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B2B data 17 June 2024

24 B2B Sales Tools to Supercharge Sales Rep Productivity

Daisy Shevlin

Ever wonder how top sales reps consistently meet their quotas? Sure, talent plays a role, but having the right tools is just as crucial.


On the Teach Me Outbound podcast, we’ve had the privilege of chatting with the best of the sales world. These reps consistently outperform their peers and redefine what success looks like in tough markets.


During our talks, these top performers shared their secret weapons — tools that have significantly impacted their work.

24 B2B sales tools for reps to increase productivity

We’re breaking down the tools by category. From CRM systems that keep your contacts in one place to sales enablement platforms that equip you with the right insights to engage with prospects.


Need specifics? We’ve got that covered, too. We’ve gone in hard for each tool about the features, benefits, and real-world applications.

CRM software

CRM software tools are like your personal assistant for managing customer relationships. Imagine having all your contact information, communication history, and tasks neatly organized in one place. That’s what Customer Relationship Management tools do for you.


CRM tools help you keep track of every interaction with your current and potential customers. Ever had a lead slip through the cracks? With a CRM, that won’t happen.


You can monitor each deal’s progress, ensuring you follow up at the right time. Plus, they automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: selling.


4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Salesforce provides SDRs with a centralized platform to manage all customer data and interactions. It helps streamline the lead tracking process, automate routine tasks, and offer real-time insights.


This tool is great for SDRs overwhelmed by managing many customer interactions. It organizes data in one place and offers tools to prioritize tasks.


screenshot-salesforce(Source: Salesforce)


Use case example:

Salesforce is used by Spotify, the streaming giant. With Salesforce, they automated sales, centralized customer data, and cut down on unnecessary meetings. This increased productivity across the sales team by 40% and helped them close deals faster. 



  • Lead and opportunity management.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Integration with third-party apps.
  • Workflow and approval automation.
  • Cell phone access.
  • AI-powered insights with Salesforce Einstein.

HubSpot CRM

4.4/5 on G2 🌟


HubSpot handles the common challenges SDRs face, such as managing contacts and tracking deals. It is free, too (with a limited number of contacts). It simplifies contact management and tracks all deal activities in one place.


HubSpot is easy to use. It ensures SDRs can start using it quickly without much training.


hubspot-sale-hub-screenshot(Source: HubSpot)


Use case example:

TrekkSoft offers booking software for tour and activity companies. After using HubSpot CRM, they saw a 376% increase in new qualified leads.


The easy-to-use interface lets their SDRs focus more on engaging with prospects rather than on administrative tasks.


“HubSpot is the ideal marketing
companion for a team focussed on growth.”

“It has everything you need: tools for blogging and landing page creation, email management, SEO optimization, thorough analytics, a CRM, and more.”

Lucy Fuggle
Head of Content Marketing at TrekkSoft


  • Contact and deal management.
  • Email tracking and notifications.
  • Meeting scheduling.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Live chat and chatbots.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

3.8/5 on G2 🌟


Dynamics 365 has powerful data tools, allowing SDRs to handle customer data. These include data import/export, data validation, and data enrichment. Dynamics 365 ensures customer data is accurate and up-to-date.


This CRM connects with Microsoft Office and LinkedIn. It makes communication and data management simpler.


Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics dashboard(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Siemens Mobility needed a CRM to support its teamwork selling and complex customer journeys.

By adopting Dynamics 365, Siemens personalized its marketing campaigns and accelerated tender-based sales processes.


Siemens uses Dynamics 365 in its sales processes, from lead acquisition to deal closure. This includes lead generation, qualification, and opportunity management. Dynamics 365 has let Siemens see all sales touchpoints and continuously refine their sales strategies.



  • Sales and service modules.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and LinkedIn.
  • Advanced data analytics and AI.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access.

Zoho CRM

4.1/5 on G2 🌟


Zoho CRM helps SDRs manage their leads, contacts, and sales pipelines in one place. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable features allow sales reps to tailor the system to their needs. This improves productivity and effectiveness.


