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Teach me outbound

This is what the best SDRs are doing | Elric Legloire

Teach me outbound is where you can get outbound advice from people still 'in the trenches.' Short episodes breaking down tactics you can use right away.


In this episode, Elric Legloire breaks down what he thinks the best SDRs are doing right now. 



This is the email Elric used to book meetings with Technical buyers, and is centered around a tool they are already using. Simple, but effective.


Subjet line: dbt


Hello - it looks like you’re using dbt.


How much time does your team spend documenting data instead of focusing on major projects?


Our tool keeps your data’s documentation close to your code. It involves pushing table and column descriptions back to dbt. Other data leaders saw their team productivity increase by 20%.


Can I get your feedback on what we're building?







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