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Commercial Prospecting: What it is & How to Do it Properly


What can we say about commercial prospecting?

Any company wishing to develop its customer portfolio and increase its turnover must take good care of its relationship with its customers. Commercial prospecting is essential to forge links with prospects and convert them into customers. We have set up a page especially on the steps of a commercial prospecting which will allow you to know more on this subject. What is the definition of commercial prospecting?

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Commercial prospecting: what is it?

Business prospecting is a marketing approach aimed at finding new customers. It allows the company to feed its sales network using different canvassing channels. It can thus optimize its chances of developing its business. A so-called hot prospect, for example, will see his or her buying intentions decrease if the follow-up visits stop.

Look out! Prospecting is not the same as selling. The idea is to build a relationship of trust with the prospect. The goal is to optimize the chances of converting the prospect into a customer. It is important to establish a good sales prospecting plan and not to skip any steps. This process requires patience before you can hope to make a sale.

Depending on the company’s objectives, there are two types of prospecting today. In B to C canvassing, sales representatives address consumers directly. In B to B commercial canvassing, commercials are aimed at professionals or decision-makers.

Methods of commercial prospecting


Emailing consists of contacting prospects via email. The data concerning the targeted prospects are gathered in the Big Data. But more than 200 million emails are sent all over the world. The key is to stand out to maximize your chances. The worst-case scenario would be to be classified as undesirable and deleted without being read. That’s why personalized and qualitative emails are on the rise at the expense of mass emails.

In figures, 24% of emails are opened. Some 32% of prospects prefer to receive emails. 40 % of Internet users visit a shop after receiving a prospecting email. The best days to send emails are Tuesdays with a 35% opening rate and Thursdays with a 27% opening rate.

Social selling

Social selling is another aspect of business prospecting aimed at approaching prospects via social networks. The success of this technique is based on relevant content that will encourage people to think about buying. Presenting attractive content constantly captures the attention of the target audience.

Some 20% of companies say they use Twitter to get closer to their prospects. The 87% of them said they have seen their visibility increase. The Twitter method is an example of effective business prospecting as 84% of companies were able to increase their sales figures through regular updates.

Facebook, meanwhile, is used by 25% of companies. The 78% have seen an increase in their marketing through this channel. 75 % have seen their sales figures grow thanks to their Facebook publications.

Nearly 55% of companies have a presence on Instagram. The 15% of them were able to optimize their visibility if 80% increased their sales through Instagram campaigns.

LinkedIn remains the most interesting since it includes 71% of the companies. The 92% see their marketing success thanks to their networks. LinkedIn commercial prospecting is all the more interesting since it allows companies to find 80% of their prospects.


Commercial telephone prospecting or cold calling is a method that is gaining more and more followers. Very qualitative, this method requires a lot of time but better results. On average, a sales representative will have to make 100 calls to reach about 15 appointments, which is a very good result!

Even if 80% of prospects do not like receiving prospecting calls and 80% of decision-makers are not in favour of telephone sales prospecting and do not respond to this type of call, the method is proving to be effective. It is difficult to exceed 50-70 calls per day in the context of telephone commercial prospecting.

Prospecting in the field

Theoretically, commercial prospecting in the field is the best way to get closer to prospects and to exchange with them. But on the practical side, door-to-door is much less appreciated. These surprise visits are far from enchanting prospects, especially in times of stress. The approach of commercial prospecting in the field therefore becomes disturbing in the eyes of the target audience.

In commercial prospecting courses in the field, the emphasis is more on prospecting at professional events. Prospects will then see justified and non-intrusive prospecting at a trade show. In the field, the sales representative will easily find new leads in this jungle of professionals and potential buyers interested in the same sector of activity.

Phoning has also proven itself as the most intrusive, but also the most direct method.

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