, this software provides you with a CRM that facilitates contract management. The basic marketing functions include sales tools such as emailing campaigns. This digital prospecting tool also takes into account the management of sponsored campaigns as well as marketing automation.

If you’re just starting out in your business, HubSpot offers you prospecting tools, including email templates. You have the possibility to track your sales, in real time, through the tracking feed and online documents. If you have any problems, you can contact the company’s customer service through a dedicated support. The software is expensive to purchase, but the CRM and Marketing functions remain free for life. Moreover, you are free to test it without time limit, and buy the higher version at any time.


Tool n°4: Kaspr

Kaspr allows you to retrieve from your CRM the emails and phone numbers of your prospects. This digital prospecting tool generates leads by visiting the LinkedIn profile of the targeted user. Thanks to this plug in, the information is automatically collected and exported to your CRM.

Prospecting tool

Kaspr also offers you the possibility to create “workflows” in order to automate the sending of invitations on LinkedIn, as well as the sending of welcome messages. You can use workflows to enrich the databases of researched contacts and export them to your CRM. Many integrations are possible with Kaspr: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Lemlist, Sendinblue, Gmail or Zapier!

Moreover, you can now use Kaspr en LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to get the contact information of your best candidates!


What’s important

Take these digital prospecting tools in hand and start growing your business. Lemlist, Ringover, HubSpot and Kaspr can help you reach your sales objectives. Choose Kaspr to develop an effective in lead generation strategy. Read this next article on how to choose your CRM tool.

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