Screenshot of Zoho's predictive sales in the CRM(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Your Export Manager (YEM) is a company specializing in export management services. They faced challenges in managing customer data and tracking interactions across different regions.


By implementing Zoho CRM, they could centralize their customer information and streamline sales. The result? A 50% increase in lead conversion rates and a significant reduction in manual data entry tasks.

“Zoho CRM is fairly easy
and user-friendly.”

“It only takes a few hours of training and configuring, and then it’s all set.”

Finance and Reporting Manager at YEM


  • Lead and contact management.
  • Sales pipeline and forecasting.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Mobile access.


4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Pipedrive is all about simplicity and efficiency. It offers a visual sales pipeline that lets SDRs track their deals and activities. The tool is designed to be easy to use. It reduces training time and lets SDRs dive right into their work.


EN_screenshot-pipedrive(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Tiffany Largie is an entrepreneur and business strategist. She used Pipedrive to manage her growing business.


Before using a CRM, Tiffany struggled to track client interactions and follow-ups. With the help of Pipedrive, she grew her door-to-door sales business to $2.5 million worth and sold it in 2015.



  • Visual sales pipeline.
  • Deal and activity management.
  • Email integration and tracking.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Cell phone app access.

Sales intelligence platforms

Sales intelligence platforms dig through mountains of data to give contact and detailed info about your prospects.


They show you a target company’s structure, financial health, industry trends, and key decision-makers.


This means you can tailor your pitch to address your potential clients’ specific needs and pain points. Ever wondered how some SDRs seem to know exactly what to say to get a prospect’s attention? Yep, they’re likely using sales intelligence tools.


4.4/5 on G2 🌟


Kaspr provides direct contact details for potential leads. It integrates with LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite, allowing SDRs to get contact info and add it directly to their CRM systems.


This tool is perfect for SDRs looking to simplify their prospecting process and increase their outreach success rate.


It’s free to sign up for Kaspr! Get started here (no credit card is required). 👇


Get started for free


Graphic of Kaspr widget showing the contact’s data

Use case example:

Thibaut Souyris, CEO and founder of SalesLabs and LinkedIn Top Voice, shared his success achieved with Kaspr. Integrating Kaspr with LinkedIn, Thibaut could quickly get contacts for leads. He achieved a 38% reply rate and an 11% meeting booking rate in that campaign.


His strategy involved three things. First, defining an ideal customer profile. Second, using influencers to find prospects. Third, using Kaspr’s Chrome Extension to get contact details.


Thibaut’s method saved his time and boosted his prospecting efficiency a lot. It let him focus more on engaging with high-quality leads and closing deals.


CTA banner graphic for Thibaut Souyris use case of Kaspr



  • B2B data provider with email address and phone number finder.
  • LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite integration.
  • CRM integration.
  • Verified data that’s updated in real-time and checked against 150 providers.
  • Automated workflows.
  • CCPA and GDPR aligned.


4.6/5 on G2 🌟


Cognism provides access to a vast database of B2B contact information enriched with intent data and advanced filters. This tool helps SDRs find prospects likelier to convert, speeding up the sales process.

Graphic of Cognism Browser Extension

Use case example:

PharmaData is a laboratory services company. They used Cognism to change their approach to reaching out to clients, which led to a 200% increase in meetings booked.


They integrated Cognism with Salesforce, reducing prospecting time from minutes to seconds per contact. This update enhanced both the quantity and quality of their prospecting efforts.



  • Diamond Data®: phone-verified cell phone numbers.
  • Intent data by Bombora.
  • International coverage: EMEA, NAM, APAC.
  • Easy platform setup with CMS support.
  • Integrations with CRMs and sales engagement tools.
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant data.
  • The database is checked and cleaned against global DNC lists.
  • Fast and friendly support team.


