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Blog 12 November 2021

Outbound sales prospecting is definitely not dead


Why shouldn’t you forget about outbound sales prospecting?

According to the latest reports, only 10% of B2B companies use outbound sales prospecting to prospects new customers. From this result, it seems that this strategy is losing popularity. However, it is still essential to increase the conversion rate.

To give you more information on this subject, this article will deal with :

  • outbound sales prospecting: an outdated practice
  • cases of effective outbound sales prospecting today
  • good outbound marketing practices

Outbound Marketing

Outbound sales prospecting: an outdated practice

Before going any further, you should know exactly what this strategy consists of by reading this article: “definition of outbound marketing“.

The Internet offers prospects unlimited access to information. Internet users move from one website to another in seconds to find what they are looking for. However, outbound sales prospecting seems outdated for many other reasons, such as:

The simplicity of other marketing techniques

Why spend a lot of money trying to convince prospects if there are other, cheaper ways? Indeed, taking care of your portfolio is easier. Creating branded images is more practical and offers a positive result in the long term. Indeed, you could ask yourself why not use only an inbound strategy to attract customers to your product. Well, we believe that the best strategy is the one that includes these two. Why not take the best of both worlds? This way, you go out to find prospects, and establish your expertise by providing high value-added content for your leads and customers.

The intrusiveness of outbound sales prospecting

Unfortunately, this technique has a character that encourages prospects to reject your offers directly. In the digital age, people prefer to keep their hands on the buying process. Considered intrusive, this traditional technique seems to scare the consumer away. However, with the arrival of digital technologies, this technique is making a comeback.

The existence of new, more effective practices

Inbound marketing, which consists of setting up more attractive systems, costs less. This strategy is no longer intrusive. On the contrary, it gives prospects the choice of whether or not to buy the service or product offered. The brand ambassador system is a perfect example. A witness, a prospect who has become a loyal customer, is more convincing than a well-argued e-mail.


Some cases of outbound marketing that still work

The most used outbound systems vary according to the needs of each company:

  • ads on online channels such as adwords campaigns, social media, etc. ;
  • billboards, a means of communication that has been used for centuries;
  • sponsored links.

This list is not exhaustive. Each company has its own preferences in terms of outbound marketing.

These practices are categorised as modern outbound, although some are clearly traditional strategies. Modern, because the intrusive character has disappeared. Specialists conduct extensive research on their leads before implementing this strategy.

While the old outbound marketing is out of fashion, the modern model remains. It is even recommended to enrich the web marketing strategy of a start-up company. For this modern technique, testing on one channel is not enough. A positive result is only achieved after repeated experiments. Implementing an outbound sales prospecting strategy has its own advantages, it is  intuitive, adaptable but still has to be highly personalised.


Good outbound marketing practices

It is obvious that this technique alone is not enough to attract enough customers. Instead of turning directly to inbound marketing, consider the benefits of a combined inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Combining the two strategies will allow you to achieve a positive result quickly.

  • Inbound areas: contacting prospects is usually an inbound marketing activity. This is because gaining their trust is a process related to the company’s image. This makes it easier to get in touch with them.
  • Outbound areas: email marketing, mobile marketing, social media advertising, etc., are all effective, but with a few conditions. To achieve positive results, the right strategies need to be established according to the target. Defining the target group means classifying leads according to their age, geographical area, habits and interests. Then you can use Hubspot CRM to categorise and sort your leads.

In principle, the areas of outbound and inbound marketing require other strategies to be effective. They can also be interdependent.

The combination of the two strategies has several advantages:

  • actions are clearly identifiable ;
  • the message is transmitted in a fluid way and easily influences the choice of prospects;
  • negative reactions are less likely to occur;
  • the return on investment is easy to quantify.

In fact, many companies use both systems to gain quality leads.

You can find more information about Inbound strategies in this article!



The old  techniques are definitely outdated. However, technology and the internet have made it possible to update these systems. Modern marketing technique is taking over and remains just as effective as inbound. Once again, the importance resides in developing the right strategy for your product and target. For the success of your strategy, you should do this work before starting prospecting! If you want to know which strategy would be best for your business, read this article!

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