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Prospecting 20 October 2023

15 Best Sales Chrome Extensions for SDRs & Salespeople

Maja Muzhdeka

Our picks for the 15 best sales extensions are:

  1. Kaspr
  2. Cognism
  3. HubSpot Sales
  4. Aeroleads
  5. Lusha
  6. Planyway: Calendar for Trello
  7. Scribe
  8. Hunter.io
  9. Drift Email
  10. Vidyard
  11. Crystal
  12. Lavender
  13. Datanyze
  14. Storylane
  15. Notion Web Clipper

1. Kaspr

4.4/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn profiles, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, LinkedIn people search, LinkedIn posts, LinkedIn Events, LinkedIn Groups.


Kaspr is a LinkedIn Chrome Extension and web app for prospecting.

Graphic of Kaspr Chrome Extension and G2 quote

Sales reps, recruiters and founders use Kaspr to access accurate phone numbers, email addresses and company information by enriching the data while they prospect on LinkedIn.


With the Kaspr LinkedIn Extension, users get the data profile-by-profile or in bulk using the sales automation features.


When you request data, Kaspr works hard to check it against 150 sources to make sure it's verified and accurate. Oh, and the data is GDPR and CCPA-aligned. ✅


Try this interactive demo 👇


Once you’ve got the contact data, send it to the Kaspr web app to manage in lead lists and continue next steps with outreach workflows. Or sync it straight away with your CRM or other favorite sales apps, like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.


Within the Kaspr web app (dashboard), you can create data enrichment workflows, automate sending LinkedIn connection requests, send emails, and dial for sales calls all in one place! 


🤩 The most exciting part?


*Unlimited B2B email addresses are available both on the free version and the paid plans!


Top features:

  • Super accurate cell phone numbers in the US and Europe.
  • Get instant access to accurate prospect contact details.
  • Enrich data from LinkedIn in a variety of use cases.
  • Massively speed up the prospecting process with less manual work.
  • Automate next outreach steps with LinkedIn sequences, email sending and in-built dialers.
  • Direct integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more, plus further connections offered through Zapier.
  • Unlimited B2B email addresses for all users (including those on the free plan).
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned data.


Starting price: 

  • $49 per user per month.
  • Freemium version.

*Subject to fair use policy

2. Cognism

4.7/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, Salesforce, Outreach and corporate websites.


Cognism’s Browser Extension provides B2B sales intelligence to help sales teams find prospects’ cell phone numbers and emails. 

Graphic of Cognism Browser Extension


The sales extension enriches LinkedIn profiles and Sales Nav prospect lists with correct contact data, including phone numbers that are cleaned against do-not-call (DNC) lists for potential customers based in EMEA, APAC, and the US. 


Cognism helps users to save time by quickly accessing contact data. In the web app, there’s also intent data to help show who’s in the market and looking to buy right now, so that reps can begin building relationships with relevant stakeholders. 


Cognism is fully GDPR compliant and trusted by over 1800 revenue teams to exceed sales targets.


Top features:

  • Diamond Data® - Manually verified cell phone numbers.
  • Intent data provided by Bombora.
  • International coverage: EMEA, NAM, APAC.
  • Integrations with CRMs and sales engagement tools.
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant data. 
  • Database checked and cleaned against global DNC lists.


Starting price: 

  • Available on request.

3. HubSpot Sales

4.4/5 on G2


Works on: Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook.


The HubSpot Sales Hub Extension is a tool that streamlines your email tracking and customer relationship management.


It integrates seamlessly with your email inbox, providing access to a suite of HubSpot's sales tools.



Screenshot of HubSpot Sales Hub website.


With this extension, users can effortlessly search their HubSpot contact database and make calls directly from their inbox. This helps to enhance the sales team's productivity.


Top features:

  • Lead management and prospecting.
  • Email templates.
  • Email tracking.
  • Call tracking.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • AI tools for drafting emails and creating CTAs.


Starting price: 

  • $20 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

4. Aeroleads

4.0/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and company websites.