4.4/5 on G2 🌟


Clearbit enriches your existing contact database with detailed company and contact information. It connects well with many CRM and marketing tools to keep your data up-to-date.


Screenshot of a contact profile within Clearbit(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Contractbook used Clearbit to optimize its marketing strategies and enhance sales outreach.

By integrating Clearbit, Contractbook didn’t just reach out anymore. They started reaching out with precision and context. The result? They saw a 2x increase in response rates from “ICP Intent Accounts” and a 10% increase in opportunities created.



  • Data enrichment.
  • Marketing intelligence.
  • Intent data analysis.
  • Advanced personalization options.
  • Seamless integration with marketing platforms.


4.4/5 on G2 🌟


ZoomInfo provides deep insights into B2B contacts and companies. Their data includes business demographics, behaviors, and technologies potential leads use.


This detailed information helps sales teams tailor their outreach. It ensures greater precision in targeting and engaging potential clients.


Graphic of contact search in ZoomInfo as seen on their website

(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Hotel Engine experienced significant improvements after integrating ZoomInfo. Sales productivity increased 5x, and demo scheduling rose 3x.


ZoomInfo’s Enrich product was added to their Salesforce CRM. This filled critical data gaps and led to better prospecting with larger deals.


This improvement boosted data accuracy and prospecting, leading to a 2.5x increase in the average company size they closed.



  • Extensive B2B contact and company database.
  • Data enrichment.
  • CRM integration for streamlined workflows.
  • Advanced filtering and searching tools.
  • Real-time data updates.

👉 Check out ZoomInfo alternatives here.

AI-powered B2B sales tools

AI-powered tools use artificial intelligence to sift through vast amounts of data. They identify patterns and insights that can escape even the most eagle-eyed sales managers.


What does this mean for you? Well, these tools can rank leads by likelihood to close, suggest the best times to contact prospects, and even draft personalized emails that are more likely to get a response.


4.7/5 on G2 🌟


Notion leverages AI to enhance how SDRs manage and interact with data. Its features, such as AI-assisted drafting and on-the-fly data summarization, turn routine documentation into an efficient, almost automated process.


Imagine pulling up customer interaction histories, sales figures, or project details. Then, having AI summarize the key points in real-time. This feature makes data actionable and accessible when you need it most.


Graphic of the Notion AI tool working in platform(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Raise is a real estate brokerage firm. They had trouble keeping track of their company goals and aligning team efforts with their mission. This was due to scattered and outdated information.


They put their goals, mission, and vision into Notion. This made an active space where objectives are clear and easy for the whole team to access.


The shift to Notion resulted in improved teamwork. All team members now see what others are working on and how they can help with shared goals.



  • AI-assisted writing.
  • Automated summarization.
  • Smart search functionality.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Real-time collaboration.


4.9/5 on G2 🌟


Clay uses AI to streamline campaign management. It automates tasks and improves the precision of targeting clients. For SDRs, this means less time sifting through data and more time crafting personalized, effective sales pitches.


Graphic showing how Clay uses waterfall enrichment to find phone numbers(Source: Clay)


Use case example:

Harsh Dhatra is a co-founder of Audiency, a B2B lead generation agency. His team achieved a dramatic 70% cut in campaign deployment time by using Clay. This efficiency gain has enabled them to scale operations and boost campaign effectiveness.


Harsh notes, “Ever since I started using Clay, we’ve seen our campaign deployment time go down by 70%, and now I can’t imagine my process without it.”



  • Automated lead generation.
  • AI-driven insights.
  • Efficient campaign management.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Advanced analytics.


Blog CTA graphic - Test our phone number accuracy


4.7/5 on G2 🌟


ChatGPT is a sales assistant that helps teams automate routine tasks. These include drafting emails, generating leads, and providing support.


ChatGPT is trained on vast text data and can generate human-like responses given a prompt or a conversational context.


ChatGPT can chat, provide information, answer questions, and assist with various inquiries. AI can understand human needs and generate human-like text. This makes it a great tool for researching prospects, tweaking email grammar and other tasks.


