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Blog 26 February 2021

B2b Lead Generation: 3 Killer Tips for B2B Prospecting


3 tips for a better B2B lead generation

In the era of big data, there are different ways to succeed in selling. Digital offers many strategies to achieve this, but in principle it always starts with lead generation. Acquiring leads is elementary, but they have to be the right ones if you want to reach your sales objectives. Here are 3 tips for a successful lead generation strategy during B2B prospecting.


Use LinkedIn for your B2B lead generation

LinkedIn is the social network that gathers the best database of professional profiles. In an outbound marketing strategy, it’s all about finding qualified leads, that’s why LinkedIn is the best place to conduct your campaign. Those who are in the human resources sector will benefit from this same advantage during their outbound recruiting campaign.

Moreover, statistics clearly show that this network is increasingly popular with the French users. In the space of 9 years (from 2011 to 2020), the number of users has risen from 2 million to 20 million. Today, well over half of the working population in France is on this platform. To excel in LinkedIn prospecting, the first step would therefore be to build a qualified contact base.

For companies that associate inbound marketing with their strategy, this would be even more beneficial. Indeed, this social network allows to establish a good visibility and display a good image. This can be achieved by sharing relevant content and generating interaction with prospects.

Discover how to generate qualified leads by reading our article !

B2B Lead generation

Use a high-performance lead generation tool

It is much easier to conduct an effective sales prospecting campaign using a dedicated tool. The latter accompanies the user to  easily reach his biggest goal: converting prospects into customers.

A prospecting tool, yes, but which one?  Initially, you will have to choose a software that will help you build a good contact base. It is also essential to opt for a tool capable of automatically collecting the prospect’s contact information. Kaspr
is a lead generation software that has already proven itself to thousands of users.

When you embark on a prospecting campaign, you often wonder whether you should use a paid or free tool. Both versions bring their share of advantages and disadvantages:

  • A free tool is obviously interesting in terms of budget, because the user will not have to invest. However, its functions will be limited to the point of complicating the implemented strategy.
  • On the contrary, a paid tool is offered in its full version, so it promises better performance. The only drawback: you will have to pay!

So if you want to achieve satisfactory results more easily, it is preferable to invest in a paid prospecting tool.


Integrate marketing automation into your B2B lead generation strategy

Marketing automation can be applied in both lead acquisition and lead management. This action commonly called “marketing automation” has the advantage of making the campaign profitable.

It is obvious that automating certain tasks can save a considerable amount of time. In lead generation, for example, the sales team won’t have to worry about sending out invitations and welcome messages if they use a LinkedIn prospecting automation tool. The same applies to feeding CRMs with the prospect’s various contact information. In addition, investing in a software is less expensive than paying staff to handle these tasks.

Thanks to marketing automation, it will no longer be necessary to analyze each prospect once leads are generated. Instead, the automation software will take care of sorting out the prospects most likely to become customers.



The most important points retained from this article are ; first of all that LinkedIn represents huge interests, especially when you want to conduct a B2B prospecting campaign. Also, it is necessary to use a powerful prospecting tool to reach the objectives more easily. It should be noted in passing that paid tools are more advantageous than  free ones. Finally, marketing automation is a favorable lever to make a lead generation campaign profitable.

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