Aerolead’s email finder Chrome Extension helps sales and marketing teams find B2B email addresses to build their prospecting lists quickly.


Users can extract the data in bulk from company websites or LinkedIn profiles.


Once Aeroleads has got the data, you can export the email lists to your  CRM to start email outreach. 


Top features:

  • LinkedIn email finder.
  • Email verifier.
  • Bulk sender for Gmail.
  • CRM integration.
  • API to integrate with other apps.
  • GDPR compliant.


Starting price: 

  • $29 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

5. Lusha

4.3/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce and company websites.


Lusha is a Browser Extension for prospecting.


Users can easily find and verify professional email addresses and phone numbers directly on LinkedIn.



Graphic of Lusha Chrome Extension

(Source: Lusha)


As well as their prospect’s company’s number of employees, intent scores and annual revenue.


Once you have the prospect’s contact information, you can take it to your Lusha platform, CRM and other tech tools.


Top features:

  • Search and reveal up to 25 contact details.
  • Intent signals.
  • Usage analytics.
  • Team management.
  • Integrations with popular CRM tools like HubSpot, Salesforce and Outreach.


Starting price: 

  • $29 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

6. Planyway: Calendar for Trello

4.4/5 on G2


Works on: Trello and Jira.


Planyway: Calendar for Trello is an all-in-one project planning and management tool.


Users can visualize projects and track deadlines, manage team workload, track time, and make reports.



Graphic of calendar feature in Planyway: Calendar for Trello extension

(Source: Planyway)


It integrates with other calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple and more, so you can have a single schedule in one place.


Planyway is cheaper than other workload management tools on the market, which might make it more popular with individual reps and smaller sales teams.


Top features:

  • Task creation and management.
  • Board collaboration.
  • Drag-and-drop interface.
  • Multi-board view.
  • Integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook etc.
  • Notifications and reminders.
  • Time tracking.


Starting price: 

  • $4 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

7. Scribe

4.8/5 on G2


Works on: Any web or desktop-based process.


Scribe is a sales extension that uses AI to document processes.


It allows its users to automatically create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), how-to guides, training manuals, step-by-step instructions, user guides and more.


These documents can then be shared across tools like Notion, Sharepoint and Confluence or exported to PDF, HTML or Markdown. 


Plus, users can invite their team members to use the extension, making sure that everyone follows the same standardized process.


Top features:

  • Sharable links and PDF exports.
  • Sales guides creation and customization.
  • Custom branding.
  • Web and desktop process capture.
  • AI-generated process documents.


Starting price: 

  • $12 per monthly seat in the team plan.
  • Free version available.

8. Hunter.io

4.4/5 on G2


Works on: Company websites.


Hunter.io’s Browser Extension helps users find email addresses associated with website domains.


Graphic of Hunter.io Chrome Extension

(Source: Hunter.io)


It's a valuable tool for email outreach and lead generation, allowing sales reps to identify potential leads.


Top features:

  • Email address search.
  • Email verification.
  • Domain search.
  • Bulk email finding.
  • Integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and many more.


Starting price: 

  • $34 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

9. Drift Email

4.4/5 on G2


Works on: Gmail and company websites.


The Drift Email extension allows sales reps to have real-time conversations with prospects they’ve previously emailed, while the prospects are on their website.


Additionally, reps can track email open rates and clicks, view conversation history, receive real-time alerts for prospect responses, and add leads to email sequences directly from Salesforce.


Top features:

  • Email campaign automation.
  • Outbound welcome playbook.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Performance reporting.


Starting price: 

  • $2,500 per user per month.

10. Vidyard

4.5/5 on G2


Works on: Anywhere on your desktop while Chrome or Edge are open.


Vidyard is a screen recording tool.


With the Browser Extension, you can easily record and share personalized videos through email and social media. 


It's an effective way to engage with prospects, customers, and colleagues through the power of video.


