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Blog 18 April 2022

Writing the Perfect Follow-Up Email w. Examples & Templates

Noa Elbaze

How to write a good follow-up email?

A follow-up email must be well written to avoid giving your prospect the impression that you are forcing him to respond. The objective is to arouse his curiosity while exposing the objective of your email. Do you find it complicated to write a short and effective follow-up email? This article reveals all the techniques for writing this type of email in order to ensure a favorable response to your commercial prospecting.

Find the answers to your questions in the following lines:

  • What is the interest of sending a follow-up email?
  • What are the steps to follow in order to write a good follow-up email?
  • Define the golden rules to write an effective reminder email?

follow-up email?

What is the interest of sending a follow-up email?

Sending a reminder email is an important part of any commercial prospecting. Its objective varies according to the company’s intentions.

Remove the barriers encountered by your customers

It is obvious that all your prospects do not answer you after your first solicitation. The reasons for this can be :

  • a lack of time or an oversight ;
  • a need for a period of reflection (to study your offers and compare them with those of your competitors);
  • a feeling of harassment;
  • a lack of budget;
  • a proposal that does not meet the needs of your target audience.

Sending a follow-up email aims to remove the barrier encountered by your customers in order to encourage them to pursue a purchase. It thus contributes to the success of your commercial prospecting.

Identify the intentions of prospects

You have contacted your targets using the email addresses collected through Kaspr, but you have not received any feedback? Send them follow-up emails to find out their intentions. Ask your prospects if they need more information about your products or services.

If your offers do not interest your target, try to identify the reasons for their disinterest. This step helps you to make improvements to your services. Its response also allows you to define whether or not it is necessary to follow up in the future.

What are the steps to follow in order to write a good follow-up email?

The success of a follow-up email depends in part on the relevance of its content. Do you want miracle recipes to ensure its effectiveness during your sales prospecting campaign? Unfortunately, there are none. The important thing is to capture your target’s attention so that they are motivated to respond. When writing a reminder e-mail, make sure you never forget the following points

  • the clear and concise presentation of the subject of your e-mail: write a reminder line likely to arouse the curiosity of your recipient;
  • the greeting: even if you want to get straight to the point, always start with a greeting, followed by a personalized welcome message;
  • the body of the message: communicate in a precise way and without beating around the bush the interest of your email;
  • the call to action: add a sentence inviting your target to perform a specific action according to your objectives;
  • the closing of your follow-up email: end your message with a greeting before signing it.

In order to increase the delivery rate of your email, avoid inserting an image in its content. Use a simple and direct vocabulary in order to facilitate the reading and the understanding of your message.

Define the golden rules to write an effective reminder email?

To increase your chances of getting a response from the recipient, use content optimization techniques. Here are some good practices to know in order to motivate your prospects to answer you.

Create the desire to read your message by taking care of the subject line

Keep your subject line short and concise. The words “urgent”, “promotion” and “free” should be avoided. Their presence may turn your email into a spam message and quickly land in the recipient’s trash.

Choose a tone adapted to your target’s sector of activity

The goal is to reinforce your customer’s sense of trust. The ideal is to adopt the tone adapted to your recipient. However, it is advisable to remain professional and to use polite phrases.

Use an automation tool to follow-up with your prospects

Use tools that can personalize the sending of your follow-up emails. They help you save time while motivating your targets to enter a conversion tunnel. Compare the software available online to find the one that best suits your needs. Some tools, such as Kaspr, are designed to generate qualified leads on LinkedIn, while others are designed to automatically segment prospects.

Good to know

Be sure to respect the waiting time between the sending of your last sales prospecting email and your reminder. Wait 15 days before writing your first follow-up email. Avoid sending it on a weekend to increase your chances of receiving a response. To learn more, you can also read our article on effective email writing.

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