Screenshot of ChatGPT answering sales pain points(Screenshot from ChatGPT 3.5)


Use case example:

Allego SDRs use ChatGPT to create content that captures the unique needs of their prospects, including email subject lines, outreach messages, and event descriptions. It helps them generate more leads and close more deals.



  • Free if using ChatGPT 3.5 and limited free uses of ChatGPT 4.0.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Integration with CRM systems.
  • Data-driven recommendations.
  • 24/7 availability.


4.7/5 on G2 🌟


Lavender.AI integrates into your email client. It suggests improvements in real-time to boost sales email impact and response rates.


Lavender focuses on personalization and efficiency. Its recommendations are backed by data-driven insights from millions of email interactions.


Graphic for Lavender.AI real-time coach for sales emails(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Chris Fago, an Enterprise Account Executive at Palo Alto Networks, achieved an impressive $400k in new business booked in just one month. All thanks to the strategic insights and optimizations Lavender suggested.



  • AI email coaching.
  • Performance tracking.
  • Seamless integration with email clients.
  • Personalization at scale.


4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Qwilr streamlines the creation of proposals and quotes. It helps sales teams quickly produce visually appealing and interactive sales documents.


Qwilr has drag-and-drop functionality. Users can customize proposals to match brand standards and add dynamic content like videos and ROI calculators.


Graphic of Qwilr automation creation in-platform(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Stafflink, a rapidly growing company in Australia’s real estate industry, used Qwilr to incorporate rich, interactive content into their proposals.


Qwilr’s enhancements improved the look and function of their proposals. This made them seem more professional and greatly increased engagement and efficiency. As a result, they doubled their close rate for key services.



  • Interactive proposals.
  • Design editor.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Integration with CRM systems.
  • Follow-ups automation.
  • E-signature and payment integration.

Social selling tools

Social selling tools make sure you’re always pitching to the right crowd at the right time. Here are some that can help report on your personal brand, and manage leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes finding and reaching leads easier. Users can search by industry, company size, and role. It also offers personalized tips and insights for effective outreach.


The tool seamlessly integrates with all the most popular CRMs, greatly facilitating the tracking and management of interactions in sales pipelines.


Screenshot of LinkedIn Sales Navigator website.(Source: LinkedIn Sales Navigator)


Use case example:

Infosys, a global technology services and consulting leader, used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve its lead generation and engagement strategies.


The tool gave Infosys deep insights into account developments and buyer interests. These insights were crucial for keeping and growing relationships with top accounts.


Integrating Sales Navigator into their CRM system allowed seamless access to customer data and interactions. It further optimized their sales processes and contributed to a reported 1000x ROI.



  • Advanced search with filters.
  • Lead recommendations based on your profile and interaction history.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • InMail messaging.
  • CRM integration.


3.7/5 on G2 🌟


Shield provides detailed LinkedIn analytics. It offers reports on post performance, profile views, and engagement. This helps SDRs adjust content and launch outreach campaigns triggered by liking posts.


By knowing what content their audience likes, sales reps can better connect with prospects and build strong relationships.


Screenshot of Shield Analytics dashboard showing trends on posts(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Dan Mian, Founder of Gradvance and a LinkedIn Top Voice, saw a dramatic transformation in his content’s performance after incorporating Shield into his strategy.


After using Shield to analyze and optimize his content in one year, his views skyrocketed to over 14.2 million. Dan credits Shield for this uptick, highlighting its role in refining his approach to content creation.



  • Engagement analytics.
  • Profile visit tracking.
  • Content strategy optimization recommendations.
  • Competitive benchmarking.
  • Detailed reporting.


4.4/5 on G2 🌟


Oktopost specializes in social media management, including publishing, social listening, and employee advocacy. It empowers SDR teams to streamline social media operations and gather actionable insights that drive B2B engagement and sales.


Screenshot of the Oktopost dashboard by acquisition source(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Finastra, a leader in financial software, dramatically increased its social media impact using Oktopost.