💡 Need some tips on how to use videos to increase reply rates? We’ve got you covered. 👇


Check out prospecting on demand for the full series so far

Blog CTA banner - Prospecting on demand


Top features:

  • Video recording and sharing.
  • Analytics to track video engagement.
  • Screen recording.
  • Personalized video messaging.
  • Integrations with sales and marketing tools.


Starting price: 

  • $19 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

11. Crystal

4.6/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, Gmail and Outlook.

Crystal (AKA Crystal Knows) is a sales extension that helps reps adapt their communication style to resonate with prospects better.


Graphic of Crystalknows Chrome extension

(Source: Crystal)


The platform analyzes information from social media profiles and other publicly available sales data to create a personality profile.


It then offers advice on how to communicate effectively with that particular individual.


Top features:


  • Personality insights for prospects analysed from social media or other publicly available sales data.
  • Communication guidance with personalized insights for calls, meetings and demos. 
  • Email templates.
  • Personalized sequences for more effective outreach.


Starting price: 

  • $49 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

12. Lavender

4.9/5 on G2


Works on: Gmail and Outlook 365.


​​Lavender is a Google Chrome Extension that uses data-powered AI to improve emails in real-time as you write them. 


The extension gives your email a score from 0 to 100, suggesting improvements for subject length, mobile compatibility, and body length.


Screenshot of the Lavender website


It also offers sentence-by-sentence recommendations to improve your sales emails.


Personalization is key for increasing reply rates, and Lavender’s extension uses your prospect’s email to help you achieve this.


Top features:

  • Real-time coaching.
  • Research insights.
  • Personalized introductions.
  • SOC 2 certified and GDPR compliant.


Starting price: 

  • $29 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

13. Datanyze

4.2/5 on G2


Works on: LinkedIn and company websites.


Datanyze is a Google Chrome Extension that provides B2B sales prospecting data. 


It gives users quick access to their prospect’s contact information without leaving their browser. 


The data includes email addresses, direct dial, and cell phone numbers.


You can also get the data in bulk while viewing all employees of a targeted company on LinkedIn.


Top features:

  • Real-time company and contact data.
  • Access to direct dial and email addresses.
  • Lead list creation.


Starting price: 

  • $21 per user per month.
  • Free trial available.

14. Storylane

4.8/5 on G2


Works on: Product pages while Chrome is open.


Storylane is an extension that allows users to create interactive demos by using HTML or recording screen captures while you click around your product.


The captured demos can then be edited and shared by sales reps as clickable product demos on websites as an embed, email, or using a shareable link.


The tool from the Chrome Web Store also allows users to track the performance of their demos using Storylane's analytics dashboard.


There are integrations with CRM tools like Salesforce and HubSpot for seamless data transfer and synchronization, ensuring that your interactive demos are effectively used within your sales funnel.


Top features:

  • Create and share your own interactive demos.
  • Show prospects the product before giving a full demo.
  • Collaborate on demo collections.
  • Share demos on social media.


Starting price: 

  • $40 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

15. Notion Web Clipper

4.7/5 on G2


Works on: Any web page.


Notion Web Clipper is an extension that allows users to save web content and organize it in the Notion workspace.


It’s useful for SDRs because:


  • Saves relevant articles and data. SDRs can capture industry news, competitor analysis, and customer research.
  • Centralized organization. Web Clipper allows content to be stored within their workspace, making it easy to categorize using tags, properties, and comments.
  • Team collaboration. SDRs can easily share clipped web content with their team or clients, fostering collaboration and client presentations.
  • Lead generation. It's a handy tool for collecting information about potential leads, including website details, social media profiles, and contact information.


Top features:

  • Web content clipping that saves any page off the internet to your workspace.
  • Customizable note organization.
  • Offline access to saved content.
  • Collaboration with team members.


Starting price: 

  • $8 per user per month.
  • Free version available.

Comparison table

Extension name What it's for Works on Top features Starting price
Kaspr Prospecting. LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

Accurate cell phone numbers.

Data enrichment.

Unlimited B2B email addresses.

Cognism Prospecting. LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce and corporate websites.

Diamond data.

Intent data.

International coverage.

