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B2B data 26 October 2023

Top 10 B2B Databases in the USA [List]

Daisy Shevlin

Looking for the best B2B databases in the USA? 🇺🇲


These are our picks:

  1. Kaspr
  2. Cognism
  3. Apollo.io
  4. ZoomInfo
  5. Lusha
  6. Seamless.AI
  7. Clearbit
  8. Datanyze
  9. 6Sense
  10. UpLead

USA contact info databases 

When looking for US-based B2B contact data, having the most suitable databases in your arsenal is a game-changer for sales development representatives (SDRs).


Let’s look at the best B2B databases sales teams should focus on when targeting American prospects. ⬇️

1. Kaspr 

4.4/5 on G2


If you’re looking for accurate contact information for US-based prospects, Kaspr should be well up there as one of your considered choices. Kaspr is an all-in-one prospecting tool that can help you quickly get in touch with potential leads. 


Use the Kaspr Chrome Extension on LinkedIn profiles, lists, events, or groups to instantly access the prospect’s cell phone number or professional email address. The Extension can be used on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite.


As you find new prospects, use Kaspr to add leads to lists in your database while adding notes, setting tasks, and creating automated workflows. Sync up the data with your CRM automatically with integrations or export as a CSV.

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Kaspr is part of Cognism, which has one of the largest cell phone databases in the US. We share information between data sets, so even if other contact database providers can’t get a specific phone number, we probably can. 📲


US data information: 

  • Kaspr has 500M+ phone numbers and email addresses, making it a significant database for B2B prospect cell phone numbers. 
  • Verified and real-time information is sourced from 150 B2B data providers to maximize accuracy rates.
  • Part of the Cognism group, which has one of the largest cell phone databases in the US. 

Top features: 

  • All-in-one prospecting and lead management tool. 
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned.
  • Easy-to-use LinkedIn Chrome Extension. 
  • Extensive integrations are available.
  • Reach out to prospects with the automation workflows, dialers and email integration. 
  • ROI-focused analytics.

Starting price: Kaspr’s freemium plan comes with 5 phone credits, 5 email credits and 10 export credits per month. Paid plans start at $49 per user per month for 1,200 phone credits and 60 direct email credits.


There’s also unlimited access to B2B email addresses on every plan. Get signed up now to try Kaspr. 

2. Cognism

⭐ 4.7/5 on G2 


We already mentioned that Cognism and Kaspr share datasets, so seeing Cognism in second place on our list shouldn’t be surprising.


Cognism may be the best choice if you’re looking for a B2B contact database for organization-wide usage, as it comes with list-building workflow features and TAM analysis. And since Cognism’s global database has hundreds of millions of company and contact profiles, the sky is the limit. 


US data information: 

  • Scrubs against do-not-call (DNC) lists.
  • 98% data accuracy levels.
  • Diamond Data® where cell phone numbers are manually verified.


Graphic about Cognism Diamond Data® stats


Top features: 

  • Extensive B2B contact database with high accuracy levels. 
  • Contextual intent data powered by Bombora to identify high-value potential leads. 
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance. 
  • List building workflows. 


Starting price: Cognism doesn’t offer pricing information on their site. They customize their packages based on your company’s needs. The good news is that any data set in your package has no credit restrictions.

3. Apollo.io 

⭐ 4.8/5 on G2


Apollo is a sales intelligence platform that covers the entire buyer’s journey - starting with finding and identifying potential customers through their B2B database. 


Once you connect with leads, you can automate outreach or use AI-powered workflows to nurture prospects. 


US data information: 


Top features: 

  • End-to-end buyer’s journey platform includes a B2B contact database. 
  • AI workflows and automated outreach options. 
  • List building features that consider 65 different contact attributes.  

Starting price: Apollo’s freemium plan includes 60 mobile and unlimited email credits per year. The paid version starts at $49 per year and includes 900 mobile credits annually. 


ℹ️ See how Kaspr compares to Apollo

4. ZoomInfo 

⭐4.4 /5 on G2


ZoomInfo is a popular B2B database for marketing professionals and sales representatives. It has a vast number of global contacts, and it has some outbound marketing and sales intelligence features. 


US data information: 

  • 321M+ contacts overall, though there is no information about US-specific data.


Top features: 

  • Outbound marketing and sales intelligence features.
  • 321+ million global contacts.
  • Professional profiles include social media profile links, job responsibilities, and contact information. 
  • Over 1.5 billion data points are processed daily. 
  • Sales and marketing features allow for alignment between the departments. 


Starting price: Pricing information is unavailable through ZoomInfo’s site, though you can contact their sales representatives for a quote. 

ℹ️ Compare Kaspr to ZoomInfo

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5. Lusha

⭐ 4.3/5 on G2


Lusha’s B2B contact database is about finding the right prospects based on core criteria, like intent signals or whether or not someone is a decision-maker at their company. 


They seek to help automate the growth of your sales pipeline by helping you find people who align with your ideal customer profile (ICP). 


