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B2B data 03 July 2024

7 Ways to Buy Email Lists: Tools With Global Data Coverage

Daisy Shevlin

Email lists contain information for multiple leads in a specific segment, including their names, job titles, and (of course!) email addresses. You can build email lists through prospecting efforts and finder tools, but SDRs can also buy email lists outright. 


In this post, we’ll look at the top tools to buy email lists from and how to choose the right platform for your sales team. 

Top tools to buy email lists

Sales reps looking to buy email lists should consider the following seven email finding tools. 

1. Kaspr

G2 rating: 4.4/5 ⭐


Kaspr is a self-service email finder tool that allows you to buy individual email addresses to build your own list. Use Kaspr’s LinkedIn Chrome Extension to collect phone numbers and email addresses anywhere you’re browsing on LinkedIn.



Pros and cons 

The pros of Kaspr include:

  • Easy LinkedIn Chrome Extension.
  • High data accuracy rates.
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned.
  • Bulk-extract from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn people search.
  • API access. 
  • Free plan available. 


The cons of Kaspr include:


Kaspr’s free plan includes 5 email credits and 5 phone credits. Paid plans start at $49 per month, which includes unlimited email credits (subject to fair use policy). 


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2. Cognism

G2 rating: 4.6/5 ⭐


Cognism is an enterprise-grade prospecting platform. Larger sales teams looking to find an email address (or many!) should consider Cognism, which has a vast dataset of B2B contacts for fast list building. 


Graphic of Cognism Browser Extension

Pros and cons 

The pros of Cognism include:

  • Bombora’s intent data.
  • High data accuracy rates. 
  • Enterprise-grade sales intelligence platform.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • Integrations with popular CRM tools. 


The cons of Cognism include:

  • Cognism is best suited for large enterprise companies; smaller teams or individual SDRs should consider other tools. 


Cognism offers customized packages based on your needs, along with 25 free leads upon sign-up.

3. Apollo.io

G2 rating: 4.8/5 ⭐


Apollo.io is a prospecting platform SDRs can leverage for contact lists. The platform has a large B2B database for a customized list of emails.


Graphic showing Apollo's database qualities(Source: G2)

Pros and cons 

The pros of Apollo.io include:

  • Large B2B dataset - good for email addresses.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Free Chrome Extension to streamline list building. 


The cons of Apollo.io include:


Apollo’s free plan includes unlimited email credits with 12,000 exports per year. Paid plans start at $49 per user per month. 


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4. Hunter.io

G2 rating: 4.4/5 ⭐


Hunter.io is an email finder and verification tool. SDRs use it to find email addresses associated with specific domains or individuals. This platform may benefit sales reps focusing on specific companies for account-based marketing. 


Graphic showing under searches for contact data on the Hunter.io website(Source: G2)

Pros and cons 

The pros of Hunter.io include:

  • Email address and search verification.
  • Search by individual name or company.
  • Bulk email verification. 
  • Customer intent data. 


The cons of Hunter.io include:


Hunter.io offers a free, limited-access plan that includes 300 yearly searches. Paid plans start at $34 per month. 

5. UpLead

G2 rating: 4.7/5 ⭐


UpLead offers both data enrichment and expansive B2B contact databases. The platform is known for its diligent vetting process and big-name clients, making it a reliable choice for email list building.


Screenshot of UpLead dashboard with contact search feature(Source: G2)

Pros and cons 

The pros of UpLead include:

  • Data enrichment features to update existing lists.
  • Email address purchasing.
  • Email verification tools. 
  • Customer intent data. 
  • Reliable data accuracy. 


The cons of UpLead include:

  • UpLead’s costs can be prohibitive to small teams and individual sales professionals.
  • Some customers report that data sorting isn’t as flexible as possible. 


UpLead’s pricing starts at $99 per month for 170 monthly credits. 

6. Skrapp.io

G2 rating: 4/5 ⭐


Skrapp.io allows SDRs to build lists through their email address finder features. Search through the platform’s database by providing your prospect’s name and their company name. You can also use the platform’s bulk email finder by uploading a CSV or Excel sheet for faster list building. 


Graphic of Skrapp.io LinkedIn Chrome Extension to find emails(Source: G2)

Pros and cons 

The pros of Skrapp include:

  • Individual or bulk email finding features.
  • LinkedIn and website email finding tools.
  • Company search.
  • Email verification tool. 


The cons of Skrapp include:

  • Some customers noted that plugins revealed incorrect or outdated information. 
  • Some reviews mentioned challenges with platform integrations. 


Skrapp.io’s free plan includes 100 email searches per month. Paid plans start at £30 (approx $38) for two users monthly, which includes 1,000 email searches monthly.  

7. AeroLeads

G2 rating: 4/5 ⭐


AeroLeads has a B2B database with over 500M business emails. Their email finder features are strong, with advanced search filters and reliable data accuracy.


Screenshot of Aeroleads website (Source: AeroLeads)

Pros and cons 

The pros of AeroLeads include:

  • Advanced search filters to purchase relevant prospect email addresses.
  • LinkedIn extension for easy contact capturing.
  • Data enrichment functionality. 