With Oktopost’s tools, Finastra centralized its social media operations and launched a successful employee advocacy program. This shift led to a 600% growth in advocacy reach and significantly increased engagement across their social channels.



  • Social media publishing and scheduling.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Employee advocacy.
  • Social listening.


4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Buffer helps sales teams and marketers plan, publish, and analyze their social media content. Its tools allow for quick post scheduling, performance analysis, and social media interaction management.


It enables teams to keep a consistent and effective online presence.


Screenshot of Buffer social posting calendar(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Dave Anderson, a senior technology leader and content creator, used Buffer to boost his newsletter traffic and social media efficiency.


He started scheduling posts in advance, which grew his LinkedIn and Twitter followers. As a result, his website traffic from social media increased 2.5 times. This tactic freed Dave to focus on other business tasks without neglecting his personal brand growth.


“I had around 10,000 LinkedIn followers a year ago and am now north of 27,000. I had ~350 Twitter followers a year ago, and now I passed 2,700,” shares Dave. “My LinkedIn and Twitter engagement has drastically increased because I post regularly. I’m posting regularly because the process has been simplified with Buffer.”



  • Content scheduling and posting.
  • Analytics.
  • Multi-platform management.
  • Team collaboration.


4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Vidyard provides video creation, hosting, and analytics tools. They help SDRs use video in their outreach to prospects. Its key features include personalized video messaging, video analytics, and various integrations.


Screenshot of Vidyard website.(Source: Vidyard)


Use case example:

1Huddle used Vidyard to transform its sales and marketing efforts. They achieved a remarkable 68% email open rate and a 12% reply rate.


1Huddle’s sales reps used personalized videos to connect with millennials. They found that video was more engaging for this group than text. This strategy differentiated them from competitors and significantly increased their engagement metrics.



  • Video hosting and management.
  • Video creation tools.
  • Personalization.
  • Analytics and insights.
  • Integration with various marketing, sales, and content management tools.
  • Video sharing and embedding.

Sales enablement platforms

Sales enablement platforms give sales teams the resources, content, and information they need to sell better. They keep all your sales materials — like presentations, banners, and case studies — organized and ready to go.


These platforms also offer insights and analytics on how different pieces of content perform. This means you can see what’s working (and what’s not) and adjust your strategy accordingly.


4.7/5 on G2 🌟


Seismic is a platform that blends content management, personalization, and analytics. This mix helps sales teams work better and connect with prospects more efficiently.


Seismic’s features, like LiveSend and LiveShare, boost real-time client interactions and track engagement. It easily connects to many CRM systems for smooth data sharing between sales channels.


Screenshot of a Seismic resource homepage in-platform(Source: G2)


Use case example:

HubSpot significantly improved its team productivity by implementing Seismic. They reduced the time sales and customer success reps spent searching for resources — from 5 to 3 hours per week.


This efficiency saved an estimated $18 million each year. It was like adding 126 full-time employees without hiring.



  • Sales content management.
  • Learning & coaching.
  • Buyer engagement across multiple channels.
  • Content automation.
  • Analytics to identify successful behaviors and strategies.


4.7/5 on G2 🌟


Highspot streamlines the content management process to help sales reps find and use the right content at the right time. This is achieved through AI-powered search and smart content recommendations that guide sales activities.


Screenshot of Highspot product content hub(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Granicus, a software company, used Highspot to reduce seller ramp-up time and enhance training procedures. Granicus was able to decrease the time it took for new sales reps to become productive by about 20%​.



  • Guided selling tools.
  • AI-driven search and content recommendations.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • Analytics and insights.
  • Integrations with over 100 sales and marketing tools.


4.6/5 on G2 🌟


SDRs use Showpad to centralize their sales resources, streamline the training process, and leverage analytics.


Teams can access all necessary materials from one platform and receive training on using these resources. They can also learn insights into customer engagement to improve their sales strategies continually.


