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B2B data 30 April 2024

17+ Best Companies to Buy Leads From With Accurate Data

Daisy Shevlin

Is inaccurate data getting you down? Here are the best companies to buy leads from. 👇

  1. Kaspr
  2. Cognism
  3. Apollo.io
  4. UpLead
  5. ZoomInfo
  6. BuiltWith
  7. SalesIntel
  8. Lusha
  9. Lead 411
  10. EasyLeadz
  11. Dealfront
  12. LeadIQ
  13. Seamless.AI
  14. Crunchbase
  15. Snov.io
  16. RocketReach
  17. AeroLeads
  18. LeadMine

Buy B2B leads from these companies

1. Kaspr

4.4/ 5 on G2 🌟


Kaspr’s database makes it easy to buy leads. The Chrome Extension retrieves accurate phone numbers and emails in real-time. You can then manage relevant leads within the Kaspr dashboard, on LinkedIn or export contacts to your platform of choice.


👻 It’s completely free to get started with Kaspr. Sign up now.


Graphic of Kaspr Chrome Extension with reasons it's an all-in-one solution

Pros of Kaspr

  • The option of a free plan.
  • How easy it is to set up and use.
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned and accurate data.
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension.
  • Huge B2B contact database (500M+ phone numbers and email addresses).
  • Unlimited B2B email addresses.


With the freemium version of Kaspr, you get credits to spend on:

  • Revealing prospect contact details.
  • Leveraging insights and analytics on potential leads.
  • Sharing fresh leads’ contact info with your team.
  • Organizing qualified leads within the platform.
  • Exporting contact information for further use.

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Paid plans start from €45 a month, roughly $49, for access to unlimited B2B email addresses and a host of more helpful features. 

What customers say

Kaspr helps SDRs who love to use the phone.


“Within the first two weeks [of using Kaspr and changing the strategy], six discovery calls have been booked.”

“You’ve empowered us to keep up with our BDR.”
Andy Earnshaw
Head of Operations at Visibly HQ


2. Cognism

4.6/5 on G2 🌟


Cognism promises high-quality, international sales intelligence for tech companies. Their phone numbers can connect you with up to 87% of your list with accurate, verified cell phone data, which helps generate more conversations than alternatives. 


Graphic of Cognism's data types


  • Unrestricted access to person and company-level data (subject to fair use policy).
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant data.
  • Insight into prospects that are ready to buy with intent data powered by Bombora.


Cognism doesn’t offer pricing tiers on their website. They customize their packages based on your company’s needs. The good news is any data set in your package doesn’t have the usual credit restrictions.

3. Apollo.io

4.8/5 on G2 🌟


Apollo is an intelligence platform that covers the whole buyer’s journey. You can discover potential customers, connect with them and build a relationship all in one place.


Graphic showing Apollo's database qualities

(Source: G2)


  • A B2B database of 260M contacts and 60M companies.
  • The ability to automate outbound outreach.
  • A simple set-up and easy-to-use interface.
  • AI-powered workflows.


The free version includes features like sequence automation and up to 250 emails per day. Their paid plans start from $49 per month, with more credits for email sending.

4. UpLead

4.7/5 on G2 🌟


UpLead have a diligent vetting process. They work with customers like Google, Dropbox, and Amazon and offer various data enrichment as well as email addresses.


Screenshot of UpLead website(Source: UpLead)


  • 135M B2B contacts and 16M company profiles.
  • Intent data from customers who’re searching for solutions.
  • Over 50 search criteria so you can find the right prospect for you.


Uplead offers a free test drive that includes 5 credits to spend on things like:

  • User data.
  • Verified emails and numbers.
  • Data enhancement.
  • Competitor intelligence.


Their paid plans start at $99 per month and offer 2,040 credits annually. (That’s 170 credits a month.) Extra credits cost $0.60 a pop.

5. ZoomInfo

4.4/5 on G2 🌟


ZoomInfo has a global network of over 321 million contacts where you can buy all the leads you need. Their software can also help you scale and automate other aspects of your outbound marketing.



