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LinkedIn 19 June
LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs LinkedIn Premium [Compare]

LinkedIn 10 June
9 LinkedIn Message Examples: Templates For SDRs

LinkedIn 31 May
How to Scrape Data From LinkedIn [Step-By-Step Guide]

Prospecting 12 July
How to Choose a B2B Lead Finder: Pros & Cons of Tools

Prospecting 3 July
Top 20+ Sales Prospecting Tools And Software [2024]

Prospecting 14 June
Need Free Leads? Here Are 15 Sales Methods [+ Best Tools]

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Outbound sales 7 June
13 Best Sales Software For A Small Business [+ Pros And Cons]

Outbound sales 6 June
9 Best Outbound Lead Generation Strategies [2024]

Outbound sales 3 June
What is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)? [+Ways to Find Them]

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"Our BDR loves to hit the phone"

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Prospecting, Switched provider

"Our BDR loves to hit the phone"

Visibly HQ have a BDR who loves to hit the phone. You have got to have accurate data for a strategy like this so here's how Kaspr helped Andy's team book six discovery calls within the first two weeks.
Andy Earnshaw, Head of Operations @
Visibly HQ

"We knew we needed to get contact info more quickly"

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Prospecting, Sales automation, Tech stack integration

"We knew we needed to get contact info more quickly"

Finding contact data shouldn't be manual. Jennifer talks to us about why Gymlib opted for Kaspr as their data provider and how adopting the tool made prospecting faster.
Jennifer Sitruk, Sales Director @

How we use Kaspr to close 20% of all deals

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Prospecting, Tech stack integration

How we use Kaspr to close 20% of all deals

LinkedIn is a big part of the prospecting process at Markentive. Christian explains how Kaspr helps his team to find and contact target accounts.
Christian Neff, Founder @

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