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Blog 29 July 2021

4 Reasons Why Outbound Marketing STILL Works


What are the benefits of outbound sales prospecting?

Outbound marketing can be used for sales development. The benefits of an outbound sales prospecting strategy are multiple and you shouldn’t miss out on these. With this practice, you make your products known to your prospects in order to encourage them to buy. To do this, outbound marketing combines various techniques: telephone prospecting, mailings and advertisements. The salesperson is responsible for making the first move towards customers. They must approach them where they are.

Outbound marketing offers many benefits, including:

  • Reaching a wider target audience;
  • Gaining brand awareness;
  • Making a mark on the consumer’s mind;
  • Bringing the seller and the customer closer together.


Reaching a wider target

With outbound marketing you can reach more people, wherever they are. You can use all existing communication channels to encourage them to make a purchase. Email marketing requires a good content strategy. Indeed, you should come up with interesting, trendy topics that make the reader want to open your message and learn.

Social media advertising allows you to target prospects based on certain parameters. In fact, some groups gather them according to their age, their geographical area, their interests… Google Adwords shows ads at the top of the search pages after having targeted specific keywords. Outbound marketing aims to voluntarily attract consumers to your shop or website. In the shortest possible time, you gain new customers and can easily increase your turnover.


Gaining awareness thanks to outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is about delivering a message and soliciting a prospect. People who have never heard of you will find out about your company and the services you offer. You can advertise directly in the media or make phone calls. LinkedIn will give you access to a large database of prospects.

Email campaigns and urban billboards are also alternatives to consider. Advertising on TV, radio or in the print media allows your prospects to get to know you. They will learn more about your company and the products you sell.

In addition, by choosing to sponsor events or participate in trade fairs, you can improve your image and raise awareness. With the evolution of technology, you can also create advertising banners that will appear on websites. However, these may be boring to the prospect and eventually ignored.


Making a mark on the consumer’s mind

If you want your prospect to remember the message you are putting out, choose advertising. However, to be successful, your slogan should be catchy, and the visual effects interesting. If the concept and melody of your ad attracts your prospects, you can quickly promote your product.

Outbound marketing is about getting the brand image out there and into the mind of the prospect. The latter can then remember your product at the time of purchase and easily recognise it among many others. Indeed, most products on the market become popular through well-crafted advertisements. Outbound marketing is often associated with mass marketing, as it allows your message to be spread widely. This practice is mostly used by artisans, local businesses, the luxury industry, short-lived shops…


Bringing the seller and the customer closer together

With outbound marketing, you can choose your prospects freely. You can therefore optimise your budget and use it to find the ideal customer profile. You go directly to the person you want to sell to. The information about them allows you to create a personalised message to convince them. And with practice, you can improve your pitch to quickly win over your prospects. Outbound marketing brings you closer to your target group, and offers you the opportunity to build trust.

Listening is still important when it comes to prospecting. Selling should not be your primary concern. By gaining the trust of your prospects, you are more likely to make a sale. Moreover, you should also try to keep them loyal to ensure the continuity of your business activities.



Outbound marketing is a way of making your company and your products known. You can use this technique to encourage your customers to make purchases. Outbound marketing is done directly, either by telephone call or by sending an e-mail. It can also be done through media advertising, social networking and display advertising. To ensure the effectiveness of your prospecting strategy, you need to put in place effective communication actions. What’s more, combining outbound and inbound strategies CAN be the key to your success, they both present several benefits that you shouldn’t miss!

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