(Source: ZoomInfo)


  • Real-time insights with 1.5 billion new data points processed daily.
  • Connect sales and marketing teams in one channel, enhancing lead engagement and conversion rates.
  • Key lead information like sales engagement data, data orchestration, and conversation intelligence.


As Zoominfo is a tool aimed at larger businesses with multiple SDRs, they keep most of their pricing information under wraps. There is a free trial for ZoomInfo for 14 days.

6. BuiltWith

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


BuiltWith can help you profile the tech stack of a prospect, or find prospects based on their past and present tech usage. Understanding your prospect in this intimate way gives you a competitive advantage and can help you buy more qualified leads than ever before.


EN_BuiltWith-screenshot(Source: BuiltWith)


  • Access to data from website-based leads.
  • Predict future leads based on technology usage history going back 23 years.
  • Insight into your existing leads’ technology usage and spending.
  • The ability to determine websites with low, medium, and high-tech budgets.



BuiltWith is only free to use for individual site lookups. If you want to use it more frequently for prospecting, prices start at $295 per month.


That will include features like: 

  • Unlimited report downloads.
  • Excel and CSV exports.
  • Trends and technology history of specific companies.
  • Contact names, emails, and titles of individuals associated with the business. 
  • Multiple integration features.

7. SalesIntel

 4.3/5 on G2 🌟


SalesIntel helps you find high-intent companies and get in contact with key decision-makers. They fuel their business intelligence through a combination of automation and a huge global team of researchers. 


EN_Salesintel graphic from G2(Source: G2)


  • Account intelligence that gives you access to decision-makers.
  • Search filters like company size, revenue, employee count, location, funding, and more.
  • Intent data that help you pinpoint the right person, company, and time.


SalesIntel’s pricing starts at $69 for one user per month for their Individual plan. They also have a Teams plan, which includes up to five users and a Professional plan, which is custom and comes with unlimited credits.

8. Lusha

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


Lusha helps sales, marketing, and recruitment teams identify likelihood to buy signals. They promise an easy set-up and a frequently refreshed database of contact information.


Graphic of Lusha's Extension(Source: G2)


  • Identify a company’s “likelihood to buy” based on behavioral signals.
  • Job change filter and alerts for your contacts.
  • Tech filters let you target companies based on their current tech stack.


You can test drive the free version of Lusha with 5 credits and gain access to:

  • Direct phone numbers.
  • Landline phone numbers.
  • Email addresses.
  • Their basic prospecting platform.
  • Their basic Chrome Extension.


You can upgrade to their paid pro plan for as little as $36 per user per month. This adds features like list export and team management.

9. Lead 411

4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Lead411 pledges that their verified emails are 96% accurate. They also claim to offer the industry’s most B2B direct phone numbers.


Graphic of Lead411 dashboard(Source: Lead411)


  • 20M business profiles worldwide.
  • Targeted filters and growth intent data.
  • Bombora intent data can help find warm prospects.


They recommend their Basic package at $99 per month for individuals. If you want access to their Bombora intent data you’ll have to sign on for a bespoke annual package.


For a single user, they also offer a free trial package that offers 50 “unlocks” for you to spend.


As well as:

  • Verified emails.
  • Mobile direct dials.
  • Data enhancement.
  • Competitor intelligence.
  • CRM integration.


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10. EasyLeadz

4.6/5 on G2 🌟


EasyLeadz focuses on phone numbers to help you connect with key decision-makers. Their flagship product Mr. E is a straightforward generation tool that extracts contact numbers. Meanwhile, their Easy Prospect goes beyond LinkedIn to help you prospect SMEs in India that don’t have online profiles.


Graphic from G2 for EasyLeadz by Mr E showing the Chrome Extension(Source: G2)


  • More than 170,000+ businesses trust EasyLeadz.
  • Instant finding of direct contact numbers of professionals.
  • Delivers quality SME & MSME leads from sources other than LinkedIn.