Screenshot of Showpad Content for product collateral and content(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Promega, a biotechnology leader, used Showpad to enhance its sales strategy.


The impact of organizing all the content with Showpad was big. Two-thirds of Promega’s reps use Showpad monthly. 41% of content views come from buyers. Their client asset open rate is 1.3 times the industry average.


These improvements reduced the complexities associated with physical demonstrations, which their SDRs used to do before Showpad. Also, they resulted in a robust ROI.



  • Centralized content management.
  • Interactive presentations and demos.
  • Analytics and insights.
  • Customizable interfaces.
  • Open API for seamless updates.


4.6/5 on G2 🌟


Brainshark is a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform. It is designed to prepare client-facing teams to perform at their highest level.


The platform focuses on ensuring that all training, coaching, and enablement efforts are effective and measurable. This helps companies to see tangible results from their investments in these areas.


Graphic of computer screen showing Brainshark courses on them(Source: G2)


Use case example:

Mindray, a medical device company, started using Brainshark due to the pandemic. They shifted from in-person to virtual onboarding, using Brainshark to ease this transition. With Brainshark, Mindray reduced new hire training time by 40%.



  • Team readiness scorecards.
  • Content authoring.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • AI-powered scoring and assessments.
  • Machine analysis and scoring.


4.6/5 on G2 🌟


SalesHood is known for using AI to hyper-personalize the customer journey. This platform provides sales reps with precise guidance on what to do and share at each stage of the sales process.


Its strength lies in rapidly onboarding new hires and conducting advanced sales training through AI-driven insights.


Graphic showing the SalesHood platform capabilities(Source: G2)


Use case example:

SmartRecruiters used SalesHood’s digital sales rooms to tailor the buying experience to each prospect’s specific needs. This increased their deal sizes by 400% and speeded up deal velocity by 15%.



  • Digital sales rooms for personalized and structured sales experiences.
  • Sales content management.
  • Coaching tools.
  • AI to provide real-time feedback and training.
  • AI-driven analytics.

FAQs about B2B sales tools

Sales reps face many daily challenges, including juggling multiple leads, hitting quota, and handling objections. The right sales tools bring structure into this chaos.


But how do you pick an SDR tech stack?


Let’s break down some common questions with straight answers to help you make informed decisions.

- Compress

What key features should I look for in B2B sales tools?

When scouting for tools, think about what will make your daily chores smoother and your outcomes better.


Here’s the lowdown:

  • Integration capabilities. Can it play nicely with your existing CRM and other tech stack elements?
  • Analytics and reporting. Does it provide insights into sales performance and customer engagement?
  • User-friendliness. Will your team actually use it without pulling their hair out?
  • Scalability. Can it grow with your business?
  • Customer support. When things go south, is help just a quick call or chat away?


Choosing a tool with these features is like picking a teammate who’s not only a star player but also jives well with the rest of your team.

How can AI-powered sales tools improve my sales process?
What are the best practices for adding new sales tools to my current sales process?

Try Kaspr’s B2B sales tools for free!

Looking for a way to fast-track your sales process? Say hello to Kaspr!


Kaspr is a B2B sales tool designed to streamline your lead generation and outreach efforts.

Kaspr helps to build outreach lists quickly and effectively. With just a few clicks, you can gather prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other essential information directly from LinkedIn profiles.


Don’t get us wrong, Kaspr is not just another contact finder. It’s a sales acceleration tool that integrates seamlessly with your daily tools and workflows.


With Kaspr, you can:

  • Automate data entry. Automatically send prospects’ data straight to your CRM.
  • Enhance outreach. Use up-to-date verified data to personalize your outreach, increasing response rates.
  • Build automated LinkedIn workflows. Automate your LinkedIn outreach completely, from the connection request to subsequent messages.
  • Streamline processes. Save over 5 hours every week that you would otherwise spend on manual data gathering and entry.

And the best part? You can start for free to see the benefits for yourself. Start saving your time today! 



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