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Blog 28 May 2021

3 Steps to Generate Leads with a Sales Persona

Camille Jouannic

Why and how to create a persona for your lead generation strategy?

When you start marketing, no matter what strategy you adopt, it is important to remember that it is impossible to sell to everyone. A product or service you offer must be aimed at specific people. In fact, the mistake that many marketers make is not defining a target audience before they start prospecting. The result? They make very few, if any, sales. To remedy this and improve your lead generation strategy, it is important to first create a persona.

To learn more about this marketing element, discover in this article the following points:

  • What is a persona?
  • What is the role of the persona in lead generation and business development?
  • How to define a persona?


What is a persona?

The persona is a fictitious profile representing your ideal customer. It is an invented character who will represent your marketing target.

The creation of a persona is very important in lead generation, because it will allow you to know who or what type of person your sales team will address. This makes it easier to create scenarios and then adapt your behaviors to those of your prospects.


What is the role of the persona in lead generation and sales prospecting?

Lead generation

Creating a persona is simply the basis of any effective marketing strategy, because it allows you to put yourself in the shoes of your target. It will be easier to convert them into qualified prospects if you define their problems and needs beforehand. The persona will help you to identify your target’s possible pain points in order to bring the appropriate resolutions through your offers.

To optimize your lead generation, you also need to know how to encourage your prospects to buy from you. Having defined a persona beforehand, you will easily answer the question: “Why would these people be interested in my products or services? ”. You can then use the answer to make a sales pitch to convince prospects to become customers.

Having a persona also allows you to correctly focus the marketing actions to be deployed. You will know how to approach your target. If you are in outbound marketing for example, it will be easier to define the best way to contact your prospects. If you practice inbound marketing, create more adapted contents that will interest your target.


How to define a persona?

Lead generation

If you want to improve your lead generation, the first rule for creating a persona is that the imagined character must share your values. Are you a company that leverages simplicity as a value? Then your persona should be someone who adheres to that style. Apart from that, you also need to gather information and conduct research.


Information about the persona

You need to provide as much information as possible about this fictitious customer. You need to give them a personal and professional life and leave nothing to chance.

To define the personal information about the persona, you need to determine their age, gender, marital status and number of children (if any). This information will allow your sales team to determine the best way to contact the prospects.

Regarding their professional life, you should define their industry and the position they hold in the company they work for. Also provide information about their motivations, successes and issues at work.


The research to be conducted

The research will help you determine the persona’s problems and needs. To do this, conduct analyses on the most sought-after queries that are related to your sector of activity.

Also conduct a survey in groups with specific themes on social networks to learn more about your target’s problems. And of course, don’t forget the forums, perfect to get information about the possible needs of your persona.



You now know what a persona is, and what it is used for in your lead generation strategy. Don’t hesitate to define several fictitious customers if your activity is aimed at different targets. Also note that the persona evolves over time. Indeed, influenced by the world news and the evolution of technology, the persona can change interests, ways of buying, etc. So, think about improving your strategy according to these possible changes. Don’t hesitate to go further and do some in-depth research to define the best technique to generate more leads.

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