Their free plan gives you five credits to play around with features like:

  • Email addresses.
  • Direct and landline phone numbers.
  • Basic prospecting platform.
  • Basic Chrome Extension.


Their paid plans start from $29 per month. It gives you 40 credits and access to handy features like bulk upload and easy prospect.

11. Dealfront

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


When Germany’s Echobot and Finland’s Leadfeeder merged, Dealfront was born. A combination of algorithms and application data helps you prospect companies who visit your website.


Screenshot of Dealfront website.(Source: Dealfront)


  • Compliance with Europe’s strict GDPR laws.
  • Exact behavior of companies that visit your website.
  • Huge unique database of static and dynamic IPs.


A limited free version of Dealfront exists for the website visitors’ identification but only has data from the last 7 days. You’ll need to contact them for pricing on their sales intelligence plans.

12. LeadIQ

4.2/5 on G2 🌟


LeadIQ helps you find accurate prospect data as well as track what triggers a sale. It can help you personalize your approach to a prospect by understanding exactly what they’re looking for.


EN_Graphic of LeadIQ from G2(Source: G2)


  • GPDR and CCPA alignment.
  • Patented AI technology.
  • Elimination of manual parts of prospecting.
  • The ability to scale personalized outreach.


Their free version includes:

  • 15 verified emails per week.
  • 10 email generations per week.
  • 10 accounts tracked.

Those numbers jump up into the hundreds and share phone numbers on their paid plans. The lowest cost option comes in at $39 per month.

13. Seamless.AI

 4.2/5 on G2 🌟


Seamless.AI uses an AI-powered search engine to find verified phone numbers and email addresses.


screenshot-seamless(Source: Seamless.AI)


  • Buyer intent data so you can discover who’s currently in the market.
  • Job change notifications so you know when to reach out to contacts.
  • Free browser extension.


Their free trial comes with 50 credits for you to try out features like:


You’ll need to contact Seamless.AI to learn more about their pricing, as it’s not displayed on their website. However, you can try it for free with 50 credits.


ℹ️ See how Kaspr compares to Seamless.AI.

14. Crunchbase

4.5/5 on G2 🌟


Crunchbase thrives when it comes to accurate funding and founder information. Their brilliant data is a result of strong relationships with various investor firms.


EN_G2_Screenshot(Source: G2)


  • Over 6 billion data contributors every year.
  • The ability to connect with individuals via Crunchbase.
  • Funding data filters.


You can try Crunchbase for free for 7 days. Their pricing starts at $49 per user per month for the annual version of the Pro plan. This gives you a 50% discount compared with purchasing the same plan on a monthly subscription.

15. Snov.io

4.6/5 on G2 🌟


Snov.io is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you find, contact, and manage leads. Their automated outreach software can save you time whilst integrating with your current tech stack.

Graphic showing how to find data on LinkedIn with Snov.io(Source: G2)


  • Just how many integration options there are - over 2000!
  • How it streamlines your tech stack by offering multiple functionalities.
  • Email validation software stops you from searching for dead-end leads.


They offer a forever-free, renewable plan that has 50 monthly credits. Their paid plans start at $30 per month, which ups your spending limit to 1000 credits.

16. RocketReach

4.5/5 on G2 🌟


RocketReach is another place where you can buy leads. The tool provides an accurate database of email addresses and phone numbers to help you find your next customer. With the Browser Extension, you can find contact and business profile info on Google, LinkedIn, and Crunchbase. Then organize it all and build lists in a web app.


Screenshot of RocketReach website homepage(Source: RocketReach)


  • Create contact and company lists that are automatically updated based on location, job title, industry skills, company details, etc.
  • RocketReach has intent data, to help find people who are looking to buy now.
  • There are AI-powered recommendations, you might find sales leads you’d not thought of before!


The pricing for RocketReach starts at $48 for the Essentials plan. This plan includes unlimited emails, 1,200 export credits, person search and the Browser Extension.