Available on request.
HubSpot Sales Prospecting. Gmail, Office365 and Outlook.

Lead management.

Email tracking.

Email templates.

Aeroleads Prospecting. LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

Email finder.

Email verifier.

Bulk sender for Gmail.

Lusha Prospecting. LinkedIn.

Bulk enrichment.

Usage analytics.

Intent data.

Planyway: Calendar for Trello Project management. Trello and Jira.

Task creation and management.

Board collaboration.

Drag-and-drop interface.

Scribe Process documentation. Any web or desktop-based process.

Sharable links & PDF exports.

Sales guides creation & customization.

Custom branding.

Hunter.io Email finder. Company websites.

Email address finder.

Email verification.

Domain search.

Drift Email Real-time email conversations. Gmail and company websites.

Outbound welcome playbook.

Email campaign automation.

Real-time alerts.

Vidyard Video creation. Anywhere on your desktop while Chrome and Edge are open.

Video recording.

Video analytics.

Personalized video messaging.

Crystal Communication guidance. LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, Gmail and Outlook.

Personality insights.

Communication guidance.

Email templates.

Lavender Email coach. Gmail and Outlook365.

Real-time coaching.

Research insights.

Personalized introductions.

Datanyze Prospecting. LinkedIn and company websites.

Real-time company and contact data.

Access to direct dial and email addresses.

Lead list creation.

Storylane Demo creation. Product pages while Chrome is open.

Create and share your own interactive demos.

Collaborate on demo collections.

Share on social media.

Notion Web Clipper Organization and collaboration Any web page.

Web content clipping.

Customizable note organization.

Offline access to saved content.


FAQ about sales extensions

Let’s answer some questions people often ask about sales extensions. 👇

1. What is a sales extension?


A sales extension is a browser-based tool, plugin or widget that integrates with a salesperson's web browser, such as Google Chrome.


It enhances the functionality of the browser by adding specific features and tools tailored to the needs of sales professionals. 


These extensions can perform various tasks, including email tracking, lead generation, CRM integration, prospecting, and more. 


Sales extensions are designed to simplify sales tasks, save time, and provide valuable insights to improve sales strategies.


2. Why are Chrome Extensions helpful for salespeople?

Chrome Extensions are incredibly valuable to salespeople for several reasons:


  • Efficiency. Sales professionals can access essential tools directly within their browser, eliminating the need to switch between different applications or platforms.
  • Productivity. Sales extensions automate repetitive tasks, such as email tracking or lead generation, allowing sales teams to focus on more important tasks.
  • Real-time data. These extensions provide real-time data and insights, enabling sales reps to make informed decisions and respond quickly to prospect engagement.
  • Integration. Chrome Extensions often integrate seamlessly with other sales software, such as CRM systems or email platforms, ensuring data consistency and workflow efficiency.

3. What is the best sales extension for prospecting? 

Kaspr is one of the  in-one prospecting solutions that’s a great fit for small businesses.


The free Chrome Extension simplifies prospecting by providing instant access to all the contact info you need for your outreach.


What makes it stand out from other prospecting extensions is its ability to gather data in bulk from groups, posts, events, and lists on LinkedIn. You can also enrich and export data right from the extension.


Kaspr also comes with a web app (dashboard) that has additional features like lead management, data enrichment, and creating automated LinkedIn sequences.


Plus, Kaspr integrates smoothly with Gmail for sending emails and with Ringover and Aircall for making cold calls.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some users say:


“Kaspr provides a valuable tool for businesses by offering enriched data on professionals, particularly their contact information. This facilitates lead generation and outreach efforts, making it easier for sales and marketing teams to connect with potential clients.” - G2 user.


Try Kaspr for free

Kaspr is a must-have sales extension for prospecting. And it’s completely free!


Don’t miss out on the chance to try it for free. Sign up today.


Join the 50K+ Kaspr users: 


✅ No credit card is required to sign up.
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ 500M+ Phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ 200M+ Business profiles.
✅ All-in-one prospecting tool.
✅ Fully self-service.
✅ Customizable plans.


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