US data information: 

  • 45M contacts in North America. 
  • 50M enterprise company profiles and 44M small business company profiles. 


Top features: 

  • Identify leads based on decision-maker status, intent signals, and ICP alignment.
  • Automate lead routing. 
  • In-platform search and desktop plugins help you find prospect information online. 


Starting price: Lusha’s freemium plan offers 5 credits. Their first paid plan costs $29 per user per month and allows up to 480 credits. 

6. Seamless.AI

⭐ 4.2/5 on G2


Seamless.AI relies on an AI-powered search engine to find and store B2B phone numbers and email addresses. They have solid buyer intent data to help you identify leads currently in the market and a free Browser Extension to find contact information easily. 


US data information: 

  • 1.9B company records and contact profiles. 
  • Uses artificial intelligence to verify contact information. 


Top features: 

  • Job change notifications when contacts change companies.
  • Data enrichment features for existing contact databases. 
  • A long list of integrations. 


Starting price: Seamless.AI’s freemium plan gives you 50 contact credits. For paid pricing, you’ll need to talk to sales.


ℹ️ Want to compare Kaspr vs. Seamless.AI?

7. Clearbit

⭐ 4.4/5 on G2


Clearbit is another AI-focused tool to help you find potential prospects’ business profiles and contact data. They also have data enrichment features so you can fill in the blanks about contacts already in your database.


US data information: 

  • Over 50 million contact email addresses.


Top features: 

  • Discover over 100+ data points on a company using their data enrichment tool.
  • Marketing and sales enablement features are available through the platform.
  • Seamless integrations with popular sales tech stack tools. 


Starting price: You can find contact email addresses with Clearbit’s freemium plan, but their data enrichment features are only available through paid plans. You can contact their sales time for pricing. 

8. Datanyze

⭐ 4.2/5 on G2


Datanyze has features for both B2B sales and marketing teams. Identify leads, build segmented contact lists, and gain valuable insights with features like their “suggested icebreakers.” 


US data information: 


Top features: 

  • Easy export features.
  • Search and build segmented lists of prospects at scale.
  • Browser Extension to capture contact information while browsing social media profiles. 


Starting price: Datanyze’s free trial offers 10 monthly credits. Paid plans start at $21 monthly (when billed annually), with 960 credits per year. 

9. 6Sense

⭐ 4.3/5 on G2


6Sense is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform. They use intent data and predictive AI to help you find the right leads fast. You can also gain insight into who is visiting your site… and who is checking out your competition. 


US data information: 

  • 415M+ B2B business profiles, though no information on their website about US users specifically. 
  • 55M+ direct dial numbers available. 


Top features: 

  • Sales intelligence features combined with AI to help you find relevant prospects.
  • Insight into site visitors.
  • Firmographic and technographic data. 

Starting price: Pricing is not listed online, though you can book a demo for more information. 

10. UpLead 

⭐ 4.7/5 on G2


UpLead has many impressive customers, including Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Their database provides email addresses, data enrichment features, and list building features that integrate with other tools in your tech stack. 


US data information: 

  • 95% data accuracy rates. 
  • Number of US contacts 


Top features: 

  • Prospect data and data enrichment features.
  • 140M+ B2B contacts in their database. 
  • Expansive search criteria to find prospects in your target market. 
  • Extensive and diligent data vetting process. 
  • Competitor intelligence data. 


Starting price: UpLead’s free trial offers 5 credits. Their paid plans start at $99 per month, which includes 170 monthly credits. 


Do you still have questions about finding prospects’ phone numbers


We’ve got the answers you need! 👇

How do you pick a USA database provider? 

When choosing a USA database provider to identify potential customers in your target markets, look for the following qualities to find reliable data solutions:

  • A significant number of B2B business contacts, including cell phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Ease of use.
  • Integration with your existing tech stack, including prospecting tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your CRM.
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned.
  • Sources information from multiple B2B data sources for always-updated contact data, eliminating poor data quality (or outdated data) as an issue. 

What’s Kaspr’s data like in the US? 

Kaspr’s all-in-one prospecting tool has 500M+ phone numbers and email addresses, all available through our LinkedIn Chrome Extension. 

What database do most businesses use? 

Most businesses may use B2B databases like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but using all-in-one prospecting tools like Kaspr to find and connect with potential prospects makes the process much easier. 


Identify prospects, create contact lists, set up tasks, and establish automated workflows within Kaspr. Then, send the lead data to your sales team through the tools of your choice!  

Try Kaspr’s USA database for free

Ready to get started with a US B2B database for sales professionals? Sign up for Kaspr now.


Kaspr’s extensive database can quickly provide you with contact information for high-value leads, whether using account-based selling strategies or looking for lead information in bulk. 


Join the 50K+ Kaspr users and take advantage of these benefits:

✅ No credit card is required to sign up.
✅ 500M+ phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ All-in-one, self-service prospecting tool.
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ Custom pricing and plans available.


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