ℹ️ Want to compare Kaspr to RocketReach?

17. AeroLeads

4.0/5 on G2 🌟


With AeroLeads, you can search from a database of 500M business emails and 120M personal emails, plus 20M phone numbers. As an email finder, it can be great for a sales team that relies heavily on digital channels.


Screenshot of Aeroleads website.(Source: AeroLeads)


But if you’re looking to buy leads with phone contact info, you’d be better off using a tool like Kaspr and Cognism, which focuses more on cell phone numbers.


  • 500M business email addresses and 120M personal emails.
  • Email verification to make sure your outreach gets to an inbox.
  • It can be used with Sales Navigator and lead lists.
  • Chrome Extension can be used on any website to find employee data.


You can try AeroLeads for free (limited trial). The paid plans start at $19 per month for a total of 24,000 credits for the year.

18. LeadMine

4.3/5 on G2 🌟


LeadMine has a lead finder, email lookup, and email verifier to help you buy leads. Its database has 10M companies and 50M people, which is pretty extensive. You can build a list of leads you want to find in the web app based on location, industry, revenue, company name, or employee count.


Graphic from G2 showing the LeadMine prospects web app(Source: G2)


  • Save a list of your searches and filter anytime.
  • Generate leads by location, industry, revenue, position, company name, and employee count.
  • Email lookup and email verification.


LeadMine has a free plan that gives you 10 monthly credits, which is useful if you want to try it out. The paid plans start at $29 per user per month for the Basic plan.

FAQs about buying leads

Still have questions about how to find leads? Let’s answer them. 👇

Where can I buy leads for my business?

To buy leads for your business, you can use:

  • Lead generation software (like Kaspr).
  • Mailing list providers.
  • Online advertising platforms (like Google Ads).
  • Freelance lead generation experts.


When buying leads, remember you’re still the expert on your company. Only high-quality, relevant, and legally sourced leads are useful. So make sure you do your due diligence about a company before you buy any leads.

How much do leads cost to buy?

The cost of buying leads will depend on:

  • The industry in question.
  • The quality of a lead.
  • The source of the lead.
  • The number of leads needed.


Lead prices can range from a few cents to several dollars per lead. High-quality and exclusive leads tend to be more expensive. Particularly in industries with high competition or specialized niches.


It’s important to note that while buying leads can be an effective way to get customers, the quality and conversion rates of leads vary. Check the cost-effectiveness and potential return on investment of other marketing costs before purchasing leads. You can also keep track of how well they perform over time.

What are the legal considerations when buying leads?

When buying leads, it’s important to think about legal considerations like:

  • Data protection and privacy laws.
  • Consent and opt-in processes.
  • Anti-spam laws.
  • Do-not-call lists.


When it comes to data protection, in the EU there’s GDPR, and in California there’s CCPA. In the US, there’s also the CAN-SPAM Act, a law that gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them. Be aware that it doesn’t just apply to bulk emails, but to individual emails as well.


You may want to consult with legal professionals to understand how these laws can impact your outbound marketing tactics.

How to evaluate the quality of leads before purchasing?

To evaluate lead quality, first define your ideal customer profile so you know what you’re looking for. Choose a lead provider that verifies their data. It’s also worth considering a platform with business intelligence data that will help you identify warm leads.


Try a lead scoring system on a small sample of leads before committing to a larger purchase.


Consider factors like:

  • Leads per month.
  • Target market relevance.
  • High-quality leads.
  • Low-quality leads.


Kaspr’s free version would be a great way of starting this process and finding the leads of your dreams!

Kaspr means you can buy leads for free

Try Kaspr for free today. Sign up now.


Join 50K+ companies that use Kaspr without paying a penny.


✅ No credit card is required to sign up.
✅ GDPR and CCPA aligned.
✅ 500M+ Phone numbers and email addresses.
✅ 200M+ Business profiles.
✅ All-in-one prospecting tool.
✅ Fully self-service.
✅ Customizable plans.


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