The cons of AeroLeads include:

  • Solid option for brands only looking to purchase email lists, but SDRs who also want the option to access phone numbers might want to consider other platforms. 


Pricing starts at $39 per month for one user, which includes 24,000 credits per user. 

What does “buying email lists” mean?

Buying email lists involves purchasing lead information to build email lists.


Some email list companies sell lists outright, offering a set group of professional email addresses for a set fee. These email lists may contain contacts based on their industry, job title, or company size. While this approach is quick, it lacks customization. SDRs, for example, may find leads they’ve already disqualified on the list. 


Other tools, however, allow SDRs to purchase individual email addresses. You’ll only pay for the contact information—and the leads—you’ll actually use. 


These email lists are used by sales and marketing teams for targeted outreach campaigns, so list quality and accuracy matter. Choose a solution that will give you the largest number of usable, relevant leads possible. 

How to choose the right tool for buying email lists 

There are plenty of email-buying tools on the market. Knowing how to choose the right tool for you is key. 

Consider your objectives 

It’s important to have clear objectives when choosing an email list provider. 


For example, pre-made list providers may be suitable options if you want a bulk list of potential leads based on industry or job title. 


Most businesses, however, will benefit from email finder tools that allow them to build unique lists with leads that are in-market or in their target audience. 


It’s also important to consider how you’ll use the tool. Small teams or individual SDRs may benefit from a tool like Kaspr for manual list building, while large companies might choose enterprise-grade tools like Cognism. 

Graphic of Kaspr vs. Cognism key points

Evaluate data quality

Email lists are only useful if they contain accurate, updated data. Data quality should be a core consideration when evaluating email finder tools. 


Evaluate the data quality of potential email lists with these tips:

  • Look for software data accuracy guarantees.
  • Check customer reviews for mentions of outdated or inaccurate data.
  • Use free trials to assess data quality. 

Understand legal compliance 

Legal compliance with privacy and compliance laws is critical. Avoid significant penalties by only purchasing and using email lists that follow local regulations. This may potentially include alignment with GDPR and CCPA.


Find compliant email list software that promotes security and privacy compliance as a key feature on their site. Kaspr, for example, ensures that all email list data is GDPR- and CCPA-aligned. 

Best practices for using purchased email lists

Purchasing email lists is just the first step: Knowing how to get the most out of those lists is the second part of the equation. Let’s look at a few best practices to get more results with your new prospects. 


Segment email lists based on key traits, such as the prospect’s industry, job title, and in-market status for targeted marketing and outreach. The more relevant the messages, the better the results will be.


Here are a few quick tips for segmentation:

  • Create segments that help you improve outreach or follow-ups. 
  • Segment users by firmographic traits like industry or company size and their stage in the buyer’s journey. 
  • Use data hygiene practices to ensure leads are always segmented correctly. 


Personalization can improve engagement rates, including email open rates and initial first-touch response rates. Again, the more relevant the messages, the better the response. 




Some quick tips for outreach personalization:

  • Use customizable templates for fast-but-personalized message generation.
  • Leverage segmentation for improved personalization on a wide scale.
  • Conduct research on each prospect before outreach to accurately address likely pain points. 

Monitoring and optimization

Email and outreach campaigns that work today may not work tomorrow. Continuous monitoring and ongoing optimization is critical. Track metrics like open rates, calls booked, and responses. 


Some fast tips for campaign optimization:

  • A/B test all aspects of email campaigns, including subject lines, introductions, and CTAs. 
  • Stay up-to-date with current email marketing best practices.
  • Use email marketing software to easily track important campaign metrics. 

Alternatives to buying email lists 

Are you not sure you want to purchase email lists outright? There are two other good options: organic list building and partnerships and co-marketing. 

Organic List Building 

Organic list building uses standard lead generation tactics, which include the following:

  • Inbound marketing campaign to generate leads. 
  • Manually searching on LinkedIn or company websites for lead information.
  • Asking current customers for referrals. 


Whether you purchase leads or not, organic list building should always be part of your marketing strategy.

Partnerships and Co-Marketing 

Partnerships and co-marketing allow two brands to create a shared offer to attract new customers. These offers may include a joint webinar, eBook, social media campaign, or even bundled product deals.


With two brands investing in marketing and outreach resources for a shared goal, both brands can benefit from boosted list building. Each business may reach new customers and share existing customers with its brand partners. 

Wrapping it up on ways to buy email lists

Purchasing email lists can help SDRs identify high-intent prospects and streamline mass outreach. However, choosing the right email list software is key. Look for tools prioritizing relevance, data accuracy, and full control over your purchase lead information.


When purchasing email lists, weigh your options carefully and fully use our email marketing best practices to increase opens and response rates. 


Learn more with these resources:

Buy email lists for free with Kaspr

The only thing better than buying exceptional email lists is getting them for free. Kaspr’s free plan includes 5 phone credits, 5 email credits, and our LinkedIn Chrome Extension.


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